Armin faced many hardships, but he overcame them all and always had something important to express. He was one of the most important characters in Attack of the Titans. Although not incredibly strong physically, he possesses great intelligence and has solved many mysteries for the Exploration Battalion. When he first appeared, he lacked self-confidence and believed he was slowing others down. What’s more, he harbored a desire to discover the whole world.

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

Over the years, he has evolved as a leader and come to grasp the true reality of his world. Throughout the manga, he faced many challenges, but he overcame them all and never ran out of important words to say.

“Just because the wall hasn’t been crossed in 100 years doesn’t mean there’s no guarantee they won’t cross it today, for example.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

At the start of the series, Armin and Eren had ambitions to travel the world while humanity had lived in peace for 100 years by avoiding the titans. While Eren aspired to explore the world to defeat the titans and gain freedom, Armin’s desire was to verify whether the places he’d read about in a book were real.

When the two young men discussed the dissatisfaction of the people around them with their aspirations, Armin uttered these words. And immediately afterwards, he made a prediction about the future. The Titan Colossal appeared and destroyed Shiganshina.


“I swear I’ll convince them! You two, do your best to show them you have no intention of resisting!”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

When the military discovered that Eren had the ability to transform into a titan, they were terrified of him and wanted to kill him. Armin and Mikasa couldn’t let that happen and looked for solutions. Eren and Mikasa expressed to Armin how much they trusted his plans and how much more useful he was than he had ever imagined.

Knowing that his friends considered him their equal, Armin assured them that he would find a way to convince the military that Eren posed no threat. Although he almost failed, Commander Pixis eventually saved all three of them.

“Titans aren’t the only things outside the walls. Scorching water, land made of ice, snowy plains of sand. I joined the Exploration Battalion so I could see it all.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

After visiting Keith and discovering his relationship with Grisha, Armin, Mikasa and Eren were ready to return home and reclaim lost territory. Before embarking on their mission, they had a chat about what their lives were like before joining the army, and wondered if they’d ever find that time again.

That’s when Armin spoke those words, reminding his friends why he’d originally wanted to join the Exploration Battalion. Little did they suspect that Levi was listening intently to every word he spoke.

“You just told me not to say a word! So I’m going to show you by my actions.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

After Falco’s transformation into a Jaw Titan, Connie wanted to feed him to his mother to bring her back to her human state. Knowing she had to be stopped, Armin and Gabi followed them to Ragako. When they finally caught up, Connie asked Armin to remain silent as he prepared to kill Falco.

In an effort to save the Jaw Titan, Armin nearly sacrificed himself. However, Connie saved him and truly understood what it meant to be a soldier. Finally, he agreed to give up his mother to become the man she would have wanted him to be.

“The woman I killed must have been a nice person. She was much more human than I am. But I was able to pull the trigger right away.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

When the Exploration Battalion set out to take control of Paradise, they made many enemies within the army. Among them was a woman reluctant to kill Jean. Armin acted to save her by shooting her.

When Levi’s squad discussed this event, they finally understood that their captain was right in everything he did. Previously, they had regarded him as cruel and despised him. By understanding the intentions behind his actions, Armin, Jean and the rest of the squad became better soldiers.

“You weren’t supposed to sacrifice yourself for me.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

At the end of their training, Armin and the rest of the 104th Training Brigade were confronted by titans in the Trost district, long before choosing which branch of the army to join. Armin was almost devoured by a titan, but Eren saved him by being devoured instead.

Although this allowed Eren to take titan form, unbeknownst to them at the time, things wouldn’t have gone so well for the protagonist if his father hadn’t passed on the power of Attack and the Founding Titans. Months later, Eren and Armin recalled this moment in conversation, and it was then that Armin uttered these words.

“If you don’t go along with this plan, it would make you a bad person in my eyes.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

Armin is undeniably the most intelligent character in the entire series. Without him, the Exploration Battalion wouldn’t have discovered the identities of the Female Titan, the Colossal Titan and the Dreadnought Titan. After realizing Annie was the Feminine Titan, he helped find a way to trap her.

He went to the Sina Wall and managed to persuade his former comrade, along with Mikasa and Eren, to help him infiltrate the Special Brigade. When she asked him if he was a good person, this was his answer: nobody can be loved by everybody. There is no real right or wrong. It’s how people perceive themselves that determines how they feel about each other.

“Why did you choose me?”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

During the fight against Bertolt, Reiner and Sieg, Armin came very close to death. He sacrificed himself to defeat Bertolt. At the same time, Sieg almost killed Erwin. With the Exploration Battalion able to save only one, the remaining soldiers argued over who should be turned into a titan.

Livai’s choice was to save Armin, remembering the conversation he’d had with Eren and Mikasa before embarking on this mission. When Armin learns of this, he is shocked to have been chosen and feels guilty for being the cause of the commander’s death.

“Talk to us! We’ll always be together! Please don’t go any further away from us than you already have!”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

When Eren led the Exploration Battalion and the Warrior Unit to an unknown land, his friends tried to persuade him to stop the Great Earthwork and dialogue with them.

Despite their pleas for him not to destroy the world, he replied that he would keep going and not stop them from opposing him. The only way to stop him would be to kill him.

“If Erwin were here, I’m sure he wouldn’t have thrown himself at you like that.” Well, there’s your answer. I wasn’t the one they should have brought back to life.”

The Best Armin Arlert Quotes!

Armin’s guilt over Erwin’s death never left him. As he prepared to arrest Connie at Ragako, Mikasa asked him what she should do and worried about Eren. He reacted violently towards her and almost sank into depression. But he stopped himself and said these words.

Although he didn’t realize how valuable he was, those around him did. Eventually, he became the Exploration Corps commander and proved he was just as worthy of leading his comrades as Erwin.


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