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A young demon occupying the fifth position of the Lower Moon, Rui was once a sickly child before being transformed by Muzan. In an act of self-defense, he ended up killing his parents when they tried to suppress him before committing suicide. This experience erased his parents’ existence from Rui’s memory, while Muzan granted him permission to transform other humans and demons into a surrogate family. However, due to his lack of understanding of family ties, Rui abused them. This reinforced his desire to see the Kamado siblings support each other, as they had hurt him badly before he was easily killed by Giyū. In his final moments, he remembered his parents as he joined them in death.

Rui’s story

Life as a human

Many years ago, Rui was born with a body that was weak, fragile and easily prone to stress. His life was limited, as he struggled to walk and breathe, forcing him to remain confined to his home, cared for by his parents who loved him deeply despite his frailty.
One evening, Muzan Kibutsuji approached Rui and offered to “save” him, transforming him into a demon. Gifted with a strong body, Rui was finally able to move freely for the first time, bringing joy and happiness to his parents. However, this situation didn’t last, as he was now a demon and had to feed by consuming humans, which led him to kill a man in his home. His parents discovered this bloody scene and were horrified by their son’s actions. That night, his father and mother decided he had to be stopped and tried to kill him while he slept to prevent him from causing more harm in the future. As his father approached him with a knife, he assured him not to worry as he planned to commit suicide after killing him, while his mother wept outside the door. However, Rui woke up and, angered by their attempted murder, killed them in self-defense. Convinced that his real parents would never try to kill him, he regarded them as imposters in denial. However, as his mother lay dying, she apologized for not being able to offer him a healthy body before she died. This made Rui realize that his parents really loved him and were simply trying to prevent him from becoming a monster, plunging Rui into emotional confusion. Despite this, Rui persisted in the belief that his family connection was false, encouraged by Muzan’s words supporting his initial denial that they could not be his family, as he rejected his demon condition, and encouraging him to seek a new family.

Rui’s personality

Rui was a troubled individual who longed for the close ties of a family and expected his family members to play their respective roles. For him, “family” members who didn’t fulfill their duties as he expected them to (i.e. protect Rui unconditionally or follow his instructions) were worthless, considered dead.
Although he seeks a “family”, his conception of it is distorted and based solely on the fear he inspires, the result of the repeated abuse he has inflicted on those closest to him, which he practices with ruthless sadism.

Aware of his power, Rui is extremely authoritarian and cruel, not hesitating to mistreat others or punish his “family” by exposing them to the sun, letting them burn if they go against his wishes. Because of his strength, he often acts powerful and confident, although his arrogance doesn’t prevent him from recognizing potential threats to his life.

Interestingly, Rui is particularly sensitive when it comes to his family, and became angry when Tanjiro pointed out the obvious toxicity of the ties within his “family”. This reaction prompted him to demand apologies and retractions from Tanjiro, threatening him with death if he disobeyed. This contrasts sharply with his desire to consider Nezuko his sister, after witnessing her selfless act of protecting Tanjiro from her own sons. Rui has become obsessed with developing a bond with her, although this relationship is also based on fear and torture. This disturbing behavior is further evidence of Rui’s delusions, mental insanity and emotional instability.

Rui’s abilities and powers

As a demon and member of the Twelve Moons, Rui possesses incredible power, easily surpassing that of other demons. His position in the demonic hierarchy and his access to Muzan blood have enabled him to conquer Natagumo Mountain and gather many demons, forcing them to become his “family” by recognizing his superiority.
Increased resistance: Rui’s body is incredibly resistant and difficult to cut, his skin being tougher than that of lesser demons.
Superhuman strength: Rui displays extraordinary strength, able to physically dominate opponents such as Tanjiro with powerful kicks.
Regeneration: As a demon, Rui possesses powerful regenerative powers, healing quickly from wounds without showing visible pain.
Threads: Like the rest of his “family”, Rui uses threads he creates with his own cells for attack and defense. These threads are sharp and durable, capable of easily breaking Nichirin’s blades and subduing other demons.
Demon blood: Rui can strengthen the power of other demons by giving them a drop of his blood, giving them access to new abilities. He has used this ability to strengthen members of his “family” who were originally weak.
Cellular manipulation: Rui can alter the physical appearance of other demons by having them consume his blood. He altered his “sister’s” physical features to resemble his own, and probably did the same with other members of his “family”.

Technique of the Blood Demon:

When using his full strength, Rui pumps more blood into his hands, which then spreads to his wires, increasing their sharpness and cutting ability to perform his techniques.
Cruel rope prison: Rui creates a web-like rope to imprison his opponent and cut him to pieces.
Cage of murderous eyes: Rui forms a cage around his target with his wires, gradually narrowing the space until the target is cut to pieces.
Wheel of severed wires: Rui creates a spinning wheel of wires that slices through anything it reaches.

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