In episode 14 of season 3 of Attack of the Titans, Sieg Jäger’s original story is finally revealed. But does it really justify his horrible plan for Eldia?

In episode 14 of season 4, entitled “The Only Solution”, the motivation behind Sieg Jäger’s diabolical plan is finally revealed. Now we understand Sieg’s plot with Eren, as well as his betrayal of his parents and the Eldian resistance fighters, which we’ve known since the end of season 3. What we didn’t know, however, were the reasons that led him to conceive this plan and make contact with his half-brother, as well as betraying his parents. Today, all these questions are finally answered in “The Only Solution”.

The Origins Of Sieg Jäger's Evil Plan

Sieg was born in Revelio, the internment camp for Eldian citizens in Mahr, to Dina Fritz and Grisha Jäger. During his childhood, Sieg learned that his fellow Eldians, including his own family, were considered “demons” responsible for horrible sins against humanity throughout history. However, her parents took the time to teach her what they believed to be the true story of their people’s origins, connecting every real-world lesson to its roots.

Over time, Sieg enrolled in warrior training. Physically, he was at a disadvantage to the other Warrior candidates and quickly fell behind. His superiors, including his own parents, doubted his ability to become a warrior, which had a negative impact on Sieg. He then began spending time with Tom Ksaver, who was at the time the holder of the Bestial Titan. The more time he spent with Tom, the closer they grew and found common ground on many subjects, including Warriors and Titans.

The Origins Of Sieg Jäger's Evil Plan

When Sieg begins to fall behind in his training as a Warrior, he overhears his parents discussing his role in their plans as a Titan heir. He soon realizes that his parents are among the Eldian resistance fighters everyone is talking about, and learns that they are about to be captured. He confides this information to Tom, the warrior, who encourages Sieg to denounce his parents. According to Tom, the Mahrs will welcome this, as it will demonstrate Sieg’s greater loyalty to the homeland, guaranteeing him a place as a Warrior. More importantly, it would save Sieg’s life as well as that of his grandparents.

Sieg follows Tom’s advice, betrays his parents and is spared, as we already knew. But now we finally understand why he did it. However, how is it that Sieg inherited the Bestial Titan when he was considered the “scum” of the pack? It turns out that Tom had some unresolved issues of his own. He pretended to be from Mahr to protect his wife and child, but when his wife found out he was Eldian, she killed their child and then herself. All the while, Tom regarded Sieg as his own son, sharing with him his research and opinions on the Titans.

Tom reveals to Sieg that the Original Titan has the ability to alter the physiology of Ymir’s subjects, making them immune to certain viruses. The Original Titan could thus prevent Ymir’s subjects from procreating, leading to the extinction of the Eldian race. Because of the suffering endured by Sieg and most of the Eldians he knows, Sieg accepts Tom’s wish and decides to make it happen: “euthanize” all Eldians so that the Titans will eventually disappear, as there will be no one left to pass on the gene.

The Origins Of Sieg Jäger's Evil Plan

When it came time for Tom to pass on the Bestial Titan, Sieg was chosen because of his commitment to fulfilling Tom’s wish. The fact that he already possessed a throwing skill only added to his selection. Tom and Sieg spent most of their time playing ball, and Tom knew better than anyone that the Bestial Titan could put this skill to good use. What’s more, Sieg’s betrayal of his parents demonstrated his loyalty to Mahr, as expected, strengthening his position as a Warrior.

Although we now know Sieg’s full original story and the reasons behind his diabolical plan for Eldia, it still doesn’t justify the brutality of his plan. Nor does it excuse Eren’s agreement with him. The stakes have never been higher, and there’s only one episode left to conclude Attack of the Titans. Will Sieg’s plan be fully realized? Or will another path be blazed to save the Eldians and the world?


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