Bertolt caused quite a stir when it was revealed that he was the Colossal Titan, but in reality there were a few clues scattered throughout the story.

At the heart of Attack of the Titans are the Titans themselves. These monstrous creatures are constantly trying to destroy every city erected by humans, devouring them without mercy. This can sometimes be extremely horrifying. That’s why the Exploration Battalion exists, along with Eren Jäger, who has the ability to transform into a Titan Assailant and helps them protect humanity.

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

The most fearsome Titan of all was Bertolt Hoover, also known as Titan Colossal. While others were capable of metamorphosis, the revelation that it was really him stunned viewers. However, there were clues scattered throughout the story that made it possible to guess Bertolt’s true identity.


10.  He stayed in the shadows

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

As a powerful antagonist, Bertolt has remained in the background of the story. Very few, if any, were aware of his true identity as the Colossal Titan. He probably made a good decision in keeping this secret and waiting for the right moment to reveal it.

Although he has grown in importance over the course of the series, Bertolt has managed to hide in plain sight for a long time. That alone should have tipped us off to his true intentions.

9.  He was silent and stayed in his corner

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

Whenever witnesses or neighbors in movies or TV series talk about an amazing person acting strangely, they often mention that they were always quiet and reserved. It’s a common cliché, but it proves effective.

The expression “quiet and discreet” certainly applies to Bertolt. Most of the time, he didn’t draw attention to himself, because he was trying to conceal a huge secret. In fact, one might even say his secret was colossal.

8.  He was prone to fits of rage

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

The second part of the “calm and reserved” stereotype is often accompanied by an extreme level of anger. Any character with these characteristics also seems to have a nasty side that emerges surprisingly.

This was certainly the case with Bertolt, who would lash out in particularly difficult situations. Often, he’d take it out on his few friends, which would send him into a rage. Other times, the reason seemed more arbitrary, without him needing to turn into a Colossal Titan.

7.  He was detached and indifferent to humanity

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

Another subtle clue to Bertolt’s true nature was in plain sight. Although he seemed to genuinely care about a few people, he generally didn’t seem to care about most others.

This may seem counterintuitive given his chosen profession, but Bertolt had his own motivations for acting this way. That didn’t stop him from adopting a cold demeanor when it came to the fate of humans in this world.

6.  He stopped caring about his friends

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

Although Bertolt was initially calm, indifferent and detached, this didn’t mean he didn’t have connections with certain people. He cared deeply for anyone who had a genuine connection with him, and this was especially true of his friends.

As the series progressed, Bertolt’s coldness extended even to his closest friends. He gradually distanced himself from his relationships, eventually treating them in the same way as everyone else.

5.  He had a strange, weird body, no matter how big he was.

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

There’s a surprising diversity in the appearance of each Titan. Their size, morphology, face and even hair vary considerably. What unites them is that they are all immense monsters with a thirst for devouring human beings.

In the case of the Colossal Titan, the differences were even more striking. He was naturally one of the biggest Titans of all, but his body was also strange. Some of these traits were also present in Bertholdt, such as his abnormally long arms, which seemed to mimic those of the Titan Colossal.

4.  He behaved like a villain, whatever his form.

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

It was extremely easy to think of the Colossal Titan as an antagonist. It was a gigantic creature bent on destroying humanity’s protective walls so that it could devour them relentlessly.

However, even in his human form, Bertolt was a malevolent character. At times, you could sense that he was plotting something more sinister, that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In reality, he was a Titan disguised as a man.

3.  He was remorseless in his actions

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

Bertolt wasn’t someone who followed a righteous and virtuous path. That said, acting honestly would have made his nature even more suspect. Even when he was committing horrific and destructive acts, it didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

He rarely, if ever, showed remorse for his actions, whether good or bad. As time went on, Bertolt’s cold, detached attitude towards the world only intensified, getting worse.

2.  He threatened to kill all humans

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

As the story progressed in Attack of the Titans, Bertolt underwent a negative evolution. He became louder, insensitive and aloof, making him seem like a true villain. And as fans eventually discovered, this was absolutely true.

This became even more obvious when he started making death threats to all humans. This is usually a sign that a character is not only bad, but could be the show’s main antagonist. And that was certainly the case with Bertolt.

1.  He was constantly sweating

Signs That Bertolt Was The Titan Colossal All Along!

At first glance, someone like Bertolt sweating profusely might seem rather harmless. It’s a strange detail, but one that often goes unnoticed. In reality, it’s an important clue to his true nature.

The Titan Colossal was constantly emitting steam in a manner eerily similar to Bertolt’s perspiration. It may not have been the most obvious clue, but it was one of the few visual signs that allowed fans to discover the truth about the character before his reveal.


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