Wakuraba (病わくら葉ば Wakuraba) was an important member of the Twelve Kizuki, occupying lower rank number three (下か弦げんの参さん Kagen no San?).


Wakuraba was a pale-skinned, grayish-white man of medium height, sporting three large cross-shaped scars on his cheeks as well as in the center of his forehead. His pointed ears resembled those of an elf. His eyes were large and pointed, with orange irises, and the kanji for “Three” was engraved in his left eye. He had short black hair and a widow’s peak.
Wakuraba wore a bamboo-colored polka-dot yukata, decorated with a striped pattern. He tied a dark piece of cloth around his waist and a lighter one around his neck. He also sported golden hoop earrings in each ear, as well as wooden sandals with black straps.


Among the lower ranks, Wakuraba was one of the most loyal to Muzan Kibutsuji. Despite Muzan’s brutal executions of two of his lower-ranking comrades, he constantly strived to improve himself in order to meet his leader’s expectations and regain his favor. However, Wakuraba had an overriding concern for his own self-preservation and did not blindly obey Muzan. He didn’t want to be killed by him, even though he generally respected his decisions. So when he realized that Muzan had no intention of leaving the lower ranks alive, he fled.



Rehabilitation training arch

After all the remaining Low Ranks have gathered at Infinity Castle, Muzan appears before them in his female form. He watches them with irritation and orders them to bow their heads and crouch before him. All obey, but Mukago apologizes for not recognizing him in his current form. Muzan angrily asks her why she is speaking without permission, ordering her to be quiet and not to speak unless directly asked a question. Terrified, Mukago kneels at his feet. Muzan then explains the death of Rui, the only lower rank not present, and asks the remaining demons why they are so weak.
Muzan explains that being part of the Twelve Kizuki is not an end in itself, but only the beginning of what lies ahead. He declares that their sole purpose is to consume blood in order to be useful to him. Muzan expresses anger at the fact that the upper ranks have not been replaced for hundreds of years, while the lower ranks are constantly being replaced. Kamanue thinks he can’t just tell them that[3]. Able to read the minds of those with whom he has shared blood, Muzan angrily asks Kamanue why he can’t tell them that, then extends his tentacle-like arm to grab Kamanue by the neck and lift him into the air. Kamanue tries to apologize, but is quickly devoured by Muzan, while Wakuraba and the other lower ranks remain head down, shocked and silent.

It’s at this point that Wakuraba realizes that he too is in danger of being killed. To preserve his life, he decides he must do more to maintain his position as a lower rank. Simultaneously, Mukago tells herself that she runs away every time she hears of a Hashira. Muzan repeats Mukago’s thoughts aloud, which terrifies her. She quickly denies what she was thinking and says she’ll fight for him, even if it means putting her life on the line. Muzan asks her if she denies what he said, then, as Mukago begins to apologize and cry, he violently crushes her to the ground with his tentacles, killing her instantly.

Shocked by this scene, Wakuraba assumes the worst and decides it would be wiser to flee rather than stay if he wants to save his life. He quickly leaves Infinity Castle at high speed. Enmu thinks this is a stupid decision, as Muzan will kill him anyway. This conclusion proves correct, as Wakuraba’s head is severed shortly after his escape, so quickly that he wonders how he died in his final moments and thinks that Enmu will be the next to die after the death of Lower Rank Two.


Abilities and powers

Demon abilities

Little is known about Wakuraba’s strength and abilities as a Demon, but it’s reasonable to assume that he possessed greater power than the average Demon and was stronger than Rui, Kamanue and Mukago, given that he occupied a lower rank than them within the Twelve Kizuki.

  • Regeneration: As a member of the lower ranks, Wakuraba received a greater amount of Muzan blood compared to an average Demon, which probably gave him superior regeneration power. However, he didn’t have the power to regrow his body after being decapitated by Muzan, as Muzan had destroyed his cells.
  • Increased speed: As evidenced by his attempted escape from Infinity Castle, Wakuraba possessed great physical speed and agility.



  • Wakuraba’s name was revealed in the first fanbook.

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