Jenny Rearlight is a slender young woman of average height known for her beauty, which earned her the title of “Miss Fiore” in X791. She’s famous for her swimsuit photo shoots, as is fellow model Mirajane Strauss. Jenny has long, wavy blond hair gathered in a ponytail that reaches down to the middle of her back. Two short bangs frame her face, and she wears a decorative flower with large petals on the right side of her head, above her right ear. Her face has soft features, large light-blue eyes with long lashes and full lips, often made up with dark lipstick during her public appearances.
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Jenny has a model-like figure with a slim silhouette, generous breasts and pronounced hips. Jenny’s Blue Pegasus brand is on her left shoulder. She also wears several pieces of jewelry, including a pair of chain-link earrings, a lightweight necklace of multiple flat and square metal pieces around her neck, and bracelets on her wrists, two of which feature a wavy pattern on her right arm and a third composed of three thin circles on her left arm. She also wears a ring on her right little finger.

Jenny’s outfit is a sparkling strapless dress in pale pink with sequins. In the anime, the dress is pale pink with a wide slit on the left side of the skirt. She wears a light, flowing fabric with ruffled edges tied around her waist, which covers part of her glittery skirt, and heeled sandals (high-heeled pinks in the anime).


Jenny is an outgoing young woman with a passion for her guild, Blue Pegasus. She enthusiastically supports her teammates and praises their skills, hoping for Blue Pegasus’ victory in the X791 Grand Tournament of Magic. She has great confidence in her own abilities, especially when it comes to her appearance. When competing, she was arrogant in her fight against Mirajane Strauss at the Grand Tournament, claiming victory before the match was even over, convinced that her plan was infallible. Jenny even proposed a bet to Mirajane, involving the loser posing nude for Weekly Sorcerer Magazine, revealing a certain malice.
However, despite her apparent confidence, Jenny can be emotional. After her defeat by Mirajane, she broke down in tears at the thought of having to pose nude for the magazine. Despite her reluctance, she kept her commitments and posed nude as promised.

It’s implied that Jenny has romantic feelings for her teammate Hibiki Leithis or is in a relationship with him, as they were briefly seen kissing during the Grand Tournament.


Take Over (接収テイクオーバー Teiku Ōbā): Jenny is a user of Take Over magic, which allows her to take control of the powers and abilities of entities she touches.
Machina Soul (機械マキナソウル Makina Sōru): Jenny’s specific form of Take Over allows her to transform her outfit into a well-armored suit equipped with heavy weapons. By touching various machines, she can appropriate their abilities and strengths. The exact extent of her abilities is unknown, as she has only been seen using a specific outfit before being quickly defeated by her opponent.

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Battle suit (バトルスーツ Batoru Sūtsu): This distinctive Jenny form is used in her fight against Mirajane Strauss. She wears a dark ruffled headband on her head, which is attached to conical ear protectors. Her torso is covered by a dark combat suit with light edges. Her legs are covered by similar pants, leaving her inner thighs exposed. She wears shoulder-length gloves and high-heeled metal boots. This costume gives her a degree of protection in battle.
Transformation magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): Jenny also possesses skills in transformation magic. She can quickly change outfits using this magic, switching from one outfit to another in just a few seconds.

Hand-to-hand combat: Jenny has shown skills in hand-to-hand combat, surprising her opponent Rocker de Quatro Cerberus with a kick during the Grand Tournament’s sea battle event.

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