The Titan Chariot, the strangest of the Nine Primordials, finally gets more attention in the fourth season of Attack of the Titans. Here’s what we know so far.

The fourth and final season of Attack of the Titans is now airing, and questions about the Nine Titans are finally being answered. The human identities of all the Primordial Titans have now been revealed.

Who Is The Titan Charrette?

The Titan Charrette, one of the most mysterious Titans in the Shingeki No Kyojin anime, was first revealed in episode 16 of season 3 entitled “Perfect Game”. So far, few details have been divulged about this Titan and its bearer, but here’s what we know so far.

As revealed in season 3 of the anime, the Titan Charrette is physically distinct from pure or primordial Titans. He adopts a quadrupedal form, enabling him to use all four limbs to move about. This gives him a significant advantage on two levels: firstly, he can carry objects on his back, and secondly, he is extremely agile. In episode 1 of season 4 entitled “The Other Side of the Sea”, we can observe the Titan Charrette in all its militarized capacity, acting as a mobile machine gun during a conflict between Mahr and Middle Eastern allies.

Who Is The Titan Charrette?

The Titan Chariot is also an extremely versatile Titan. Even for purely defensive or support strategies, the Titan Chariot proves extremely useful. It can carry a huge amount of supplies on its back and support this load far better than standing Titans. Its ability to move on four limbs also gives it a considerable advantage in terms of speed. He can move almost as fast as the Jaw Titan, which is quite impressive. It’s a real asset for Mahr and his army.

In addition, the Titan Chariot has exceptional endurance. It can make long journeys or take part in battles without rest for months and months on end in its Titan form. It does not tire easily and can maintain its Titan form for longer than other Primordial Titans. However, these advantages are counterbalanced by a disadvantage: the Titan Chariot does not benefit from the same regeneration speed as other Titans. As a result, a hard blow can put him out of action.

The holder of the Titan Chariot is an Eldian warrior from Mahr named Peak Finger. From what has been revealed so far in the Attack of the Titans anime, Peak appears to be a gentle, thoughtful person. She is often seen wearing a slight smile, giving her a very approachable attitude. The contrast between her human and Titan form makes her an interesting choice to be the carrier of the Titan Chariot, arguably the strangest Titan of all.

Who Is The Titan Charrette?

A side effect of the Titan Chariot’s quadrupedal form is that, after spending a certain amount of time as a Titan, its wearer loses the ability to walk normally like a human being for some time. This is demonstrated by the fact that Peak moves around on all fours in her human form, claiming that it feels “more natural”. When she stands, she uses a crutch. Although the effects of her Titan form are temporary, the Titan Chariot is the only Titan that affects its wearer in this way after the transition to humanity.

With only a few episodes left of the final season, we’re sure to learn more about Peak and its Titan Chariot. Hopefully, before the end of Attack of the Titans, we’ll manage to fully understand the strangest Titan among the nine Primordial Titans.


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