The winner of a fight is often determined by speed, but there are some extremely powerful Titans who can win without the need for speed. The Primordial Titans in the Attack of the Titans universe are descendants of the Original Titan, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Dreadnought Titan is extremely resilient, but the Colossal and Bestial Titans can easily defeat him due to their power. Although speed is not an advantage directly associated with any of the nine Titans, it plays an important role in their style of movement and in the generation of their impulse. Each shapeshifter presents a slightly different version of its respective Titan.


9. Lara’s Warhammer Titan doesn’t really need speed

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Hammer Titan doesn’t need speed, as it possesses the ability to generate various objects from its own body, such as its signature weapon, the war hammer, as well as weapons like sabers, pikes, sickles and more. This ability is considered the Titan’s most powerful. What’s more, Lara Tybur used it from an underground location to protect herself from damage during combat. However, this feature also implies that the Hammer Titan is less mobile than its counterparts.

8. Bertolt’s Colossal Titan moves at glacial speed

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Colossal Titan is the largest of the nine Titans for the majority of the series, thanks to his imposing size and physical dimensions. Bertolt’s transformations are so explosive that they cause massive explosions. What’s more, the Titan Colossal possesses exceptional physical abilities as well as a superheated defense system.

However, due to his size and mass, he moves very slowly, even with elongated steps. Fortunately for Bertolt, his immense size makes him difficult to topple without a well-conceived plan.

7. Reiner’s Titan Dreadnought is faster with less armor and vice versa.

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Dreadnought Titan gets its name from the almost indestructible layers of hardened material that cover its body, making it the toughest Titan in history. Gun-type weapons can’t pierce his skin, and even swords and blades are ineffective against him. Reiner’s strength is considerably increased as a Dreadnought Titan, but this is at the expense of his mobility. The Titan’s running speed is directly related to the extent of the armor covering his body.

6. Sieg’s Bestial Titan doesn’t move very fast, but throws rocks very quickly.

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Bestial Titan has taken on various animal forms over the centuries, ranging from reptiles to mammals and beyond. The most prominent version is that of Sieg Jaeger, who transforms into a monstrous primate capable of launching devastating projectiles from rocks.

However, the Bestial Titan’s body movements aren’t nearly as impressive as its throwing ability. Fortunately, Sieg’s ability to create Titans is more relevant to his character than his physical skills.

5. Eren’s Titan Assassin is relatively fast, but speed is not one of its main characteristics.

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Titan Assassin has a unique ability in that he can perceive the memories of future Primordials, enabling him to observe and control events at different times. Although he has no clear offensive capabilities, he is relatively fast (and surprisingly powerful) when carried by Eren, as evidenced by his various combat victories.

The reason why this entity is known as the Titan Assailant is unclear. It seems that the Exploration Battalion regime has helped Eren make the most of his new powers.

4. Annie’s Female Titan can run fast and without stopping

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

Annie Leonhart is able to transform into a Female Titan, the only one of the nine Titans to have a visually feminine appearance. The Feminine Titan possesses virtually unlimited stamina, as evidenced by the pursuit of Eren and Livai’s special operations team without ever running out of breath.

The Female Titan’s speed isn’t limited to movement alone, as her attacks are also fast and powerful. However, the Female Titan’s stamina decreases considerably after long periods of running.

3. The exceptional mobility of Peak’s Titan Charrette is not affected by the large structures it carries on its back.

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Titan Charrette takes its name from its ability to transport and its incredible strength. Peak can remain in her Titan form for long periods, which explains why she sometimes has trouble walking like a human once she’s returned to her human form. Although she has a long recovery time, the Titan Charrette is able to move at exceptional speed. During the Mahrs’ invasion of Paradise, an artillery system was mounted on Peak’s back, demonstrating that the Titan Charrette can retain its physical balance even at high speed.

2. Falco’s Titan Jaw can fly through the air

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Jaw Titan has incredibly powerful jaws that give it its main ability. However, this Titan is also known for its exceptional speed, surpassing other Titans by far. This is particularly evident in the case of the Falco Jaw Titan, which can fly thanks to its bird-like shape. Yet this great speed comes at a cost: the Jaw Titan’s physical constitution is less resistant than that of other Titans, making it more vulnerable to attack. This is why the Attack Titan can easily tear off its limbs.

1. The capabilities of Eren’s Original Titan are theoretically unlimited.

The 9 Primordial Titans, Sorted By Speed

The Original Titan is the titan at the origin of all other titans, since all Eldians are linked by blood to the first primordial titan, Ymir Fritz. This titan possesses a variety of super-powered characteristics, such as the ability to massively alter memory, titan puppeteering and telepathic communication with his “descendants”.

The Original Titan appears to have no restrictions on size or structure, being able to modify itself as easily as it can control all those linked to it. In theory, the Original Titan could move faster than any other Titan.


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