Attack of the Titans is a series that encompasses many aspects, but it can’t be described as soft-hearted anime. With themes such as revenge, despair and helplessness, it’s not surprising that many viewers are reluctant to become attached to the characters in this franchise, lest they suffer a tragic fate the very next episode.

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

In addition, Attack of the Titans features numerous scenes of violent and gruesome death that can seem spectacular if not downright horrifying. While many characters have lost their lives in the series, many have experienced particularly disturbing deaths. In this article, we take a look back at the most traumatic deaths in history.

Titans feasting on freshly graduated Training Brigade soldiers

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

When recalling our fondest memories of youth, the graduation ceremony is often a popular topic of discussion. Many high school anime also present this graduation as a radiant moment. However, anime such as Shingeki No Kyojin can give the impression that the graduation ceremony is meaningless.

After intense training, Eren, Armin and their fellow graduates from the investigation team confidently set off on their mission. Unfortunately, when one of their friends decides to check something out, he is suddenly attacked and devoured by a Titan. Later, the situation becomes increasingly intense, as Eren and two other graduates are defeated by the Titans, turning this scene into a frightening “graduation party” for these characters.


A recruit kills herself before a Titan can make a meal of her

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Even among the scary horror anime that haunts people’s nights, this young soldier’s quick death will remain etched in fans’ minds. In a world where gigantic humanoid creatures feast on human flesh, this soldier’s choice to end his own life seems like a realistic reaction some might have. Before making this tragic decision, the young girl beside him perceives a confident smile on his face, as if he intends to change her perception of their situation. However, when the soldier takes his own life with a shotgun, the girl’s frightened reaction to his death disturbingly highlights the fact that people conceal their true feelings when faced with danger.

Petra, a character much loved by fans who wanted to see a relationship with Livai, gets demolished by the Female Titan.

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Despite Attack of the Titans’ emphasis on war, conflict and gore, there were moments when fans could discuss topics such as Livai’s romantic relationships. Petra was a girl many wanted to see in a relationship with Livai, but the Titans made sure to make Petra’s death both heartbreaking and disturbing. Although Petra and her friends managed to gain the upper hand against the Female Titan, they underestimated its power, leading the Titan to chase down and kill Petra with a violent kick. Seeing Petra bloodied near a tree, her blood spurting everywhere, was a sight even Eren and Livai couldn’t comprehend.

Eren crushes the Titan Hammer and drinks its blood

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Sometimes, the most macabre confrontations between two individuals or monsters can come to a disturbing conclusion. Although this was a show designed to get fans excited for the final season, the method Eren used to defeat the Hammer Titan might have made some fans uncomfortable or sent chills down their spines. Before delivering the final blow, the anime highlights the Hammer Titan’s painful emotions, as he begs Eren not to kill him. Combining the Hammer Titan’s pleas to Eren with Gabi and other characters’ surprising reactions to the scene gave the Hammer Titan’s death more of an emotional dimension than anything else.

Armin eats Bertholt Hoover to obtain his Colossal Titan powers

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Although he was one of the anime’s antagonists at the start of the series, right up until his death, some of Bertholt’s best quotes helped fans understand his doubts about the tasks he had to perform. After discovering Bertholt’s story in the anime, fans realized how emotionally disturbing his death was.

Despite his horrific actions, Bertholt never intended to harm anyone and would only have acted in self-defense. Hearing Bertholt scream in terror and beg Reiner and Annie to save him before Armin delivered that powerful blow with his teeth made his death sad and unsettling.

Erwin Smith and his army’s charge against the Bestial Titan claims many victims.

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Many fans consider Erwin to be the best secondary character in Attack of the Titans because of his decision to sacrifice himself to save Armin and the others. A notable scene where Erwin’s character has been adored is during his charge against the Bestial Titan and his subordinates.

Despite Erwin’s motivational speech, the Titan Bestial made sure to bring Erwin back to reality by causing heavy casualties. Seeing his men and their horses fall one by one under the huge stones hurled by the Bestial Titan deeply affected Erwin. Combining these horrific images with the wounds inflicted on Erwin by the Bestial Titan’s solid projectiles highlights not only the scary side of the anime, but also the way he perceives hope as an empty concept.

Marco Bott’s death after discovering the truth about Reiner, Bertholtt and Annie

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Some of the most brutal betrayals in anime can leave series characters and fans of the medium bitter, shocked or filled with bitterness. Although the revelations about the Dreadnought Titan and the Colossal Titan were a decisive and painful moment in the anime for the characters of Bertholt and Reiner, Marco’s death reflected their troubling and cruel nature.

Like Eren and the others, Marco didn’t know how to react after discovering the true identities of Reiner and Bertholt’s Titans. Even though he knew they were malevolent, Marco had put his trust in them to save him from being devoured by a Titan. Reiner, Bertholt and Annie’s reaction to seeing Marco being devoured accentuated the repulsive aspect of the scene.

Furlan, Isabel and other members of the Exploration Battalion killed by an abnormal Titan

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Although Levi is a powerful, tough and deadly individual when leading his allies or fighting the Titans, certain losses have affected him deeply, making him the character adored by many fans today. Furlan and Isabel weren’t just comrades to Levi, they were like family to him, and seeing these people he regarded with this familial attachment die because of a Titan broke him completely.

The scenes in which Levi sees the sadistic Titan expel Furlan’s decapitated body, Isabel’s severed head on the ground, and the corpses of their allies littering the field make this scene disturbing and striking. Even if Levi inflicts a crushing defeat on the Titan, the knowledge that he’ll never see them smile again adds an extra sadness to the situation.

Ilse Langnar is eaten alive by a talking Titan who tried to resist his carnivorous urges.

The Most Gruesome Deaths In Attack On Titan

Titans are savage creatures who, although they lack intelligence and compassion for the humans they devour, elicit terror in fans when these basic characteristics of Titans are taken and amplified. Ilse’s death was not only one of the most shocking in the series, but seeing the Titan responsible for her death sink into emotional depression made the situation even more unsettling.

Although Titans don’t hesitate to feed on human beings in the main series, this talking Titan who approached Ilse struggled against his Titan impulses. Witnessing the Talking Titan clawing at his face and violently fighting with himself in front of Ilse added an unease not seen in the series at this stage.

Mike Zacharias learns the truth about the Bestial Titan but dies because of an abnormal Titan.

When a character is designed to be one of the strongest in a squadron, many fans expect him to remain present in most media. Despite his reputation, Mike’s position becomes obsolete after his encounter with the Bestial Titan, so his death lives up to his fame. The Bestial Titan’s reckless attitude as he orders four random Titans to torture and dismember Mike’s body is a scene worthy of a horror movie. Hearing Mike scream and beg for his life as the Titans bite and tear at his ligaments is a painful scene that will live long in the memory of many Attack of the Titans fans. What death in Attack of the Titans has impressed you the most? Share it with us in the comments!


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