Warning, this article reveals crucial information about season 4 of Attack of the Titans.

In the past, the Ackerman clan was shrouded in mystery in Attack of the Titans. However, the manga finally revealed their true origin and purpose.

The Secret Origins Of The Ackerman Family

During Attack of the Titans, Mikasa and Levi Ackerman demonstrated impressive strength and proved capable of fighting the Titans in a way totally different from other humans. Thanks to an “awakening power” that gives them physical strength far superior to that of ordinary individuals, the Ackermans can draw on the fighting power and experience of their ancestors, essentially using the power of the Titans without becoming Titans themselves. However, the origin of their strength remained shrouded in mystery… until recently.

The heavy secret of the Ackerman family

The Secret Origins Of The Ackerman Family

It’s through the story of Kenny and his nephew, Levi, that we learn more about the unique powers of the Ackerman family. Kenny was a mentor to young Levi, whose mother died when he was very young. Kenny is a legendary figure, nicknamed “Kenny the Ripper” for his ferocity towards his victims. Levi is one of the most powerful soldiers in Attack of the Titans and probably the most powerful of the Ackermans. Discovering more about his family, he confirms that his powers have been “awakened” and asks his cousin, Mikasa Ackerman, about the awakening of her own powers during a moment of great tension. She replies that yes, they were awakened long ago, recalling her traumatic childhood.

We learn the precise moment when this change occurred in Mikasa in chapter 112 of Attack of the Titans, entitled “Ignorance”, when Eren Jäger reveals to Mikasa the truth about her lineage. The Ackerman family was created by the Eldian Empire, which combined the subjects of Ymir and the Titans to create a bloodline capable of serving and protecting the Eldian kings. A member of the Ackerman family is activated when given a command by someone acting as a host. Mikasa’s powers were activated by Eren when he asked her to attack the aggressors who had attacked them when she was a child. Eren even goes so far as to think that Mikasa’s powers bind her to him, since he serves as her host.

However, the meaning of being a host is unclear. Eren possesses the power of three Titans, two of which were passed on to him by his father. There’s no indication that he has royal blood, so it’s doubtful that Mikasa would serve as his host, as their childhood friend Armin points out. Moreover, Eren is not a trustworthy character, and it’s entirely possible that he’s hiding something he discovered in his father’s cellar from Mikasa. Eren also sharply rebuked Armin after the latter questioned his analysis of Mikasa’s powers. However, the power of the Ackerman family is beyond doubt, host-related or not.

The Ackerman family’s deadliest moments

The Secret Origins Of The Ackerman Family

The Ackerman family became a family of killers following experiments carried out on them by the Eldian Empire long ago. Kenny, as his sinister nickname suggests, was known for his brutality as a member of the first inner squad of the Special Brigade. Levi, considered humanity’s most powerful soldier, serves in the Exploration Battalion’s Special Operations Squad. Mikasa is also recognized as a top soldier as an Exploration Battalion officer.

Kenny’s most defining moment comes during his first appearance in the first episode of season 3, when he flamboyantly reappears in Levi’s life. Only a character known as “Kenny the Ripper” could be so bold in his attack on humanity’s finest soldier. Kenny’s knowledge of Levi’s fighting style, having taught it himself, also gives him a unique advantage. However, Levi manages to surpass his uncle in his own game, demonstrating that his powers have continued to grow.

Levi’s strongest moment is undoubtedly when he manages to almost single-handedly take down the Bestial Titan, taking it by surprise. Levi never let anyone or anything get in his way, making him one of the most powerful warriors in the series.

Mikasa is also considered one of humanity’s finest. She’s a genius tactician and soldier, and she also proves to be a good leader, as evidenced by her powerful speech about her strength over her fellow soldiers in the episode “Little Blade: The Battle for Trost, Part 3”. Mikasa often defies the dark fates that await the characters in Attack of the Titans. It’s not just her physical strength that impresses, but her emotional strength too.

The Ackerman family secret has long been hidden from readers, viewers and Ackerman descendants. The secrets revealed since then, however, have changed the game, but in a way, they confirm what viewers already knew: the Ackermans are the toughest warriors and will fight to the end.


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