After the dissolution of Fairy Tail, Bixrow joined the Blue Pegasus guild with the other members of Team Raijin. However, after the guild reformed, he returned to join Fairy Tail with his team.
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Bixrow is a sorcerer using a form of magic called Human Possession, which allows him to manipulate five souls residing in dolls that accompany him everywhere. He can also detect and track people through their souls. Thanks to his “Figure Eyes” ability, he can steal and control other people’s souls. He also possesses great acrobatic agility, using his skills to gain the upper hand over his opponents. What’s more, his ability to manipulate his environment during combat allows him to outmaneuver powerful opponents, such as Grey, one of the most promising candidates for promotion to S rank.


Bixrow is a tall, slightly muscular man with broad shoulders. His hair is blue and black, with the black parts shaved almost completely and the blue parts longer on the top and sides of his head. The hair on top is combed into a Mohawk-style crest, while the hair on the sides is pulled back. He has large blue eyebrows and a tattoo depicting a stylized man with long, curved arms on his forehead and nose. His eyes are large, with irises surrounded by concentric circles. He wears prominent eyelashes ending in a spiral pattern, with the lashes on the side of his nose pointing downwards, while those on the outer side point upwards. He also has two slightly curved lines under his eyes. The Fairy Tail mark is located on the top of his tongue, which is sometimes visible when he pulls it out. He also wore dark nail polish on his fingernails.

Bixrow’s upper body is covered in a slightly fitted dark fabric with vertical white stripes. He wears a tight hood that reveals only his hands and face. His head is usually obscured by a metal visor similar to a medieval sallet, with eight small elongated holes, four in front of each eye to enable him to see while preventing his “Figure Eyes” from affecting others. He wears wide armbands and large epaulets with skulls in the center. A dark band encircles his waist, supporting a huge cloth vest made up of four long, light-colored pieces adorned with a dark “X” that run down to below his knees. Beneath the vest, he wears loose-fitting dark pants, each leg adorned with a pair of crossed “X”-shaped belts. His boots are light and armored.

When Bixrow returned to Tenrô Island to rescue his guildmates alongside Justin and Clive, he adopted a new outfit. The upper part of his body is still covered in dark fabric, but this time almost plain, with only a few lines on his chest. His separate shoulder pads have been replaced by a single, coat-like one, which wears the same color as the fabric on his chest and has lighter edges. He also wears a hood with a red crest at the back and a more elaborate visor, attached to his head by numerous bands, giving him a knightly appearance. He no longer wears armbands, but has three metal bracelets around each bicep. His belt has been replaced by a fabric resembling a long, light-colored skirt, held in place by a large metal belt bearing the Fairy Tail symbol. His pants and boots appear to be the same as in his previous outfit.

After returning from Tenrô Island in X791, Bixrow has yet another new outfit. He wears a dark shirt covered by a black cape with black fur around the neck and shoulders. The cape is held together by a metal emblem, and the edges are decorated by a metal band with small circles running the length of it. He also wears a gray garment over his head and his knight’s visor. Two gauntlets matching his cape are present, with metal edges and spherical decorations. He also appears to be wearing the same pants and boots as in his previous outfit.

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Bixrow has a loud laugh and likes to stick his tongue out. He likes to fight and despises weak people, claiming not to consider them his nakamas. He also seems to have a kinky side, as evidenced by his suggestion to the girls to wear something over their revealing bikinis before fighting in a “fight” with Fried against Lucy Heartfilia and Cana Alberona. He respects Luxus Draer enormously, as do the other members of the Raijin team. He was ready to turn against the rest of Fairy Tail at Luxus’s behest, and was upset when Makarov excommunicated Luxus from the guild after the Battle of Fairy Tail. During the S-class mage promotion test, he teamed up with Fried because of their shared desire to replace Luxus as the guild’s top mages.
Bixrow seems to have a light, carefree personality. He likes to tease Lucy by joking with Happy about Loki. He can also be comically angry, as when he was called weak by Loki in relation to his dolls. He has a particular attachment to the dolls he controls with his magic, whom he calls his “babies”. They often echo the last words of his sentences. Although he claims to love souls, in keeping with his magic, he expresses an aversion to a magic called “White Magic”, about which little is known.

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