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Mukago occupies the position of the fourth lower moon and loses her life when Muzan decides to eliminate the lower moons. Muzan concludes that she fears demon slayers more than herself, and interprets her attempt to save face as a contradiction.

Mukago | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Mukago’s appearance

Mukago was a young girl of sickly yellowish complexion, sporting two dark red stripes across her cheeks and a pair of white horns emerging from either side of her forehead. Her eyes were gray with white rings around the sides, the sclera a dark red, and the kanji for “fourth lower moon” was etched on her left iris, framed by long eyelashes. She also had white hair down to her chin, with shorter bangs between her horns.
Mukago wore a plain red kimono, its collar trimmed with black and white fur, tied at the back with a wide dark purple bow.

Mukago’s personality

Of all the Low Moons, Mukago proved to be the most cowardly, as Muzan Kibutsuji pointed out when reading her thoughts. Mukago had no intention of fighting the Demon Slayer Corps Pillars, and instead planned to flee at the slightest whisper of a Pillar, as was mentioned several times. When Muzan discovered this by reading his thoughts, Mukago tried to appease and plead with him.

Mukago | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Mukago’s abilities and powers

As one of the twelve Moon Demons, Mukago has received a greater amount of blood from Muzan Kibutsuji than an ordinary demon, giving her incredible powers. His strength easily surpasses that of other demons and gives him the ability to command the lower ranks at will.

  • Increased durability
  • Enhanced strength
  • Improved regeneration
    • Demon blood
  • Assimilation of animals

Mukago is able to turn any animal into a demon by injecting its blood. Like demons, these can be killed by nichirin blades and are vulnerable to sunlight. In addition, they acquire abilities according to the number of humans they consume. Mukago owns a pack of wolves, including an alpha capable of commanding them as she does. She has also killed a demon-killing raven (3 in total, counting slowly).

Mukago | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Blood demon technology

Living clone copies
By tearing off his fingers and throwing them into the air, Mukago is able to create a group of clones in his own image. This technique is generally used to escape perilous situations, especially when she comes into contact with slayers.

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