Livai Ackerman has already faced formidable foes in the “Attack of the Titans” series. Here’s a rundown of the Exploration Battalion captain’s top 10 battles, proving that humans can be just as dangerous as the monsters around them.

Livai is one of the series’ most beloved characters, thanks to his calm demeanor and unrivalled fighting skills. Over the three seasons of the anime and the 120+ chapters of the “Attack of the Titans” manga, he’s had some unforgettable moments. While it’s likely he’ll add more feats to his record before the series ends, here are Livai Ackerman’s most memorable battles to date.


10. The Battle of Trost

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

Livai’s first appearance in the series was executed remarkably well, and showcased his exceptional talent for killing Titans. After successfully sealing a breach in the Pink Wall to prevent further Titan attacks, Eren finds himself weakened and defenseless against the arrival of new Titans. Armin and Mikasa struggle to free him and bring him to safety, but are soon surrounded by two towering Titans.

However, the Titans are defeated almost instantly. Livai emerges from the heavens and slices through them with disconcerting ease. Armin mistakes Livai for Mikasa, who until then had been considered the strongest fighter in the series. Livai’s casualness in the face of these Titans clearly demonstrates that he is far above the other fighters.

9. The 57th Extra-Muros Expedition

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

After welcoming Eren and his companions into the Exploration Battalion, Livai is tasked with looking after the young shapeshifter on their first expedition beyond the walls. Eren and Mikasa are part of Livai’s Special Operations Squad, a group of elite soldiers leading the 57th expedition beyond the walls to recover vital information in the abandoned city of Shiganshina.

However, things quickly get complicated for the soldiers when they are surrounded by Titans and a mysterious Female Titan takes Livai and her team on a chase. Livai gives a moving speech to Eren about the difficult choices to be made on the battlefield before neutralizing a large number of Titans and helping to capture the Female Titan. This mission reveals Livai’s excellent leadership skills for the first time.

8. The Return to Shiganshina

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

After long waits, Livai and the Exploration Battalion finally manage to return to Shiganshina, in the hope of obtaining the information left behind by Grisha Jäger, which could help defeat the Titans. However, with the high possibility of the appearance of the Colossal, Dreadnought and Bestial Titans, the mission won’t be easy.

When the soldiers discovered that Reiner was hiding in the walls, Livai didn’t hesitate and immediately launched himself at the former soldier. His speed and deadly rage resulted in an explosive but brief confrontation, which marked the beginning of the battle to retake Shiganshina.

7. Meeting Erwin Smith

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

If you’re a Livai Ackerman fan, don’t miss the “No Regrets” OVA. This story recounts Livai’s past before he joined the Exploration Battalion, filling in the gaps of his young life. Living in the underbelly of the Attack of the Titans universe, Livai made his living through illegal activities involving stolen three-dimensional maneuvering equipment.

After a new job goes wrong, the ruthless Exploration Battalion sets out in pursuit of Livai. Erwin Smith, Livai’s future commander, then appears to quickly disarm him and persuade Livai and his friends to use their skills to join the army. Seeing Livai and Erwin’s first meeting is a real treat for fans of the regiment’s two best soldiers.

6. The Female Titan

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

Fans of the Mikasa-Livai duo were pleased when they saw the two fight together for the first time in their confrontation with the Female Titan in the forests beyond the Pink Wall. The fleeing Titan had captured Eren, with Livai and Mikasa in hot pursuit. Mikasa marveled at Livai’s speed and determination to end the Feminine Titan’s threat, until she was forced to free Eren. In the end, Livai and Mikasa were able to take down the imposing foe with relative ease, having made him look like mere insects.

5. A final battle with Kenny’s squad

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

In the final chapters of Attack of the Titans, Livai and his companions turned outlaws faced a new threat: an anti-personnel squad led by notorious killer Kenny the Ripper, who had ties to Livai’s past. Their confrontations culminated in a spectacular final battle in the underground caves of Rod Reiss, where both sides used ingenious tactics to gain the upper hand. This battle was one of the most memorable in the series, with a unique setting and high stakes for the characters. While Livai and Kenny’s first meeting was also intense and exciting, their final confrontation was the most memorable and epic.

4. Paradise War

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

Despite their victory over the royal family, Livai and his team face new enemies from afar: the Mahrs. They continue to threaten all Eldians still living behind the walls of Paradise, and peace is far from guaranteed. Fans of Attack of the Titans can look forward to epic battles and gripping twists and turns in the seasons to come.

3. Livai flips out

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

The end of the “No Regrets” OVA is one of the most memorable moments in Attack of the Titans, thanks in no small part to Livai’s performance. When he faces a fearsome Titan and loses his friends, Livai loses control and unleashes his full fighting potential. This scene shows for the first time Livai’s devastating strength and the fighting spirit that drives the members of his family, the Ackermans.

The chilling atmosphere of the fight reinforces the intensity of the scene, and Livai is presented as a fearsomely effective fighter. This tragic loss explains why he’s so reserved when he loses comrades later on. Although it affects him, Livai rarely keeps his cool as he does in this battle. The end of “No Regrets” is therefore an important moment for Livai fans, who get to see his power and strength of character in action.

2. Street chase

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

Livai’s final fight against Kenny’s squad was impressive, but it can’t compete with the epic action scene that follows. After being captured by Kenny, Livai must escape and a chase ensues as both sides fight to capture Eren and Historia.

This action sequence is one of the most intense and fast-paced in the anime. Livai bravely battles an entire elite team through the city streets, and the choreography and animation are breathtaking. Words cannot do justice to this remarkable scene.

1. The Bestial Titan

Ranking Of Livai Ackerman's Best Fights!

The fight between the two best warriors of the enemy camps is considered the best in anime history, and is undoubtedly Corporal Livai Ackerman’s most memorable moment in all of Attack of the Titans. This scene is charged with emotion and violence as Livai slays a dozen Titans in pursuit of the Giant Beast.

When the Bestial Titan finally notices the death of his soldiers, Livai leaps into the air with unparalleled intensity. In a few swift movements, he reduces the Bestial Titan to his waist and sinks his blades into the throat of his controller, Sieg. Fans had never seen such a display of power from Livai. It’s quintessential fighting in one of the best animated series of all time.

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