In X791, Sawyer was one of the remaining members of Oración Seis who formed the reborn Oración Seis. After his escape from prison, he became an Independent Criminal Witch Mage, who joined at Jellal’s request to help him eliminate Zeleph.


Sawyer is distinguished by his tall stature, elongated face and blond-black hair. The central part of his hair is styled into a long, spiky blond mohawk, while the black part is shaved very short. He has long, thick blond eyebrows, a long, hooked nose and a reduced smile. He wears a rather large, reinforced chin guard with small rectangular holes around the edges, which extend down to his green-tinted sunglasses.
Sawyer Fairy Tail 1
His outfit consists of a red and white jumpsuit. The jacket is predominantly red, with white sections on the upper shoulders and sleeves. It is adorned with numerous writings and logos: in the center of the chest are the name and symbol of the Sawyer guild, with a small winged object in the shape of a boot on which “S1” is drawn on the left; below the “Oración Seis” script, the left side of the jacket’s abdomen is adorned with the “Balam Alliance” script, beneath which is a square-shaped design containing a hand making the V sign; the right side bears the “Grimore Heart” script, and below this is an oval containing the “Tartaros” script.

The back of the jacket also bears the Oración Seis name and symbol. This symbol also appears on the right-hand side of the jacket’s high collar, closed by a large button, with “Oración Seis” written on the side. Each white sleeve features a wide red stripe running down from the jacket’s shoulders. The right sleeve is blank, while the left sleeve bears the inscription “Now loading”. The pants of the outfit are white and quite baggy, held by a belt around Sawyer’s waist. This belt is fastened with a large button similar to the one on the collar of his jacket. Sawyer also wears red pockets below the waist, as well as flat knee pads covering his knees and the area below. His outfit is completed by a pair of white gloves with red fingers, each bearing the Oración Seis symbol in a square on the back of the hand, and dark espadrilles. Under his jacket, Sawyer wears a simple light-colored T-shirt.

In the anime, Sawyer’s outfit has been modified several times: his chin guard is less imposing and slightly different in shape, and above all, all the inscriptions and logos present on his jacket are absent, with the exception of a large black Oración Seis symbol printed on the back.


Sawyer’s most distinctive trait is his extreme obsession with speed, which he often mentions even in casual conversation. He is extremely proud of his speed and running ability, claiming that they are second to none. Sawyer often refers to his opponents as “slow” and even dedicates his prayers to his desire to be “the fastest”. His passion for speed stems from his fear of being captured and unable to escape those who enslaved him. Sawyer hates being slowed down by anyone, as when he was stopped twice by Grey Fullbuster, he declared he was going to kill him. He was also seen brutalizing Leon Bastia after the mage Lamia downplayed his speed and offensive power.
However, he seems to be lighter than the other members of his guild, displaying a comical expression of shocked dismay when Grey and Leon began to strip, and telling Leon that, if their opponents weren’t the members of Oración Seis, it would have been acceptable for him to be overconfident. Nevertheless, Sawyer is extremely devoted to his guild, which he considers invincible, and is very proud to be a member. He is ready to sacrifice himself without hesitation to eliminate his opponents and protect the reputation of his guild.

Sawyer Fairy Tail 2
After the seven-year ellipse, Sawyer has lost much of his lightness and obsession with speed. He prefers to concentrate on defeating his enemies and achieving his guild’s new goals. Having sacrificed his “heart”, Sawyer adopts a more primitive, animal-like behavior, constantly moving about on all fours. This trance allows him to escape his painful past by forgetting about it. He returns to his normal state after being beaten by Mirajane, who understood his pain and assured him that he was no longer being pursued, that he no longer had to be afraid and that he no longer needed to flee.


As a child, Sawyer was a slave in the Paradise Tower until Brain personally chose him to become a member of Oración Seis.


Sawyer’s main magic is time-slowing magic, which is also the origin of his code name. Originally thought to dramatically increase his speed, time-slowing magic actually alters his targets’ perception of time, giving them the impression that Sawyer is moving at breakneck speed. This allows him to attack freely before they even have a chance to retaliate. This magic makes Sawyer formidable in close combat, enabling him to dodge most attacks, even the fastest, and to counter the combined assaults of several opponents.
When it comes to eliminating his enemies, Sawyer claims that despite his considered mediocre offensive power, his overwhelming speed combined with a simple knife allow him to easily slit the throat of any opponent before he can even cast a spell. However, Sawyer’s magic has one weakness: its limited range. Only people and objects within a certain area around him are affected by his magic. Anything outside this zone moves at its normal speed, but gives the impression of moving much faster. Likewise, anything entering his area of effect retains its normal speed, even if it is initially located outside.

Sawyer Fairy Tail 3

Engine (モータ Mōta) :
Combining his close-combat skills with his time-slowing magic, Sawyer rushes towards his opponents, leaps backwards into the air and starts spinning, hitting everything around him with his legs.
Speed Shift: Red Zone: Sawyer further amplifies the time-slowing effect on his targets, allowing him to appear to move much faster.

Magical Motorcycle: Apart from his magic, or perhaps thanks to it, Sawyer is able to summon and control speed-related vehicles and objects from a distance, in keeping with his passion for speed.

Grand Prix of Death (デッドGPグランプリ Deddo Guran Puri): Sawyer raises an arm and launches the Grand Prix of Death, causing a horde of magical motorcycles to appear. Sawyer is able to pilot these motorcycles and control them remotely. The motorcycle he was seen riding was equipped with a multi-barreled magic pistol capable of rapid fire. However, these bikes can also be piloted by opponents, as seen when Grey piloted one. Sawyer describes this spell as a “car show from hell”.

Pneumatic Rush: Sawyer moves his hand toward his target, generating a multitude of spinning tires that rapidly attack his target. This spell can be used when Sawyer is riding one of the motorcycles in his Death Grand Prix.

Sawyer uses a crystallized ruby dagger to dispel organic bonds that have been given to or inherited by a person, as well as to “remove” their magic.
Enormous strength: Sawyer possesses high natural strength for jumping and extreme power in his lower body, enabling him to perform impressive physical feats. It’s been shown that he can smash one of his motorcycles to pieces with a single kick, and leap from a cliff to the top to attack Natsu and Grey. What’s more, his overall strength wasn’t just limited to his lower body. He was able to send Natsu flying with a single punch and carry a large, heavy steel coffin containing an unconscious Jellal Fernandes over a long distance.

Master of close combat: Sawyer excels in close combat, using this skill combined with his slowing magic as his main form of attack. He’s powerful enough to neutralize several enemies with this combination. We’ve seen him use a variety of fluid punches and kicks, staying suspended in the air for long periods to perform acrobatics such as spinning kicks and hitting several enemies at once. He can also hit Leon while the latter is encased in ice without injury, and repeatedly kick Grey while they were both riding the Death Grand Prix motorcycles.

Sawyer Fairy Tail 4

Speed-enhancing jumpsuit: From X791, Sawyer wears a black jumpsuit complete with circuit lines that gives him true speed, without needing his slowing magic to create the illusion that he’s fast.
Enhanced speed: Sawyer is able to move at immense and incredible speeds, too fast to be perceived by sight. Circuit lines light up red to accumulate and further increase Sawyer’s speed. However, achieving such an increase in power required the sacrifice of Sawyer’s “heart”. Thanks to this, he can easily outwit Dranbalt’s teleportation magic and make his attacks more unpredictable than ever. When fully charged, Sawyer moves fast enough to create afterimages that can attack simultaneously.

Enhanced strength: Sawyer can use his speed to showcase his considerable natural power, enabling him to shatter solid surfaces on the Christina and even cause the ship to crash single-handedly. The combination of Sawyer’s strength and speed allows him to strike and repel Mirajane in his Satan Soul form, and even momentarily in his Halphas form.

Magic motorcycle: Sawyer possesses a multitude of magic motorcycles that he can summon and control from a distance. These motorcycles are used in conjunction with his magic and fire ammunition from a compartment on the sides.

Knife: Sawyer carries a simple double-edged knife with no guard, which he says, combined with his slowing magic, can be used to incapacitate an opponent before he even has a chance to defend himself, and to enhance his rather average offensive abilities.

Explosive Lacrima (爆弾魔水晶ラクリマ Bakudan Rakurima): Under his jacket wrapped around his torso, Sawyer hides an extremely explosive Lacrima that he uses as a last resort to kill his opponents, at the cost of his own life. When forced to activate the Lacrima, he rushes at his opponent, acting like a kamikaze.

Sawyer Fairy Tail 5

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