Despite their resemblance, the Colossal Titan and the Wall Titans have fundamental differences, constituting distinct threats in the Attack of the Titans universe.

As the story of Attack of the Titans evolves, new elements enrich the mythology of the Titans. In addition to the revelation that the Titans are in fact ancient Eldians, it is also revealed that abnormal Titans reside within the protective walls of Paradise, sharing a striking similarity with the Colossal Titan. Despite this resemblance, however, essential differences exist between the Colossal Titan and the Wall Titans.

What is the Colossal Titan?

The Difference Between Colossal Titans And Wall Titans

In the first episode of Attack of the Titans, the Colossal Titan is introduced as a Primordial Titan that surpasses the Maria Wall in size. With a simple kick, he shatters it, allowing the Pure Titans to overwhelm Shiganshina. Although the Pure Titans are imposing, they are nowhere near the size of the Colossal Titan, which stands 60 meters tall. What’s more, unlike the Colossal Titan, which exposes its muscles, these Titans have exposed skin.

The Colossal Titan is also distinguished from the Pure Titans by its intelligence. Although some abnormal Titans have shown signs of intelligence and unusual behavior, none of them rivals the Colossal Titan, mainly controlled by Bertolt. Like the other Primordials, Bertolt can transform into a Titan at will when injured, retaining his intelligence in this monstrous form.

All Titans also produce excessive heat, and every time an Eldian transforms into a Titan, there’s a huge release of energy. However, the Colossal Titan’s transformation is more versatile, as the wearer has the ability to control the amount of energy released. For example, when attacking walls, Bertolt’s transformation causes far less damage than during the Battle of Shiganshina District in season 3, where he uses this ability like an atomic bomb, destroying countless buildings and killing almost everyone in the blast radius.

The Difference Between Colossal Titans And Wall Titans

The Colossal Titan’s ability to control the amount of steam emitted enables it to generate more heat than other Titans. This feature enables him to repel his enemies. The steam emitted is so hot that it can cause the death of a human, as happens with Armin in episode 17 of season 3 entitled “Hero”.

Although the Colossal Titan is one of the deadliest Titans, it also has a few drawbacks. Firstly, he’s subject to Ymir’s curse, which means that a Primordial Titan will die 13 years after inheriting his Titan, unlike pure Titans who seem to live forever unless they become a shapeshifter or have their neck sliced off. What’s more, the Colossal Titan sacrifices speed for size and strength.


What are the Wall Titans?

The Difference Between Colossal Titans And Wall Titans

In episode 1 of season 2 entitled “The Bestial Titan”, the Exploration Battalion makes a disturbing discovery: a Titan resides within the walls. This Titan presents a similar appearance to the Colossal Titan, with exposed muscles rather than skin, but is smaller in size and fails to reach the top of the wall.

This Wall Titan remains a mystery until episode 20 of season 3, “That Day”, when the audience learns that King Fritz used millions of abnormal Titans to build the walls. Further details of King Fritz’s plan are revealed in episode 5 of season 4, “Declaration of War”. Although he did indeed use millions of “Colossal” Titans to erect the walls, he never intended to set them free.

Although these Titans are considered abnormal Titans, they have yet to show any signs of intelligence or movement. Most Titans, with the exception of those controlled by the Original Titan and the Original Titan himself, require sunlight to move, which is not the case with the Wall Titans. It is possible that they are in a state of sleep, placed in the walls by the Original Titan and awaiting his orders. This lack of free will is an essential difference between the Wall Titans and the Colossal Titan, who can think for himself and act as he pleases.

The Colossal Titan can also transform freely between its human and Titan forms, while it’s assumed that Wall Titans are unable to do so. Without having observed the transformation of these Wall Titans, we don’t know if they generate as much energy as the Colossal Titan, but it’s likely that they don’t, otherwise the Paradise ecosystem would have been devastated when King Fritz created millions of them.

Although this is a major difference, it seems that Wall Titans can also harden their bodies, as can several other Primordials. For example, the Hammer Titan can use its hardening ability to create physical objects. Similarly, millions of Wall Titans have used a similar ability to build walls. However, it’s unlikely that they could have done so without the Original Titan having given them this ability, as no other abnormal Titan has demonstrated such an ability.

Moreover, given that these Titans can break free from walls, we can assume that they possess a strength similar to that of the Colossal Titan. They are also likely to be as slow as the Titan Colossal. The Colossal Titan and the oversized Pure Titans seem to be slowed down by their immense size, but this doesn’t make them any less dangerous, especially when there are millions of abnormal Titans waiting for the Great Earthwork to begin.


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