Ymir captivated viewers of Attack of the Titans, and a number of them began producing beautiful fan art featuring the character.

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Named after the first human being to acquire the power of the Titans, Ymir from Attack of the Titans is undoubtedly one of the series’ most mysterious characters. A former member of the Exploration Battalion, she possesses the ability to transform into a Jaw Titan. Throughout the story, her seductive appearance and admirable features have won her a considerable number of fans.

As one of SNK’s most important women, Ymir has been a great inspiration for creative and imaginative fan art. It’s hard to narrow them down to ten choices, but here are a few works of art that fans are sure to enjoy.


10 “Badass” by Trixdraws

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Let’s take a look at this invigorating representation of Ymir by Trixdraws. Thanks to her truly impressive character, Ymir has become a favorite of many Shingeki No Kyojin fans.

In addition to presenting Ymir at his best, Trixdraws has added light touches of realism to this work of art, including delicate freckles and meticulously detailed strands of hair. Overall, it’s a faithful representation of the rebellious Ymir.

9.  “Chains” by Acaciathorn

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Here’s a ship that certainly doesn’t need assistance to set sail. Acaciathorn has brought to life the charming relationship between Ymir and Krista (aka Historia Reiss). Depicting Ymir as Krista’s domineering older sister, Acaciathorn couldn’t be more explicit with this artwork.

It depicts Ymir with a more mischievous character, which isn’t quite in keeping with the anime, but fan art can benefit from creative freedom. The chains perfectly illustrate Ymir’s control and influence over cute little Krista. It really is a fantastic piece.

8.  YumiKuri by Ikimaru Art

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Some appreciate the brotherly bond between Ymir and Krista, while others prefer the “more than friendly” version of their relationship. Ikimaru Art leaves this decision up to the viewer with this charming little work of art called Yumikuri, the official name of this ship.

These two characters are simply adorable and have their own dedicated audience. While the exact nature of their bond is open to interpretation, one thing is certain: Ymir would be willing to sacrifice her life to protect Krista. It’s a magnificent bond that transcends all obstacles.

7.  “Despair” By Lzfrusnckop

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

This artwork by Lzfrusnckop takes a slightly dark turn. With the horrors Ymir has faced, it’s certainly an accurate representation of a more repressed side she tends to conceal. Ymir described her time as a Titan as an endless nightmare.

Ymir has truly proven herself to be one of the most altruistic characters in the series. Giving up all her hopes and dreams to be with the person she loves and help those in need is no easy task. Ymir is undeniably a hero.

6.  “Féroce” by Artkreed

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Admire another stunning depiction of Ymir by an extremely talented artist, Artkreed. The details of this work of art are truly a sight to behold. From Ymir’s low ponytail to his characteristic fierce expression, Artkreed has crafted this piece to perfection.

Furthermore, the fusing technique is simply remarkable. When compared with the source material, it becomes clear that the artist has managed to capture the very essence of Ymir’s character.

5.  “Lost” by Nopeys

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Nopeys is the incredible artist behind this masterpiece featuring the beloved Attack on Titan character in all his glory. The amount of detail brought to Ymir’s eyes in this piece is particularly stunning, impeccably highlighting everything she’s ever witnessed and all the pain she’s endured at the hands of those around her.

For someone who was forced to become a Pure Titan in captivity, then abandoned to wander outside the great Maria Wall for over 60 years, these expressions are incredibly apt. Those heavy eyes truly transport you through all her troubled memories of the past.

4.  Ruykruski’s realism

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

At first glance, you might think that this incredible work of art by Ruykruski represents Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but you’d be wrong. In reality, it’s Ymir, the intrepid soldier from Attack of the Titans.

The character’s facial features and clothing help identify his identity. Apparently, Ruykruski was inspired by Sara Cummings’ appearance to create this masterpiece. The similarities are quite remarkable.

3.  “Kawaii” by Animefanno1

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Animefanno1 melts hearts with this charming depiction of the fierce yet stern soldier so beloved and admired by many fans. With his cute little low ponytail and adorable freckles, Ymir’s character has always had an impeccable design.

This portrait goes even further, presenting Ymir as a much more approachable human being. It certainly takes us back to the original Ymir, also known as the famous “Miss Freckles” from season 1.

2.  The two sides of Ymir by Rougex31

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

Ah, the two sides of Ymir. Rougex31 has brilliantly brought this concept to life with his incredible depiction of Ymir as a human being and Ymir as a Jaw Titan.

By creating the illusion that one is a reflection of the other, Rougex31 has perfectly portrayed both aspects of the same person. Ymir certainly doesn’t need his Titan form to show his ferocity. Both incarnations of Ymir are a force to be reckoned with.

1.  “Attack of the Titans – Women” by Emametlo

The Best Fan Art On Ymir!

This breathtaking creation by Emametlo is the perfect conclusion. The artist has admirably portrayed the admirable women of Attack of the Titans in an entirely new light. With her freckles and worried expression, Ymir stands out among the anime’s other popular characters.

Perfectly realistically realized, this work of art shows remarkable effort. Ymir appears sterner than ever, perfectly matching his character in the anime.


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