Saburo (三さぶ郎ろう Saburō?) is an inhabitant of the village next to Tanjiro’s.


Saburo has curly hair, an oblong forehead and bright brown eyes without distinct pupils.


Saburo is distinguished by his acute discernment. He shows sincerity to young Tanjiro by generously offering him his own home to spend the night, aware of the danger posed by man-eating demons at night.

Saburo | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Abilities and powers

As an ordinary human, Saburo has no extraordinary powers or abilities.


Saburo’s past remains largely unknown, apart from the tragic death of his family caused by man-eating demons.


Final selection arc

Saburo spots Tanjiro Kamado’s return to the mountains and, as night falls, invites him to spend the night at his home, aware that demons can appear in the dark. Although Tanjiro initially refuses, Saburo manages to convince him. Later, over dinner, Saburo explains to Tanjiro that demons come out at night and that he could have been attacked if he had continued his journey. So he advises him to head for the mountain in the morning. Before going to sleep, Tanjiro asks if demons can enter houses, to which Saburo confirms that they can, but the powerful spirit hunters eliminate them. Tanjiro remains skeptical, wondering if Saburo is simply a loner, living alone after the tragic loss of his family. In the morning, as the sun rises, illuminating the snowy forest, Tanjiro leaves Saburo’s house and returns home.

Saburo | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Sunrise countdown arch

Once they’ve recovered, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke head home. When they reach the foot of the mountain, they find Saburo in front of his house and rush to him in tears. Saburo and the Kamado siblings embrace on the ground, shedding tears of joy and relief.

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