Tokie (トキエ Tokie?)[1] is a village resident who was attacked by the Swamp Demon, becoming its final target.


Tokie is a short, fair-skinned girl. Her long black hair is straight, with thin strands on her forehead and long bangs framing her face.
When she was abducted, Tokie was wearing a lime-green kimono with a blue obi. Over it, she wore a long, dark-red haori.


Tokie is an extremely obedient girl. If a family member asks her to stay home at night, she listens and decides to rest inside. She’s also kind and caring, worrying about the fate of other girls abducted by the Swamp Demon and hoping they’re doing well.

Tokie | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


First mission

In the beginning, we see Tokie separating from her family members to go to bed, after being asked to stay indoors due to the disappearances that have occurred during the night. She obeys and thinks sadly of the girls who have already been abducted, hoping that no other girl will suffer the same fate as she prepares for bed. As she drifts off to sleep, the Swamp Demon creates a swampy pool beneath her futon and drags her down, causing her great horror. Despite her efforts to free herself, she is powerless against his hold, then knocked unconscious and dragged into the depths.
She is then rescued from the demon by Tanjiro Kamado and Kazumi, and presumably made it home safely.

Skills and powers

As an ordinary human, she possesses no supernatural powers or abilities.

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