Now that the nine Primordial Titans of Attack of the Titans have been revealed in the anime, let’s proceed to rank them according to their power, based on what we’ve learned so far.

Following the revelation of the Hammer Titan in episode 6 of Attack of the Titans season 4, anime viewers now know the identities of the nine Primordial Titans. Better still, we’ve seen them all in action, demonstrating their different powers and abilities. Some are endowed with pure physical power, while others have a more creative aspect that gives them an edge.

After getting an overview of the abilities of each of these unique Primordial Titans, let’s rank them in ascending order of power and examine which ones could cause the most damage in the rest of the final season.


9.  Le Titan Charrette

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Titan Charrette makes up for its lack of physical power with agility, speed and utility. Its quadrupedal form enables it to move quickly and efficiently, also giving it great endurance. It can carry weapons and provisions on its back, making it an offensive tactic used by the military.

Give the Titan Charrette an imposing weapon, as in Season 4 Episode 1 “Across the Sea”, and you get something as intimidating as the Titan Dreadnought, but with slightly greater versatility. Even if it lacks considerable physical power, its other abilities more than make up for this deficit.

8.  The Female Titan

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Female Titan is undoubtedly one of the most versatile Primordial Titans, relying more on endurance than physical power. However, she is distinguished by incredible muscle definition, making her very agile and perfect for long-distance runs or sprints.

Its greatest asset lies in its hardening capacity, similar to that of the Titan Dreadnought. This hardening covers a large part of its body and, more importantly, can be used to protect its holder in the event of separation from the Titan. While not the most powerful Titan, it certainly has its uses and is a point of pride for Marley’s military.

7.  The Titan Jaw 

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Jaw Titan, the fastest of the nine Primordial Titans, combines power and speed. His jaw is certainly his most powerful feature, but it’s his speed that makes him deadly. Although Porco Galliard’s incarnation of the Jaw Titan differs from Ymir’s, it loses none of its speed. When combined with his powerful teeth and claws, the Jaw Titan becomes a formidable, often frightening foe.

This combination means the Jaw Titan can bite you and be gone before you know it. While not the most physically powerful, the Jaw Titan can turn the tide of a fight in an instant with its powerful jaw.

6.  The Bestial Titan

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Titan Bestial possesses impressive muscle mass and irresistible throwing power, but this comes at the expense of its size and bulk. We’ve already seen the Titan Bestial annihilate his enemies by throwing objects, as in season 4, episode 1, “Across the Sea”, when he devastated the Allied fleet in the Middle East by throwing pieces of destroyed wall.

The Bestial Titan’s arms are undeniably overpowered, but overall, this Primordial possesses only one dangerous physical ability, in addition to its ability to transform Eldians into Pure Titans thanks to its cerebrospinal fluid. Its weight limits any other physical power, making its movements slower and heavier. This explains why a fighter like Levi Ackerman can sneak up on him and almost bring him to his knees.

5.  The Titan Dreadnought

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Dreadnought Titan is a powerful machine, but unfortunately hampered by its armor – which does more harm than good. However, it remains an overall powerful Titan, and when combined with heavy layers of armor, the Dreadnought Titan becomes a formidable threat. We’ve already had the opportunity to see the Dreadnought Titan use his iconic ability to his advantage, hurtling with devastating power through the inner walls of Paradise Island. His armor protects him while his muscles do the work.

Unfortunately, the Dreadnought Titan is clumsy and a little slow, just like the Bestial Titan, and we’ve seen it defeated several times by Eren and the soldiers. Although it’s still pretty tough, it’s an obstacle that can be strategically overcome.

4.  The Titan Assailant

The Titan Assassin is the one who has been most prominently featured in the anime, and his raw power is undeniable. Although he has no natural physical abilities like most other Titans, it’s his motivation that makes him incredibly powerful. His anger and rebellion drive him forward, which explains why he fights relentlessly to the point of exhaustion.

The Titan Assassin fights primarily for freedom, and so far in Attack of the Titans, the Eldian people have known very few of them. This makes him a boundary-pushing fighter with well-balanced physical abilities and great adaptability. It’s not for nothing that the Titan Assailant has survived almost every battle, even against enemies far more powerful than himself.

3.  The Titan Hammer 

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

Recently introduced to anime viewers, the Hammer Titan already appears incredibly powerful. The full extent of his abilities was on display during his confrontation with the Titan Assailant. The Hammer Titan has a hardening ability similar to that of the Dreadnought Titan or the Feminine Titan, but it can be used without limit.

Any imaginable object, weapon or structure can be created instantly from his solid white armor. In episode 6 of season 4, for example, the Titan creates a bow, a crossbow, a whip, and many other objects besides. As long as its owner has a creative imagination, the Hammer Titan is capable of designing objects to fight any other Titan. Its only real weakness lies in the fact that its holder is separated from the Titan, making it extremely vulnerable and exposed to attack, as Eren demonstrated when he discovered its hiding place in one episode.

2.  The Colossal Titan

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

The Colossal Titan, the most fearsome of the nine Primordial Titans, lives up to his name: he’s truly colossal. His size alone makes him overpowered, almost excessively so. How do you defeat a creature capable of crushing entire neighborhoods in a matter of steps? His ability to generate steam from his body is also a formidable defensive tactic, as we saw in season 3, episode 16, “Perfect Game”, when the regiment of soldiers takes on both the Colossal Titan and the Bestial Titan.

Despite its difficult-to-counter power, its size makes it relatively slow, giving soldiers enough time to adjust their attack strategy.

1.  The Titan Original

The 9 Primordial Titans Ranked By Power!

From what we know of the Original Titan in the anime so far, it’s difficult to assess the full extent of his powers. This Titan’s physical power is evident when Rod Reiss unleashes him in season 3 with the aim of breaking through walls. Although he’s mostly depicted flat on his back, we can say that he’s almost twice the size of the Titan Colossal.

As for its true power, it lies in its abilities, which remain mysterious. We know that the Original Titan is capable of creating or summoning other Titans, like the Colossal Titans who built the three walls of Paradise Island, but how far can it extend its control? There’s still much to discover about the Original Titan and his true abilities in Attack of the Titans, but we do know that if he’s able to control and create tens of millions of wall-sized versions of himself, then he’s the most fearsome Titan of all.


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