Although the Garrison regiment is not as formidable as the Exploration Battalion regiment in the fight against the Titans, its soldiers still retain their combat skills.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

After leading the Garrison Regiment for three and a half seasons, during which he faced numerous intelligent Titans and dealt with a military coup, Dot Pixis was appointed Commander-in-Chief following the assassination of Darius Zachley. Although he hasn’t amassed as many victims as Eren, Mikasa or Levi, he has proved his ability to guide humanity towards a promising future without compromising his integrity.

The journey to Pixis and the battle of Trost demonstrate that the Garrison Regiment is more than capable of fulfilling its role in the fight against the Titans. Although most of AoT’s screen time is devoted to the Exploration Battalion Regiment and their rising body count, the Garrison should not be underestimated. The list below shows which members of the Garrison Regiment have killed the most, with reference to the Battle of Trost and the rest of the AoT universe.


10.  Anka is assigned to escort Dot Pixis even though she hasn’t killed on screen.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Anka Rheinberger distinguishes herself primarily in the field of strategy, but it is important to note that she is one of the few members of the Garrison Regiment to be entrusted with Dot Pixis’ personal protection.

Given the considerable number of coups and rebellions that occur throughout Attack of the Titans, it wouldn’t be surprising if Anka had been forced to take lives to protect Commander Pixis. Of course, this is all speculation, but the fact that she is entrusted with the life of the Garrison Regiment commander suggests that she has proven her worth on the battlefield.

9.  Gustav kills Lord Wald’s ego before joining Eren and Mikasa in the Trost district.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Although he never takes the life of a Titan or human on screen, Gustav has earned his place as Dot Pixis’ personal escort for good reason. It may be that Gustav is one of the few survivors of the attack on the Shiganshina district, or perhaps Dot Pixis simply enjoys his company.

Whatever the reason, Gustav deserves praise for his sharp words to Lord Wald when they, Anka and Pixis are called upon to defend the Pink Wall. While these words didn’t literally kill Lord Wald, they certainly plunged him into a spiral of destructive ego that he desperately needed.

8.  Hannes gets killed, but not before fighting his way to the front line.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Hannes has indeed become a father figure to Eren Yeager after Grisha’s disappearance, but that doesn’t mean he possesses the same murderous capacity as the young sociopath. When he joins the Exploration Battalion regiment in pursuit of the Dreadnought and Colossal Titans, Hannes demonstrates his mastery of three-dimensional equipment, a skill acquired while protecting the walls of Shiganshina.

While fans mainly remember Hannes’ tragic death when he tried to attack the Smiling Titan, it goes without saying that Hannes slaughtered a few Titans on his way to save Eren and Mikasa from that same Smiling Titan.

7.  Mitabi Janarch slaughters a few Titans off-screen before giving his life to protect Eren.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

In the company of Rico Brzenska and Ian Dietrich, Mitabi is one of the most powerful members of the entire Garrison Regiment. During the Battle of the Bow at the Battle of Trost, Mitabi is selected alongside Rico and Ian to help Eren plug the hole created by the Titan Colossal.

The Garrison Regiment is often criticized for its lack of combat experience, but that doesn’t mean every member is too weak to take on the Titans. While tasked with defending Eren, Mitabi sacrifices his life, after taking out a few Titans off-camera to pave the way for the Assaulting Titan.

6.  Rico Brzenska earned his place on the Garrison s elite team by proving his strength with three-dimensional equipment.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Rico is considered one of the elite members of the Garrison Regiment, even though she never delivers the killing blow to a Titan or human enemy on screen throughout Attack of the Titans. However, it’s important to recognize Rico’s efforts to reach the top of the Garrison Regiment.

Not only does Rico stand by Kitz Woermann’s side when the cowardly captain orders Eren’s execution by cannon, but she’s also assigned to the elite Garrison squad tasked with protecting the Titan Assassin during Trost’s reconquest mission. Fans won’t see her taking down Titans on screen, but it’s safe to assume that she was able to defend Eren from at least two Titans during the battle.

5.  Daz survived far too long to avoid killing a handful of humans and Titans.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Daz is one of the few cadets from the 104th Training Brigade still alive in the current season of Attack of the Titans. This is mainly due to the fact that he overcame his fear of the Titans during the Battle of Trost District.

Having survived the battle of Trost as well as the attack on Revelio, it’s safe to assume that Daz faced a high death toll, even if every one of his actions took place off-screen.

4.  Lobov takes the lives of Mahr soldiers before being shot by Gabi

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

After leaving the Garrison Regiment to join the Exploration Battalion, Lobov followed the rest of the regiment to Mahr. Although he was never shown killing on screen, his willingness to put his life on the line to protect members of the Battalion as they retreated is testament to his determination to act when necessary.

If only Lobov hadn’t hesitated when Gabi pointed a gun at his head. Perhaps he would have been killed on screen, saving fans from having to deal with Gabi outside the raid on Revelio.

3.  Ian Dietrich has killed a Titan, but on-screen deaths aren’t all that matter

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Ian Dietrich may not be in the spotlight very often, but it’s clear that he was at one time one of the most powerful members of the Garrison Regiment. After the Titan Colossal attack at Trost, Dot Pixis clearly mentions that Dietrich has already proved his strength in battle by entrusting him with command of the elite Garrison Squad.

Unfortunately, Dietrich does not survive the Battle of Trost. Fans wishing to learn more about this elite member of the Garrison squad need only revisit the Battle of Trost District arc.

2.  Floch steals countless human lives during the attack on Revelio

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Floch became the main face of the Yeagerists in season 4 of Attack of the Titans, but before that he committed numerous murders of innocents during the attack on Revelio to prove his similarity to Eren.

Few will forget the conversation between Jean and Floch during Revelio’s attack. While Jean values human life, Floch sees the lives of Mahr’s Eldians as a means to an end. With Eren as his role model, it’s not surprising that Floch’s notion of justice is so distorted. Perhaps Eren’s omnicide will force Floch to re-evaluate his position, but given his past actions, it’s unlikely he’ll ever change his mind.

1.  Dot Pixis accepts responsibility for sparing Eren’s life during the Battle of Trost.

Top 10 Deadliest Garrison Members

Dot Pixis is never shown killing a Titan or a human on screen during the four seasons of Attack of the Titans, but his actions resulted in the deaths of many innocent people, as did those of Eren Yeager. It’s fair to assume that a number of innocent lives would have been lost within the walls of Paradise had Pixis not defended Eren during the Battle of Trost. However, it is unfair to hold the current Commander-in-Chief responsible for the actions of Bertholdt and Reiner.

The only reason Dot Pixis is held responsible for Eren’s actions is because he verbally takes responsibility for Eren’s actions during the Battle of Trost. It may not be fair to blame Pixis for Eren’s actions after that battle, but if Pixis hadn’t felt the need to “defeat” the Titans at Trost, billions of lives could have been spared.


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