The text talks about the 10 meanest characters in the Attack of the Titans universe, listed in order of importance. It’s also mentioned that the universe of this series is cruel and ruthless, which may explain why some characters are also cold and cruel. In addition, the popularity of this series is due in part to its dark atmosphere and the story of Eren Jaeger, who seeks to avenge humanity against the Titans who threaten them.

The Attack of the Titans universe is described as cold and unforgiving, where humanity is forced to live behind walls to protect themselves from the Titans. However, this security is broken in the very first episode, leading protagonist Eren Jaeger to seek revenge by eliminating all the Titans. Despite this, many characters evolve and change over the course of the series, while others sink into darkness and become increasingly villainous.


10. Mikasa can become violent and volatile when matters involve Eren.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Mikasa Ackerman is usually a calm, collected person, but she becomes very different when Eren is involved. Whenever Eren is on trial, Mikasa must be restrained by Armin to prevent him from attacking Livai because of his treatment of Eren, even though this could have disastrous consequences.

Later, Mikasa doesn’t hesitate to attack Livai after he lays a hand on Eren. Although Mikasa started out as a good girl, the events of the ruthless Attack of the Titans universe have transformed her. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect the little family she has left.

9 Jean is first and foremost a self-centered coward looking for a fight.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Over the course of Attack of the Titans, Jean Kirstein evolves into a capable, empathetic leader who makes tough decisions while keeping her comrades safe. Yet at the start of the series, Jean is self-centered and joined the military police to avoid the Titans. He often quarrels with Eren over differing points of view, and Mikasa prefers a love preference.

8 Erwin is willing to sacrifice others for his own dream.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Erwin Smith, a complex character in Attack of the Titans, is a leader who cares deeply for his men. He’s even willing to fight with them on the front line and sacrifice his dreams for their safety. However, some of his past actions have been criticized.

Zackly has accused Erwin of not caring about what’s best for humanity, while Pixis has said he cares more about himself than humanity. Much of Attack of the Titans justifies this criticism. In a situation where Erwin’s life is in danger, he considers leaving his teammates to pursue his own dreams.

7 Livai shows only snatches of kindness to those he respects.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Livai Ackerman is a cold, distant character in Attack of the Titans, but he has moments of gentleness, as when he reassured one of his dying companions. However, these moments are rare, as he is often rude to those he doesn’t respect.

Toward his enemies of humanity, Livai can be incredibly cruel, inflicting pain and suffering with pleasure. Though dependable and protective of his colleagues in the Investigative Corps, Livai can appear aloof even to them.

6 Reiner makes the decision to leave Marco for dead

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Reiner Braun is a tragic character in Attack of the Titans, trapped by the circumstances that led him to become a warrior. He was driven to this path to reunite his father with his mother, but that doesn’t justify the actions he has committed.

One of Reiner’s worst moments as a warrior is when he abandons Marco to certain death. He orders Annie and Bertolt to strip him of his three-dimensional equipment and leave him as prey for the Titans. This decision was cruel and unjustifiable, as Marco was no threat to their mission and unlikely to reveal their secrets.

5 Gabi imposes his views on others and threatens those who disagree.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

4 Kitz is a character in Attack of the Titans who has made some very controversial decisions. He tried to kill Eren, a main character, and threatened to execute soldiers who deserted their posts. These actions have been frowned upon by many fans of the series, as they consider that Kitz did not consider the consequences of his actions and acted too impulsively.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

KItz Woermann doesn’t play much of a role in the plot of Attack of the Titans, but he does make a name for himself as an extremely cruel and unpleasant character. While it’s understandable that he’s frightened of Eren after his first transformation into a Titan, his actions are irrational.

Kitz threatens to kill not only Eren, but also Mikasa and Armin, who are valuable assets to humanity. In addition, he also threatens to execute the soldiers who begin to desert before the battle of the Trost district, but is eventually stopped by Pixis.

3 Floch destroys entire city blocks without remorse

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Floch is a character who follows more than he leads, and his convictions change according to the group he’s associated with at the time. Although initially part of the scout regiment, he becomes a supporter of Eren and his cause to save humanity. After joining them, Floch is ready to use violence against everyone, enemies and allies alike. In Libero, he doesn’t hesitate to set entire neighborhoods on fire, with no regard for the consequences for the civilians who live there.

2 Eren is willing to resort to unethical means to achieve his goals.

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Eren Jaeger is a character who is often focused on his own goals, even if this may result in the neglect or mistreatment of those around him. His attitude towards Mikasa is an example of this tendency. This is reflected in his actions throughout the series, culminating in his actions leading to the elimination of a quarter of the human population by the end of the story. Although Eren has had a few moments of weakness, for the most part, his actions are presented as justified.

1 Fritz is consumed by his lust for power and control

The 10 Meanest Attack On Titan Characters

Fritz is a character who cares only about his own power and control over others, with no concern for his subjects. He shows no interest in them beyond the power they can bring him, as when Ymir obtained power from the Titans.

Ymir is totally subject to Fritz’s desires, whether it’s to bear his children or protect him from imminent death, and he only orders her to continue fulfilling her role as a slave. Throughout his reign, Fritz is responsible for many losses, but feels no remorse for his actions.


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