The demon known as Shita oni (舌した鬼おに) resided in the Tsuzumi mansion.

Tongue Demon | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Physical description

The Tongue Demon took on the appearance of a muscular man with gray skin and very dark blue hair. His hair was pulled back to give way to two small horns emerging on either side of his forehead. He had two pairs of eyes: a large feline pair of intense green and a narrower pair of red irises above the first. His extremely long tongue and the navy-blue arrows on his nose and forearms were distinctive features. He also had a similar mark on each temple.
The Tongue Demon wore nothing on his upper body, and underneath, he sported the lower half of a patterned yukata that stopped at the knees.


The Tongue Demon was a ruthless being, typical of his species, and seemed only interested in consuming the humans he came across on his way. His intelligence seemed limited, evident in his loud speeches, the repetition of his words and his tendency to move by crawling rather than walking.

Tongue Demon | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


Tsuzumi Mansion Arch

As Zenitsu advises Shoichi to remain silent so as not to attract the demons’ attention, the Tongue Demon appears behind the duo, further terrorizing an already trembling Zenitsu. He even remarks on the sensation of eating a child with his tongue.
Panic-stricken, Zenitsu begs the demon to leave them alone, claiming that neither he nor Shoichi would be tasty, as they flee. The demon simply replies that he’ll never know what they taste like until he tries them, then chases and attacks them, easily slicing through a vase.

Just as he enters the room, something unexpected happens: Zenitsu slices the demon’s tongue swiftly, standing determinedly with his head down, supported by his subconscious. He prepares to use the first form of Thunder Breath: Thunderbolt and Flash. Zenitsu prepares to decapitate the tongue demon without hesitation. With a swift movement and a direct stroke of his Nichirin blade, the demon’s head now lies on the ground, and Zenitsu easily carries out his plan. Victory goes to him in this fight against the demon.

As Zenitsu regains consciousness, his subconscious dissipating, he lets out a scream as he sees the demon’s decapitated head.

Tongue Demon | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


Supernatural abilities

Flesh manipulation: This demon has demonstrated the ability to control the length, speed and sharpness of its tongue, enabling it to easily cut through a vase.


Arc of the Tsuzumi mansion

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma versus the Tongue Demon

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