The Titans had an enigmatic origin in Attack of the Titans, as the series explored their origins. When the origin of the Titans is mentioned, Ymir Fritz’s name appears frequently in his story.

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

As the story of these beings unfolded, the audience discovered that Ymir was actually the central element of this mystery. As the series progressed, the focus shifted to Ymir, allowing fans to discover his origins and his connection to the world of Attack of the Titans.


10.  She grew up as a slave

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Ymir had a difficult existence in Eldia. She was a captive of the Eldian Empire when her village was attacked and enslaved at their hands. Throughout her life, she obeyed the Eldian king Fritz, helping to build an empire, eliminate his enemies and give him children.

Despite this existence, she continued to worship Fritz with passionate love, even sacrificing herself to save him. Even after his death, Ymir remained loyal to the royal family by creating Titans in a distant land.

9.  Ymir was the first to obtain Titan powers

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

In his early days, Ymir was the first person to acquire the power of the Titans. Around 2,000 years ago, his village was attacked and captured by the Eldians. As a slave, Ymir was hunted down by the Eldians.

More and more desperate, wounded, Ymir found refuge in a large tree and fell into a chasm. Once landed in a pool of water, a spine-like creature fused with her body, transforming Ymir into the very first Titan. Thanks to this powerful form, she served the Eldians, helping them rule the lands until her death.

8.  She was the only one to fully possess the powers of all Titans.

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

As the Original Titan, Ymir was the only one to fully possess the powers of all Titans. Later Titans held only a fraction of her power. With her strength alone, she had the power to completely annihilate Mahr’s forces with her abilities.

As the first of his kind, Ymir had total control over his Titan form as it transformed. With such power, it’s no wonder that all those who possessed Titan powers were unable to surpass her.

7.  Her power was divided into what were known as the nine Titans.

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

As a reward for his services, King Fritz took Ymir as his concubine and fathered three children with her. After Ymir’s death, her daughters consumed her body in order to preserve her powers and pass them on from generation to generation.

This tradition endured, with each child of the royal line consuming its mother’s blood so that the power of the Titans would not be extinguished. Ymir’s power was divided into the so-called nine Titans, Ymir being the Original Titan. Thus were born the Titans that the main characters of the manga/anime will meet throughout the series.

6.  She was worshipped as a deity

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Ymir’s power was unlike anything humanity had ever seen. Tales of the origin of his powers varied from region to region. In Eldian cults, Ymir was worshipped as a goddess.

However, the Mahrs considered Ymir an evil entity, attributing her powers directly to the Devil, as she had wiped out all their forces in the war against the Eldians. Some also believed that Ymir had acquired her powers from Mother Nature. Despite all these stories, Ymir was just an ordinary girl who had been granted a powerful but cursed gift.

5.  Ymir created the curse that shortens a titan’s lifespan.

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Thirteen years after awakening his powers, Ymir died protecting the king’s life. His death gave rise to what is known as the Curse of Ymir. Every time a Titan was born, it lived for thirteen years before its body weakened and deteriorated.

A Titan’s lifespan never exceeded Ymir’s, conferring this curse on the Titans who roamed the earth. This would explain why characters such as Eren, Uri Reiss and Tom Ksaver ended up falling ill and aging at an accelerated rate in their later years.

4.  Its name is linked to Norse mythology.

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Whether you believe it or not, Ymir’s name and power are linked to Norse mythology. According to these tales, Ymir was considered the ancestor of all giants. His name, in fact, translates as “the cry”.

If we look at the origin of his powers, Ymir acquired them after being touched by the source of all living matter. This notion is also present in Norse mythology, where Ymir was born from Eitr, a liquid substance at the origin of all living things.

3.  Ymir was known by a different name

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Tales about Ymir may vary from region to region, but one of the most interesting comes from the royal family. Frieda Reiss shared the story of Ymir with her younger half-sister Historia, then named Krista. Frieda described Ymir as a kind-hearted girl who always cared about others. She would tell Historia Ymir’s story through her storybook, illustrating her pact with the Devil to obtain the powers of the Original Titan.

Frieda encouraged Historia to follow Ymir’s example, suggesting that she admired him for his advice. Historia eventually forgot these discussions, as Frieda used her powers to erase some of her memories, but she still retained blurred images of Krista over time.

2.  After his death, Ymir’s soul went to another plane of existence

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

After his death, Ymir’s soul found itself in a place called the “Coordinate”. This desert is vast, and the only thing holding it together is an imposing pillar that links it to the Titans it created. When the public meets her, her soul takes the form of a young girl.

This place is also where all Titans go after their death. What is remarkable is that she is chained, just as she was when she was a slave, and continues to serve the Fritz family.

1.  Ymir has the ability to create Titans

What's The Link Between Ymir And The Titans?

Living alone in this mysterious desert, Ymir found solace only in his devotion to the royal family to create Titans. Thanks to his ability to create Titans with his bare hands, Ymir was able to send more of his kind out into the world.

Those who carried the genes for his powers were known as Ymir’s subjects. Each Titan possessed a power different from Ymir’s, but all shared the same creative heritage from his bloodline.


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