In Attack of the Titans, primordial titans are considered very powerful weapons for both sides. However, each type of titan is associated with a different user, which means that each new user has his or her own way of using this weapon. Indeed, the personality and beliefs of each character who embodies a titan play an important role in their use of this weapon.

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

It’s worth pointing out that not all titans are as destructive as they could be, as this depends on the type of Primordial in question. Although titans are generally portrayed as giant beings that cause massive destruction, some Primordial users don’t necessarily seek to maximize their titan’s abilities. However, some titans fully assume their destructive role and inflict colossal damage on the fictional environment in which they evolve.


10. Eren would sacrifice everything for freedom

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

It’s hardly surprising that Eren’s chaotic strength places him at the forefront of the most destructive titans. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he has caused the greatest number of casualties. From his earliest days as a young soldier, Eren has always been fearless and combative. This energy continues to be a central aspect of his personality as he grows older, simply becoming more evident over time.

Eren’s plans and ideas don’t take into account civilians or the places that might be affected by his actions. If he has to destroy cities to achieve his goals, he doesn’t mind. With the Titan Assassin at his side, the amount of destruction he can cause is simply immeasurable.

9. Sieg is ready to wipe out an entire population

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Like his brother Eren, Sieg isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to achieve his goals. Like Eren, he’s convinced that his intentions are good. However, unlike Eren, Sieg’s method is also highly destructive, as he’s willing to destroy homes and towns to get what he needs.

Although his violent tendencies are directed against Eldians, he uses both sides to achieve his goals. However, he is inferior to Eren in that Eren doesn’t care who suffers, as long as his vision of freedom is realized. Sieg, on the other hand, simply wants the Eldians removed from the equation.

8. Bertolt does just what needs to be done

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Bertolt’s destructive nature stems from his unwavering obedience. After completing his mission as a Warrior, Bertolt destroys the Maria Wall and infiltrates the Exploration Battalion’s regiment of soldiers. With the Colossal Titan at his disposal, the damage he can cause is far greater than that of the other titans.

Thus, even when his fellow Warriors encounter difficulties in accomplishing their mission, Bertolt remains strong and determined thanks to his obedience. Although his peers may see him as quiet and weak, this obedience is what motivates him to complete what they’ve started.

7. Reiner shares the damage

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Reiner’s capacity for destruction is hampered by his divided mind, which affects not only those around him, but also himself. When confronted with his mission as a Warrior, Reiner enters into internal conflict because he doesn’t want to harm his new friends.

However, when Reiner remembers his role as a Dreadnought Titan, he concentrates totally on his mission. His capacity for destruction is therefore less extensive than Bertolt’s, as Reiner sometimes holds back from destroying everything.

6. Armin has the brains, but not the brawn.

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Armin is a leader capable of directing operations with his intelligence. He always strives to minimize losses, but doesn’t shy away from action if it’s necessary. After obtaining Bertolt’s titan, Armin changed his way of doing things. He’s aware of the destructive power at his disposal and makes more calculated, considered decisions. Although he doesn’t enjoy having to kill, he understands that it may be necessary in certain situations.

5. Porco’s aggression doesn’t translate into destruction

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Porco doesn’t hesitate to fight, whether out of fear or responsibility. He’s often aloof and outspoken, not hiding his disagreements. Although he can be aggressive, he doesn’t use it to his advantage. This is evident in his fight with Eren, where he throws himself at him in anger as soon as he learns of Bertolt’s existence. However, unlike other characters who tend to be destructive, Porco doesn’t possess such a violent mindset.

4. Annie wants a normal life

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Annie is one of the most formidable fighters in the group, having undergone rigorous training with her father and worked with the Warriors. However, once the mission is deemed a failure, Annie loses her motivation and her goal becomes blurred. She longs for a normal life.

The Female Titan is powerful, and her fighting skills are unrivalled. However, if Annie isn’t interested in combat or is crystallized, the destruction she can cause is limited.

3. Peak is more of a team player

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Peak has been chosen as Mahr’s Warrior, but her kindness makes her less inclined to violence and destruction. Nevertheless, she is an important asset to the Warriors thanks to her intelligence and quick wit.

In contrast to other Warriors, Peak doesn’t have as much fighting spirit, even with the use of her titan. She prefers to work as part of a team to achieve goals. Her personality is more relaxed and analytical than that of other Warriors, making her capable of finding intelligent solutions to problems.

2. Ymir only wants to live for herself

Ymir has always sought to live her life on her own terms, and her secret of possessing the Titan Jaw was always kept to herself until she had no choice. Although she befriends Historia, she doesn’t want to be forced to follow anyone’s orders. Ymir is very perceptive and carefully analyzes situations, but she doesn’t seek destruction. She acts calculatingly to ensure her survival, but she won’t take pleasure in destroying anything.

1. Frieda Reiss is the kindest of the Primordial Titans.

Which Primordial Titan Is The Most Destructive?

Frida Reiss is known as one of the friendliest titan shifters. She’s very caring towards her family, especially Historia, and helps the villagers. However, when she acquires the Original Titan and gains access to the memories of all the shifters who came before her, she undergoes a change. Although this change sometimes made her behavior more aggressive, it never reached a destructive level. What’s more, with Karl’s vow to renounce war, she doesn’t have much room for maneuver.


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