Mikasa Ackerman is one of the series’ two deuteragonists. She is the last descendant of the shogun clan that remained on Paradise Island, thus related to the azumabito family, and holds significant political power in heazul.

After her mother and father were murdered by bandits, mikasa was rescued by eren. she lived with him and her parents for about a year before the wall fell.

Although she only wished to live a peaceful life with eren, mikasa chose to follow him into the army, where she was considered the best soldier in the 104th cadet corps. She then joined the Exploration Battalion to continue following and protecting eren. [/vc_column_text]

Mikasa is a rather tall woman, physically fit and well toned. In 854, her hair is shorter, reaching up to the nape of her neck, but at the same time she wears significantly longer bangs. She is partly of Asian origin, with pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black hair that was long until she cut it off at chin level, although Jean told her it was beautiful.


The color of her eyes is not constant and often varies, depending on the light and environment, between shades of gray and sometimes blue. Her body was depicted as extremely well-toned, with little, if any, body fat and muscles aligned on her arms, legs and abs. Mikasa also has a small scar under her right eye, which she received after Eren unknowingly tried to kill her in her Titan form.


As a soldier, Mikasa often wears a uniform consisting of a light-brown short jacket with the Exploration Battalion insignia on both shoulders, on the left front pocket and in the center of the back, a white shirt, a brown belt around the waist covering the hips, white pants and brown leather knee-high boots. She also wears a green cape with the Exploration Battalion symbol after joining the faction. A unique part of her outfit is a dark red scarf, given to her by Eren after rescuing her from human traffickers. For this reason, it’s very precious to her, and she almost always carries it with her.

In Mahr, Mikasa wears the black uniform of the Exploration Battalion, which includes a breastplate bearing the regimental symbol, numerous belts to accommodate the various pieces of equipment, support rods around the chest for the gas cylinder and high black boots. She also carries rifles, spears, an extra gas tank and canisters that run vertically down her legs. [/woodmart_text_block][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]


Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan

Before her parents died, Mikasa was a cheerful but unusually perceptive child. From an early age, she was aware of the harshness of nature, witnessing how predators hunted and killed weaker prey. However, her innocence allowed her to push this reality to the back of her mind and she continued to live happily with her parents. This illusory peace was shattered when a gang of criminals brutally murdered her parents before her very eyes during a failed kidnapping attempt of Mikasa and her mother. She then managed to defeat the assailants with her rescuer, Eren Jäger.

Even as a child, Mikasa managed to abandon all hesitation and kill one of her assailants. After this traumatic event, she acquired a generally cynical view of life and accepted the world as a cruel place where only those who are strong are able to survive.

After the murder of Eren Jäger, Mikasa was forced to leave her life behind.

After the murder of her parents, Mikasa became withdrawn and very serious, but she still loves her friends deeply, especially Eren and Armin Arlelt, whom she sees as the last remnants of a family she can’t afford to lose. Her teenage personality is heavily influenced and shaped by Eren, who told her that she had no chance of survival if she didn’t fight. Her determination to protect Eren as much as possible may also have contributed greatly to her phenomenal skills as a soldier. Although she’s one of the best, she remains humble and refrains from putting on airs or showing arrogance.

Mikasa has a strong sense of right and wrong, but she’s also very protective of Eren and does everything she can to advise him to follow what she feels is the right path. Despite this, she’s well aware that she can’t always influence Eren in his decisions, and she makes a point of following Eren almost everywhere he goes and sticking to the final decisions he makes, just to be there to help him when he’s in trouble.

The only reason she joined the army and joined the Exploration Battalion after graduation was to keep an eye on Eren, despite the fact that she really wanted to live out the rest of her days in relative peace inside the Walls by his side. She also took Eren’s opinion seriously, so much so that when he once told her that her hair was too long, she immediately had it cut, even though Jean had just told her it was beautiful.

Despite her blind loyalty, Mikasa is rather stoic and level-headed. Her will is remarkably strong, and she is rarely seen losing her temper or not knowing what to do, no matter how serious the situation. Even when she thought Eren was dead, she managed to remain so calm that only Armin could see that she was struggling with the pain of Eren’s loss. However, she is not completely immune to the effects of her emotions. The strong feelings she has for Eren, especially when he’s in danger, sometimes cloud her judgment – sometimes to the point of endangering herself and others. A notable example is when she briefly gave in to her grief after Eren’s apparent death and lost the will to live – forgetting her responsibility for the lives of the soldiers she had taken it upon herself to lead in the process. However, she was awakened by her memories of Eren, after which she made a conscious decision never to give up again, for if she were to die, her memories of Eren would die with her. When she found him alive and well, she completely lost her composure and wept tears of joy.

The bond between Mikasa and Eren is undoubtedly her most important and defining relationship. For Eren’s sake, Mikasa has expressed a variety of emotions such as compassion, concern, anger, embarrassment, sadness and tenderness. She openly wept tears of relief for her safety and developed a grudge against those who hurt her. She relentlessly attacked with murderous fury the Female Titan who was trying to kidnap Eren.

Mikasa blushed when it was insinuated that she and Eren were lovers and suffered crippling distress at the thought of losing Eren forever. Mikasa also wears the red scarf Eren gave her when they first met, clinging to it as a source of strength and comfort when she’s upset.


Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan

Mikasa was born to an Ackermann father and an Asian mother. Before her parents died, she lived peacefully with them on the Maria Wall farms. Mikasa underwent a painful healing ritual at the hands of her mother, who etched their family mark on her skin, and she learned a unique style of embroidery.


She was rescued by Eren, who tricked and killed two of the slavers. He was then overwhelmed by the third trafficker and was about to be strangled. Desperate, Eren urged Mikasa to fight to win. Although frightened at first, she eventually realized that “this world is a ruthless and merciless place”, eliminating the bandit who was trying to kill Eren. When Eren’s father arrived with members of the Special Brigade Regiment, Eren gave her the scarf and accepted her into his family. This event awakened the fighting instincts and perfect self-control that would make her a formidable soldier. She lived with Eren’s family in the Shiganshina district of the Maria Wall until it was destroyed by the Colossal Titan.

The arc of the fall of Shiganshina

Mikasa first appears in the year 845, somewhere inside the Maria Wall. We see her wake Eren and tell him they must go home. She is surprised to see tears in his eyes and asks him why he is crying. On the way home, they meet Hannes. Mikasa watches as Eren complains about the soldiers slacking off on duty. Later, Eren and Mikasa watch as the forces of the Exploration Battalion return, witnessing yet another failure of their expedition. Back home, Mikasa talks about Eren, revealing to her parents her desire to join the Exploration Battalion. Annoyed, Eren leaves, followed by Mikasa. They rescue Armin Arlelt, who is being beaten up by local thugs, and discuss together their desire to get out of the Wall.

At this point, the three children witness the sudden appearance of a Colossal Titan, which opens a breach in the Wall’s gate. Mikasa and Eren run back to their house to find it crushed and Carla trapped beneath the debris. Despite their attempts, Mikasa and Eren are unable to free her, Hannes saving them as a Titan devours Eren’s mother. Mikasa and Eren are placed on a boat just as the Dreadnought Titan breaks the inner door, letting the Titans inside the Wall. Eren vows to kill all the Titans as they are transported to safety.

Once inside the Wall, Eren confronts a soldier from the garrison regiment who expresses his displeasure at having to share his food with strangers. After being briefly beaten by the soldiers, Eren asserts that he will take back the Wall with his own hands. He insults Armin for his doubts, and Mikasa punches him back to his senses. She then declares that she will do anything to keep him alive, forcing him to eat the rations he had previously thrown away in anger.

The arc of humanity’s return

After the events of the destruction of the Wall, the government’s desperate attempt to reclaim the land using refugees only leads to further losses. This prompts Mikasa, Eren and Armin to join the army and become members of the 104th Cadet Corps.

During their training, Mikasa helps Eren as best she can, as he is unable to understand the basics of omnidirectional mobility equipment. They pass the qualification tests, Mikasa quickly proving her skills and being considered one of the best cadets in military history. At one point, Mikasa asks Annie Leonhart, a fellow cadet with exceptional skills, to teach her a self-defense technique she was teaching Eren, which leads to a wager with the 104th Cadet Corps to see who is the better fighter. At the 104th Cadet Corps graduation ceremony, she is ranked first in the class.


In the year 848, Mikasa takes part in a group navigation training exercise under the command of Thomas Wagner. In the middle of the exercise, the group’s ODM equipment is stolen by a gang of thieves. The group decides to accelerate its exercise to warn Marco Bott’s group. The next day, Mikasa’s group has a rendezvous with Marco’s group, and helps him disarm the remaining bandits he had hired.

A sudden visitor: The torturing curse of adolescence
In the year 849, Eren and Mikasa confusedly witness a fight brewing between Sasha and Jean. Afterwards, Mikasa and Eren work on unloading crates from a wagon. Mikasa notices that Eren is struggling and offers to help with his, but he angrily refuses. During the cooking competition, Mikasa is shown doing her body routine.

The arc of the fight for Trost

Before she has a chance to fully commit to the Exploration Battalion so she can ensure Eren’s safety, the Colossal Titan breaches the Rose Wall in the same way it did the Maria Wall Much to her dismay, Mikasa is assigned to the rear guard to help fend off the Titans while civilians escape to the safety of the Sina Wall Before fulfilling her duty, she makes Eren promise not to do anything reckless.

Later, as an abnormal Titan approaches the fleeing civilians who are stuck at the gate. Mikasa kills him, saving everyone. She then realizes why the civilians are taking too long to escape: an overloaded wagon is blocking the way. Mikasa asks the businessman to move the cart so that people can escape, but when he refuses, she threatens him after knocking out his guards, which frightens the man enough for him to give in and move his goods. Seeing a mother and daughter show their gratitude for saving them, Mikasa has a flashback to the time she lost her own parents and realizes that Eren is the only family she has left.

With the evacuation of the citizens of the Trost district complete, she heads to the first guard to help her comrades. However, the only surviving cadets have run out of fuel, preventing them from scaling the Wall, while the supply team inside headquarters has barricaded itself against the assault of several Titans. After learning of Eren’s supposed death from Armin, Mikasa gathers the survivors together and insults them, saying she’ll break the Titans attacking headquarters.

Because of her grief over Eren’s death, she fights irrationally and doesn’t notice that she’s running out of gas. As two Titans close in on her, she considers giving up and begins to remember her time with Eren, recalling Eren’s screams fighting his captors, which gives her the motivation to fight again. When Mikasa stands up to kill the Titan in front of her, another Titan comes running from behind and saves her. This Titan, ignoring Mikasa, gives Armin enough time to save Mikasa, and they both continue on towards the supply HQ… Watching this rogue Titan continue to kill other Titans, they hatch a plan to lure him to the HQ and lift the siege. With his help, the cadets manage to refill their gas tanks and gain free access to the Wall.


However, as they watch the Deviant Titan dispose of the last Titans surrounding them, Eren appears on the back of his neck. Relieved that Eren is alive, Mikasa quickly rescues and embraces him, then everyone leaves for the Wall. However, Jean, along with Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt, are ordered to hand Eren over to the senior officers under the command of Kitz Wehrman and to treat the incident as something confidential. Their refusal to comply results in Mikasa and his friends being accused of treason and finding themselves surrounded by Captain Wehrman’s men, who are quick to execute them.

Mikasa tries to defend Eren by pulling out his blades and threatening to kill anyone who tries to harm him, but upon seeing Eren’s Titan form fighting in Trost’s district, Werhamn doesn’t hesitate and orders a cannon to fire at them despite the latter’s claim to be a human. Eren uses his power to block the cannonball and tries to think of an escape plan. He proposes that they either try to break through the Walls and escape to Titan territory, or that Armin try to persuade the soldiers to spare them, leaving the choice to him.

Armin does his best to convince the soldiers that Eren’s Titan abilities could help save humanity, but realizes that the commander is far too frightened to think rationally. Before the order is given to shoot them once more, they are saved by the intervention of Commander Dot Pixis, chief administrator of the southern region. They are sent on a mission to seal the breach in the Wall with a boulder that only Eren in his Titan form can lift.

The elite team, led by Ian Dietrich, Rico Brzenska and Mitabi Jarnach, appointed to defend Eren as he carries the boulder, argue amongst themselves about what to do next. Mikasa is about to attack them until Ian orders everyone to continue protecting Eren until he recovers. Thanks to Armin’s intervention, Eren eventually comes to his senses and manages to land the rock, at the cost of many casualties. At this point, they are saved by Levi, who kills the Titans approaching them.

Arc eve of the counter-attack

Once the battle for the Trost district is over, Eren is brought before a military tribunal to decide his future. Despite Mikasa’s best efforts to defend him, she is forced to testify against Eren as his reckless actions have frightened many in the courtroom. She is also forced to watch helplessly as Levi assaults and humiliates Eren.

Some time later, Mikasa and all the others have their omnidirectional mobility equipment inspected in order to discover the culprit who killed the two captured Titans. Later, Commander Erwin Smith comes to recruit new members for the Exploration Battalion, which is planning an expedition in a few months’ time. Many leave, with the exception of Mikasa, Reiner, Armin, Sasha, Christa, Conny, Jean, Bertholdt and a few others.


The 57th arc of the outdoor scouting mission

Soon after leaving for Mur Maria, the Female Titan appears and defeats many members of the Exploration Battalion. The formation eventually reaches the Forest of Giant Trees, with Mikasa stationed on its outskirts, making sure no Titans enter the forest. She finally tries to approach Eren, hearing his roar in Titan form. When she reaches Eren’s location, she sees the Female Titan devouring Eren’s human body. After overcoming the initial shock, Mikasa charges at the Female Titan and cuts it down to save Eren, but she doesn’t succeed until she teams up with Levi. They manage to bring Eren back and rejoin the rest of the formation.

As she heads for the Walls, the formation is attacked by multiple Titans brought by a couple of rookie soldiers who have disobeyed a direct order from Commander Erwin, and Mikasa must rescue the rookies who are captured by the Titans.

Arc Assault on Stohess

After the failure of the Exploration Battalion, Armin manages to convince Annie to help him and Mikasa sneak Eren out of the Stohess district until they can gather evidence to prove to the King that the Walls need better protection. However, when Annie finds excuses not to go underground with them, Mikasa has had enough and pulls out her blade.

Even after Annie transforms into a Female Titan, Eren has trouble convincing himself to fight her, so Mikasa runs out to try and hold her back. Finally, Eren manages to transform into a Titan and attacks Annie. As he begins to overwhelm her, she tries to climb the Sina Wall to escape. Mikasa uses her omnidirectional mobility equipment to project herself high enough on the Wall to catch the Female Titan and cut off all her fingers. She then pushes Annie so that she falls to the ground.

Later that day, Mikasa watches over Eren in a bedroom until he wakes up from his fight with Annie. She expresses her joy at seeing him survive and stays at his bedside while Armin and Jean go to a meeting.

The Clash of the Titans arc

Following the supposed breach in the Pink Wall, Mikasa, Eren and other members of the Exploration Battalion come to rescue Reiner, Bertholdt, Conny, Historia and Ymir from the Titans at Utgard Castle. She is among those who learn that Christa’s real name is Historia. After the scouts have regrouped at the top of the Pink Wall, Mikasa is outraged when she hears Reiner confess that he and Bertholdt were the Titans responsible for the attack on the Maria Wall and that they want Eren to join them. She takes them by surprise, beating them with her swords, and tells Eren to run away. However, her heart is not completely in her attack and she fails to kill them. Their wounds allow them to transform into Titan Dreadnought and Titan Colossal.

Eren transforms into his own Titan to fight Reiner’s Dreadnought Titan and Mikasa, regretting her previous hesitation, tries to help him, but her blades have no effect against his armor. Hansi thinks he must have gaps in his protection, as he moves too fast to have uniform armor. While Eren fights with Reiner, Mikasa takes advantage of Hansi’s suggestion and cuts the back of Reiner’s knees, weakening his ability to fight. However, Reiner lets out an unexpected roar, signaling Bertholdt’s Titan Colossal to collapse on him and Eren.

The resulting explosion is strong enough to repel all the Scouts (Battalion members) nearby. Mikasa regains consciousness five hours later and discovers that Eren has been kidnapped and that the Scouts are unable to rescue him. She’d been able to help Livai rescue Eren from the Female Titan before because they could go after her immediately, but that’s not possible this time.

Hannes offers her and Armin rations to chew on while reminding them that Eren has always run away and gotten into trouble like this and that Mikasa and Armin have always come to save him. He reminds them that Eren always fights, even if he’s going to lose, so he should be able to hold out until they can rescue him again. Reassured, Mikasa eats her rations to regain her strength.

She joins the joint military operation to rescue Eren and heads for the forest of giant trees where they hope to find Reiner, Bertholdt and their captives. Once there, she joins Hannes and a number of his fellow Scouts to search the interior of the forest, where they encounter Ymir in his Titan form. Ymir kidnaps Historia and flees while Mikasa and the others pursue. At the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into a Dreadnought Titan. Ymir jumps on his back and Bertholdt, carrying an unconscious Eren, climbs onto his shoulder.


The soldiers follow the group on horseback and try to free Eren from Bertholdt, but Ymir interferes with their attempts. Realizing that Ymir is standing in the way of Eren’s rescue, Mikasa prepares to attack him, but Historia steps in, claiming that Ymir has no choice but to help Reiner and Bertholdt. Mikasa remains impassive, having decided six years ago who was important to her, and she no longer has the time or room in her heart to care for more.

Fearing that Ymir will be killed, Historia convinces her to back off, leaving the rest of the 104th free to try and convince Bertholdt to let Eren go, although Mikasa is considerably less forgiving than the others. Although Bertholdt expresses regret for their betrayal, he refuses to hand Eren over, and the scouts are forced to jump from the Titan Dreadnought when Erwin leads a horde of Titans onto Reiner. After the Dreadnought Titan has been immobilized by their numbers, Erwin instructs the soldiers to charge in and retrieve Eren.

Mikasa mounts her horse at full gallop, bypassing the intimidating number of Titans between her and Eren, and launches herself at Bertholdt, but she misses him and sees Eren looking at her in panic. Her trajectory takes her straight into another Titan who catches her hard enough to crush her ribs. Jean, who was right behind her, attacks the Titan, sticking her blade in its eye and allowing Mikasa to free herself.

With Eren’s help, Mikasa is able to free herself.

With Armin’s help, Erwin manages to free Eren from Bertholdt and Mikasa catches him in the air. Both flee on horseback but are knocked to the ground when Reiner starts hurling Titans at the retreating soldiers. Looking up, they see that the smiling Titan approaching them is the one that ate Eren’s mother. Mikasa is unable to defend Eren because of his injury, but Hannes buys them time to try and avenge Carla Jäger. Eren yells at Mikasa to free his arms so he can help fight, but when he tries to bite himself to transform, nothing happens.

As Hannes is killed and the battle turns against the soldiers around them, Eren sinks into despair, feeling he never had the power to do anything. Mikasa asks him to listen. He’s shown her how to live with purpose and wrapped his scarf around her, and she’s grateful. She smiles, tears in her eyes, and Eren vows to wrap that scarf around her as many times as she wants.

He strikes the Smiling Titan, triggering something that causes all the other brainless Titans to attack him. In the resulting confusion, he carries Mikasa on his back and also sends the Titans after Reiner and Bertholdt. They escape with the rest of the surviving soldiers and return to Trost’s district.

The arc of the royal government

Some time later, Mikasa is selected to be part of the new Levi squad tasked with protecting Eren and Historia in an isolated cabin in the forest. Much to her friends’ surprise, she quickly recovers from her broken ribs, able to cut and lift firewood as well as do sit-ups. Sasha is then caught trying to steal a loaf of bread, and her friends confront her.

Later in the day, Levi’s team helps Hansi run a series of tests on Eren’s Titan powers. The tests go badly and Eren reaches the point of exhaustion, only partially forming while being unresponsive. Mikasa jumps off her horse and runs towards him before Hansi can remove Eren’s body from his Titan. Mikasa notices Eren’s disfigured face and hurries to free him despite Hansi’s eagerness to sketch.

The following night, Nifa brings a message from Commander Erwin, prompting Levi to tell everyone to leave the cabin immediately. Outside, he reveals that the royal government has frozen the Exploration Battalion’s activities outside the Walls and demands that they hand over Eren and Historia. The Levi squad and three of Hansi’s subordinates travel to Trost. There, a carriage arrives with a bang and appears to be kidnapping Eren and Historia, although the kidnapped victims are in fact Jean and Armin in disguise.

On the roof above the kidnappers’ hideout, Mikasa talks to Levi and tells him that Armin’s disguise is about to be discovered. Levi notes that the kidnappers are apparently amateurs and leaves the situation in his hands.

As the lead kidnapper and his henchmen enter the warehouse where Jean and Armin are being held, they notice that the guard has disappeared. Mikasa and the other team members, including Jean and Armin, whom she had already freed, attack the remaining kidnappers. Mikasa personally restrains their leader and informs the rest of the squad that, after tying them up, they are to meet Levi.

Soon later, Mikasa and the others hear the sound of gunfire and go to investigate. They spot the wagon carrying Eren and Historia unconscious, with Levi in pursuit. To their astonishment, another soldier follows Levi and points a gun at his captain. Levi kills the soldier and orders his squad to pursue the cart and kill their opponents, if the opportunity arises. Mikasa knocks over the soldier driving the cart, allowing Armin to take control. The Special Brigades nevertheless manage to escape with Eren and Historia. Mikasa tries to follow them, but Levi stops her.

Returning to the warehouse, Mikasa comforts Armin as he suffers a breakdown after killing another human. Once he’s calmed down, they enter the warehouse, where Levi also comforts Armin, but in such a way that Mikasa becomes angry with him.

When Dimo is killed, Mikasa is forced to leave.

When Dimo Reeves convinces two military policemen from the First Interior Brigade to accompany him to an isolated cabin, Mikasa and other members of the Levi team take them hostage at gunpoint. Mikasa and the rest of the squad listen uncomfortably to the screams as Levi and Hansi conduct their interrogation. Once the interrogation is over, Mikasa and the others are informed that Eren and Historia are probably being held near Rod Reiss. Hansi also informs them of his theory that Eren will soon be eaten. Mikasa tries to leave immediately in search of Eren, and Levi is forced to dissuade her.


After the Exploration Battalion is accused of trying to monopolize Eren’s Titan powers, the government begins arresting all members of the organization. Mikasa and the rest of the Levi squad avoid capture and camp out in the woods outside Stohess. Sasha informs them of the approach of the military police, Mikasa and Levi ambush them while Armin distracts them to act as bait. Mikasa and Armin take their uniforms and put them on with the intention of infiltrating the Special Brigades to find out where Eren and Historia have been taken, but the two soldiers, Marlo and Hitch don’t take their capture quietly, and end up gaining the squad’s trust, leading them to a nearby MP checkpoint.


After paralyzing most of the staff, Levi and his team escape with a hostage. They question him about Eren and Historia’s whereabouts until the name “Kenny Ackerman” appears, surprising Mikasa and Levi with the man’s apparent relationship with him. Before they can question their hostage further, they hear people approaching on foot. To the delight of the whole team, it’s Hansi who informs them that the Exploration Battalion has been exonerated and that they have a lead on the whereabouts of Eren and Historia.

On the way, Levi warns his team that Kenny Ackerman will be their biggest obstacle, as fighting him will mean fighting Levi himself. He asks Mikasa if she thinks Kenny might be related to her since they share the same surname. She thinks about it and tells him she knows her father’s family was persecuted, but doesn’t know why. Levi then asks her if she has experienced a moment when she felt a sudden power awaken in her, and she remembers the moment when she picked up the knife to kill her kidnapper. She reveals that she did, and upon confirmation, Levi tells her that he and Kenny have also experienced such moments in their lives.

They arrive at the chapel and find the secret door leading to the basement. The team prepares to confront the anti-human squad, who are waiting for them downstairs. When they’re ready, they send barrels of gunpowder and bags of oil up the stairs. Sasha sets fire to them with a flaming arrow and fills the underground chamber with smoke, reducing visibility and the usefulness of firearms. Most of the team provide additional cover with flares, while Mikasa and Levi spot their enemies with ODM equipment. Levi instructs his team to eliminate the MPs from within, and the team springs into action, Mikasa quickly killing three enemy soldiers. After a concerted push, they manage to force the anti-human squad to retreat.

Mikasa and the rest of Levi’s squad are suddenly stopped by a flash of light deeper into the cavern. She realizes this means a Titan has transformed and worries for Eren. The team arrives in time for Mikasa to catch Historia, who has been thrown against the wall by the force of Rod Reiss’s transformation into a Titan. Mikasa asks her if she’s all right before taking the keys to Eren’s chains from her and throwing them to Levi to free him. The ceiling begins to collapse, trapping the team. Eren apologizes for being useless, but Levi and Historia urge him to take matters into his own hands. He gets up and grabs a bottle labeled “Armor” that had fallen out of Rod’s bag and breaks it between his teeth, transforming into a Titan.

Eren’s Titan form then crystallizes, stabilizing the cavern around the team, preventing them from being crushed. Even after Mikasa helps him break free, his hardened form doesn’t disappear, which Levi says is a huge step forward, as they can now seal the hole in Mur Maria.

Mikasa joins the rest of his team to find Erwin and return to the Orvud district, where they prepare to battle the gargantuan Titan that was Rod Reiss. As they prepare to follow Erwin’s plan, Mikasa suggests to Historia that she should strike Levi once she’s queen.

At dawn, the Titan arrives and Eren, Mikasa and Armin assemble a stack of barrels filled with gunpowder under Hansi’s direction. Mikasa finds Eren moping and urges him to get back to work. However, much to his surprise, he punches himself in the face to regain his composure.

When Rod reaches the Wall, Levi orders the garrison soldiers to flee while the soldiers of the Exploration Battalion douse themselves with water to withstand the heat. Eren transforms into a Titan and uses the stacked barrels as explosives, shoving them into Rod’s open mouth. Mikasa joins the rest of the scouts to cut up the raining Titan flesh pieces to ensure that Rod Reiss’s main body is killed.


After Historia’s coronation as the new queen, Mikasa and the Levi squad accompany her as she goes in search of Levi to strike him. Eren tries to tell Mikasa to reconsider her suggestion to hit Levi, but Mikasa only redoubles her efforts by telling Historia to dare Levi to hit her back now that she’s his queen. Historia takes her advice, but Levi surprises the whole team by smiling and thanking them.

Two months later, the Levi squad members lend a hand at an orphanage Historia has set up. While they’re working, Historia has a little chat with Eren, but they’re interrupted by a frozen-faced Mikasa, who takes the items Eren was carrying, saying he’s tired from all his training. Eren complains that she shouldn’t treat him like an old man.

While the soldiers eat and celebrate the success of the guillotine made by Hansi, Mikasa remains silent for most of the conversation, until Eren begins to remember the day he ate his father. Recognizing the direction his mind is taking, Mikasa stops him, telling him he must finish eating before he can speak. He doesn’t stop trying to remember, however, and suddenly realizes that the man his father met on the day the Maria Wall fell was their former commander, Keith Sadies. They decide to pay him a visit.


The next day, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the others go to the training camp to speak with Keith. They talk inside a small house, and Keith tells them everything he knows: how he met Grisha 20 years ago outside the Walls, his relationship with him and Eren’s mother over those years, and how he was present the night Grisha injected Eren with the Titan serum but saw nothing, and in the end, knows nothing of Grisha’s secrets.

The next day, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the others go to the training camp to talk to Keith.

Some time later, the soldiers hold a big dinner to celebrate the end of preparations for the takeover of the Maria Wall. Mikasa is present, eating and watching Sasha’s rampage and Jean and Eren’s fight. Even when Jean reproaches Eren for the dangers he’s putting Mikasa in, she calmly decides not to intervene.

At the end of the fight, Mikasa is sitting outside with Eren and Armin. After seeing a soldier who reminds them of Hannes, she wonders if taking back the Maria Wall will bring things back to the way they were. They agree that they can bring those days back, but some things are now lost forever. But Armin doesn’t just think that: he considers that being part of the Exploration Battalion will allow them to see the ocean and the whole world.

At sunset the following day, the Exploration Battalion is ready to leave for the Shiganshina district. After hearing the cheers of the citizens, Erwin launches the operation and Mikasa rides with the Levi squadron towards Shiganshina.

Lost in the cruel world

Mikasa stands atop the Wall with Eren and Armin, as a guillotine-like device crushes the head of a Titan below. She thinks back to a time and place with the two, when they reminisced about the old days before the Wall fell. She remembers another moment during the fight for Trost, when Armin informed her of Eren’s apparent death. Shortly afterwards, Mikasa had a vision of an alternate reality. Back in the present, Mikasa believes that Eren will be able to reclaim the Walls, kill all the Titans and one day see the ocean. She herself recognizes that no one can stop his destiny, but she resolves to be at his side, wherever he goes.

Back to the Shiganshina bow

The scouts are now walking through a mountain-top forest at dawn. Mikasa leads Eren’s horse, despite his complaints, as the others encourage him to rest as much as possible for his next tasks. Jean spots a Titan nearby and Hansi quickly orders the group to illuminate the area with their fragments from the Reiss Chapel cave. She pretends he’s dozing off and the group continues on their way. Moments later, Mikasa begins to recognize the area they’re in and says she’s already collected firewood there. Eren and Armin also begin to recognize the area and Mikasa notices that she can hear the river flowing.

The group then meets up near the Shiganshina district and heads there on horseback. Erwin orders all the soldiers to change into their ODM outfits and rush towards the main gate, covered by their hoods to distract any enemies watching them. Mikasa is among the soldiers surrounding the gate while Eren flies off to transform.

After Eren successfully seals the hole in the Maria Wall, Mikasa retrieves him in his Titan form and takes him back to the top of the Wall. After giving Eren his cape, Mikasa accompanies the rest of her team to find Erwin and the rest of the Exploration Battalion. However, before they can return, they see a signal rocket launched by Erwin and stop to await further orders. From her position, Mikasa and her comrades can observe Reiner hiding inside the Wall, and the Bestial Titan and his army materialize to confront the Exploration Battalion.

While Eren and Reiner fight in their Titan forms, Mikasa and her team take up positions around them and wait for an opportunity to attack. Once Eren has maneuvered Reiner into a section of the city with tall buildings, Mikasa and Hansi use their new lightning spears to blind him. After his teammates destroy the armor covering Reiner’s neck, the whole team steps forward and destroys Reiner’s neck with their lightning spears. Next, Mikasa attempts to console a horrified Armin, but is interrupted by Reiner’s Titan form, which begins to roar.

After Armin reveals to Hansi that Bertholdt is approaching, Mikasa and the rest of the scouts retreat from Reiner’s immediate vicinity, to avoid being caught in the blast of Bertholdt’s transformation into a Titan Colossal. When Bertholdt chooses not to transform to go and see Reiner, Armin tries to negotiate with him. However, as Armin tries to talk to Bertholdt, Mikasa takes the opportunity to attack him from behind. She fails to kill him, and comments as he flees on his radical personality change.


As Mikasa and Armin return to their comrades’ position, Bertholdt transforms, and they are forced to hide behind a building to protect themselves from the explosion. They then regroup with the rest of the Levi squad and inform them that Hansi’s squad has apparently been destroyed by the explosion.


As Bertholdt begins to destroy Shiganshina, Mikasa observes that he doesn’t seem to know their location. Pointing out that they won’t have time to search for survivors from Hansi’s squad, Mikasa suggests that Armin take charge of their squad, but Armin then hands over command to Jean.

After beating Bertholdt to the punch, Mikasa and Bertholdt set out to destroy Shiganshina.

After retreating from Bertholdt, Eren tries to get Bertholdt’s attention, but he ignores them. Deciding they’ll have to confront Bertholdt directly, Mikasa takes Conny’s lightning spear and prepares to attack Bertholdt. While Eren attacks Bertholdt directly, Mikasa and the rest of the squad scatter to try and find an opening to attack Bertholdt. However, before they can act, Bertholdt sends Eren to the side of the Maria Wall, much to Mikasa’s horror.

Jean assures her that Eren is not dead and that their main concern at the moment is to take down Bertholdt. Jean devises a plan for him, Conny and Sasha to draw Bertholdt’s attention while Mikasa hits his neck with the spears. As Mikasa steps forward to strike Bertholdt, he uses his steam to prevent her from reaching him. When Mikasa lands on a roof where the others are already standing, she is visibly wounded. She explains that a piece of the spears hit her, but that the wound is not deep. She asks Armin if he thinks there’s any way for them to defend themselves, but he sees none.

They are startled by the sound of a house exploding behind them. While Armin and Eren choose to take on the Colossal Titan, Mikasa agrees to join the others in attacking the Dreadnought Titan.

At the same time, Armin and Eren are forced to take on the Dreadnought Titan.

As Reiner begins to run towards Eren, Mikasa sends one of her spears into his lap, crippling him. She notices that the Titan Colossal in the distance is starting to emit a lot of steam, which makes her worry about Eren and Armin for a moment before focusing again on Reiner’s attack. As the others continue with the plan they’ve devised to defeat Reiner, Sasha is injured and misses her attack on the Dreadnought Titan’s jaw hinge.

Mikasa realizes that since she only has one spear left and Reiner’s jaw hasn’t been fully unlocked, she can’t go ahead with the plan to get Reiner’s body out of his neck by sending a lightning spear into his mouth. As she ponders the situation, Hansi resumes the battle, sending her own spear at Reiner and destroying the other hinge in his jaw. With the plan now about to succeed, Mikasa jumps into Reiner’s mouth, ordering him out as she sends her final spear into his mouth, defeating the Titan Dreadnought.


While Hansi interrogates a wounded Reiner, Mikasa begins to heal Jean’s wounds. Although Hansi simply wants to execute Reiner, Jean convinces them to keep him alive long enough to steal his powers with the Titan’s injection. Hansi orders Mikasa to fetch the serum from Levi’s and to send a signal light if there’s a change of plan, so that Hansi knows to kill Reiner. When Mikasa arrives at Levi’s station, she is horrified to find a hysterical Eren trying to keep a seriously wounded Armin alive. As Levi agrees to use the Titan serum to save Armin’s life, Mikasa launches a flare to inform Hansi that Reiner must be killed. However, Levi’s mind is influenced by the arrival of another soldier, who reveals that Erwin is also mortally wounded. Horrified by Levi’s announcement that he will save Erwin and not Armin, Mikasa draws her blade and starts advancing on him.

As Levi punches Eren in the face, Mikasa pins him to the roof and points her blade at his neck. Noticing how exhausted Levi is, she tries to take the Titans’ serum from his hands, while Levi reminds her that without Erwin’s strength, mankind can never defeat the Titans. When Frock approaches her, she flips her blade to strike him with the blunt side of the sword and knock him down, but Hansi stops her. As they both fight, Mikasa finally capitulates, remembering happier times when she, Eren and Armin were children, as tears stream down her face.

After Armin has returned to his human form, Mikasa, along with Eren, lifts him from the ground, weeping with joy at seeing him alive and well.

At the top of the Wall, after Eren informs Armin of what happened after the battle ended, Hansi orders Mikasa, Levi and Eren to continue surveying and head for the Jäger family home. Arriving at the basement door, Eren tries to open the lock on the door and is surprised when the key doesn’t fit. Levi breaks down the door and they enter the room.

They find that it has been fitted out to look as much like a run-of-the-mill doctor’s surgery as possible, but upon further investigation, Mikasa discovers a keyhole on a locked desk drawer, which the key unlocks. The drawer appears empty at first, but Levi notices the false bottom and beneath it they find three hidden books preserved intact with various preservatives.

Mikasa and Eren open the first book and find a strikingly realistic portrait of Grisha, standing alongside a fair-haired woman and a child. On the back of the book, Grisha has written that what they’re holding is called a “photograph” and that humanity has not perished.

Returning to the Wall, Eren and Mikasa are put in a cell for several days to punish them for their actions against Livai. During this time, Armin visits them and records Eren’s memories, recounting many events from his father Grisha’s life that match what was found in the books in his cellar. Among these memories is a conversation between him and Eren Kruger, an allied spy for the Resistance.


During this conversation, Kruger tells Grisha that anyone who has inherited the power of the Titans will only live for 13 years, as no one can outlive its original owner Ymir Fritz, who founded the nation of Eldia and all its subjects. On hearing this revelation, Mikasa becomes very depressed and denies its validity, knowing that Armin and Eren only have a small number of years left to live if it’s true. After Hansi, the current commander, puts too much pressure on Eren in the next cell, Levi orders their release. Mikasa leaves her cell, having lost weight after not eating in her depressed state.

Mikasa attends a military meeting on how to proceed with the findings from Trost’s basement. She sits silently as Hansi deliberates on their interpretation of events, but is shocked and confused when Eren suddenly shouts during the meeting.

The nine scouts of Trost’s basement are also present.

The nine surviving scouts then attend a ceremony to be honored for their success in the battle of the Shiganshina district. Before the ceremony begins, Eren argues with Frock because Armin was saved instead of Commander Erwin. When she tries to calm Eren down, Frock praises Mikasa for acting like an adult and giving up on saving Armin. This statement surprises and upsets her. Later, she will be rewarded with a medal for her bravery in Shiganshina.

About a year after the Struggle for Trost, after the Executioner of Hell had eradicated all the Titans within the Maria Wall and Shiganshina had been repopulated, the Exploration Battalion was able to organize an expedition beyond the Walls for the first time in six years. After following a trail of Titans, the Scouts reached the edge of Paradise Island, and gazed out over the ocean.

The Scouts dismount their horses, throw off their boots, and head for the seashore. Mikasa is startled by an ocean wave, but continues to give Armin a warm smile. She listens as Armin begins to talk happily with Eren about the immense size of the ocean. However, these moments of happiness fade when Eren solemnly declares that the ocean is not synonymous with freedom, and that enemies still await them on the other side.

The Mahr arc

One year after recapturing Shiganshina, Mikasa sets out with the other members of the scouts to intercept a research vessel sent by Mahr. Like the others present, Mikasa is surprised to see two sailors rebelling and forcing the others to surrender. While watching them meet Levi and Hansi, Mikasa ponders their plan and tries to wake Sasha.


An alliance is formed between Paradis and the rebel group, who call themselves the Anti-Mahr Volunteers, and preparations and training begin for the impending war with Mahr. While on a firing range, Mikasa and Armin agree that it’s good to see the two sides getting along, but they’re visibly troubled by Eren’s insistence that Paradis launch a pre-emptive assault on Mahr to buy time to prepare.

Mikasa is among the Scouts who meet an ambassador from the nation of Heazul named Kiyomi Azumabito. During a meeting between the two parties, Kiyomi shows off the Azumabito clan crest and Mikasa is shaken to see that it’s identical to the tattoo on her wrist. After Eren urges her to do so, Mikasa shares it, saying that her mother gave it to her when she was little and that she should pass it on to her children later.

Kiyomi describes how Heazul and Eldia were allies long ago and laments that the nation suffered after the Great Titan War. Kiyomi ends by declaring that Mikasa is the descendant of Heazul’s lost lord and the hope of their nation. Although Mikasa is upset by this information, Historia is ecstatic, believing that Heazul will be more inclined to trust Paradise Island because of Mikasa’s lineage.


A few months later, after spending the day building railroad tracks, Eren mentions that he only has five years to live and begins to think about who he should pass on his Titan abilities to. Mikasa immediately volunteers, but Jean advises against it; Mikasa is half-Asian and they don’t know what the Ackerman clan is (whether they’re Subjects of Ymir or not), so she might not be able to become a Titan at all.

As the others volunteer, Eren decides not to choose any of them, as he values their friendship and doesn’t want their lives forcibly interrupted on his behalf.

Mikasa is one of many scouts who travel to the Mahr continent to meet Kiyomi. When Eren leaves in the middle of the meeting, Mikasa and the rest of the 104th graduates set out to find him.

Mikasa finds him.

Mikasa finds him looking at a group of refugee tents. At first, she begins to berate him for going out alone when he’s his enemies’ most wanted target, but then she realizes he’s looking at the boy who stole Sasha and Levi earlier in the day, as well as his family. Eren tells her that these tents are where these people live after losing their homes to the war. The people here are like the two of them. One day, life ceased to be normal and everything was swept away.

He asks Mikasa why she cares so much about him, if it’s because he saved her when they were children, or because they’re family. Mikasa stammers at first, then replies that he is family. The rest of their friends arrive and interrupt their conversation, disappointing Eren. The group ends up having dinner with the family who live near Azumabito’s estate, and spends the night drinking and having fun.

The soldiers attend a hearing between politicians to discuss the mistreatment of Eldians. They are horrified when the speakers start calling for hatred of Eldians to be redirected to Eldians living on Paradise. As they listen, Mikasa notices Eren discreetly leaving the meeting.

As Eren begins his assault on the Mahrs, Mikasa joins the Exploration Battalion to retrieve it and attack Liberio. During the battle between Eren and the Titan Hammer of Weapons, Mikasa attacks the Hammer of Weapons from behind, launching eight lightning spears into its neck.

At the same time, Mikasa attacks the Titan Hammer of Weapons from behind, launching eight lightning spears into its neck.

Mikasa lands on the shoulder of the decapitated Titan Assassin and asks Eren to come home. Mikasa demands to know if Eren realizes the horror he has committed, killing civilians and children. Eren doesn’t answer the question, pointing out instead that the Weapon Hammer Titan is still alive. Mikasa is shocked to see the Titan stand up, as she’s certain she’s completely destroyed his neck, and the Weapon Hammer Titan then shoots a spike of his hardened substance in their direction.

Mikasa quickly grabs Eren and runs away from the Assaulting Titan’s body, narrowly avoiding being hit. Eren hatches a plan to defeat and eat the Weapon Hammer Titan, and asks Mikasa to distract the enemy enough for him to put it into action.

Mikasa reengages Eren’s body.

Mikasa re-engages the Weapon Hammer Titan while Eren transforms back into a Titan and captures the Weapon Hammer Titan’s controller, who was hiding underground, encased in crystal and controlling the Weapon Hammer Titan remotely via a long cord. The Jaw Titan attempts to ambush Eren but is repelled by Levi, allowing Mikasa to intercept him and knock him off the wall with a spear. However, she is forced to interrupt her attack by the arrival of the Titan Charrette.

While the Scouts and warriors clash, Mikasa attempts to destroy the warhammer crystal with a lightning spear, but it doesn’t even crack. Staying close to Eren, she watches him try unsuccessfully to consume the crystal. The Jaw Titan tries to charge Eren, but Mikasa intervenes and pulls out her blades to attack.

Mikasa swings her sword at the Jaw Titan, but it swings away and heads for the Assaulting Titan. She follows him and tries to support him. As he momentarily breaks away from the attack, Mikasa notices that this Jaw Titan is much faster than Ymir’s Titan. He then turns away from Eren to focus on an airship that serves as a means of retreat for the scouts.

Mikasa anticipates the Jaw Titan attacking the airship and manages to take it by surprise, slicing off both its legs. After Eren defeats Reiner’s Titan, Mikasa flies to Eren and convinces him to return home. She then leaves with Eren and flies to the arriving airship.

After they board the airship, Levi kicks Eren for his insubordination, which infuriates Mikasa; she tries to protest, but is stopped by Armin. The four find Sieg and Jelena in another part of the ship. A commotion breaks out outside and Conny and Jean enter the room, carrying two captured stowaways. Jean announces that one of them has shot Sasha and that she is unlikely to survive, prompting Mikasa and Armin to leave the room to see her. Sasha dies from her wounds, with Mikasa and Armin trying in vain to wake her up.

After the scouts return to Paradise Island, Mikasa attends the funeral service held for the eight soldiers lost in the Battle of Liberio. Afterwards, she stays by Sasha’s grave to continue her mourning. She is interrupted by the sound of Conny and Jean rescuing Niccolo from the harassment of a Special Brigade soldier. As Nicolo pays his respects to Sasha, Mikasa informs him of how she died.

Paradise War Arch

When Conny mentions that they should be prepared to kill Eren if he sides with their enemy, Mikasa objects, but he glares at her and asks if she would also side with the enemy. Mikasa answers in the negative, but says that Eren still cares about them and tries to convince them that his recent behavior reflects this. The others don’t believe her and Jean reminds them that despite this, Eren didn’t hesitate to force them into battle, resulting in Sasha’s death.

Mikasa is even more shocked when Conny reveals that Eren laughed upon learning of Sasha’s death. Armin decides that they must prepare for the worst-case scenario that someone will turn around and kill Eren if he proves to be a threat; Mikasa protests that she still has several years left, but Armin declares that they will decide what happens after confirming Eren’s position.

After a group of Exploration Battalion recruits leaks the news of Eren’s arrest to the public and is discovered, Mikasa attends the hearing Hansi conducts with them. After hearing them out, Hansi orders that the perpetrators be imprisoned for their actions, and Mikasa escorts one of them, Louise, to her cell. Louise tries to justify Eren’s actions and convince Mikasa to help free him, but Mikasa simply cuts her off and leaves.

Mikasa finds Armin and informs him that Daris Zackley has agreed to see them. They are both stunned to hear Zackley refuse their request to see Eren, and Mikasa is taken aback by the possibility that Sieg Jäger had controlled Eren’s behavior and movements prior to Liberio’s attack.

Mikasa finds Armin again and informs him that Daris Zackley has agreed to see them.

After Armin’s dismissal, Mikasa and Zackley go back to work.

After being dismissed, Mikasa notices several Special Brigades soldiers entering Zackley’s office and decides to eavesdrop. Armin tries to convince her not to, but she insists on knowing which way the Exploration Battalion is heading. Suddenly, she grabs Armin and dives in just as an explosion occurs in Zackley’s office. They both emerge to see Zachary’s body dismembered by the blast; Mikasa remains speechless as to who may have been behind the assassination, while the crowd of protesters chant their approval.

At an emergency meeting of the other military leaders, Mikasa hears Armin testify that he saw several Scout recruits leaving the area and that they were probably responsible for the explosion. She is shocked to learn that Eren has escaped from custody and blocked his escape route so that no one can follow him. Mikasa accompanies Armin, Hansi and Onyankopon as the military search for the renegades, staring ahead and not responding to Armin as he tries to calm her.

Later, Mikasa and Hansi are forced to leave.

Later, Mikasa attends another meeting to plan the army’s response to the emergence of the rebels, now dubbed the Pro-Jäger or “Jaegerists”. At the end of the meeting, Kiyomi takes Mikasa aside to ask her to consider fleeing on Azumabito’s ship if the need arises. Mikasa thanks her for her consideration, but makes it clear that she considers herself first and foremost an Eldian and intends to see out the fate of the island that raised her.

Furthermore, after Kiyomi tells her about the Azumabito’s uncertain political situation, Mikasa declares that this is one more situation for not relying on family. Despite Mikasa’s words, Kiyomi asserts that no matter what happens on the island, the family will protect her. Out with the other veteran Scouts, Mikasa argues briefly with Conny about Eren’s connection to the Pro-Jägers, and the fact that she is under suspicion. Believing Sieg has a secret plan, the Scouts head for a lead: a restaurant employing Mahrs workers.

After arriving for their investigation and meeting Nicolo, Mikasa and the others wait in a back room for him to finish his work. Shortly afterwards, Armin calls everyone into the main room, where Nicolo attacks the would-be warriors on the run about Sasha’s murder.

Finally, when Artur Braus’ understanding attitude calms the situation, Mikasa goes to the candidate to check her wounds. Suddenly, another girl named Kaya tries to stab the candidate, Gaby, but Mikasa blocks the attack. Mikasa and Armin take her into the next room, while the Braus family weeps.


In another room, Mikasa sits with Gaby and Armin. When Gaby asks her why she saved her, Mikasa gives no reason when Eren unexpectedly appears. Before they can say anything, Eren silently raises his bleeding right hand. Understanding Eren’s intention if they don’t comply, Mikasa and Armin obey his request and sit down at the table. Eren claims he’s free, but Mikasa maintains that he’s being controlled by Sieg.

She mentions that Eren has never been like this before and recalls that he saved her from being kidnapped years ago, showing the scarf he gave her. Eren glares at her and firmly reminds her to keep her hands on the table. Stunned by this reaction, Mikasa complies silently. Eren reveals that he has learned of the existence of the Ackerman family from Sieg, claiming that the clan can manifest the power of the Titans while remaining in human form, and that it will activate in the presence of someone recognized as the king. He tells himself that his Ackerman instincts are the reason Mikasa has stayed by his side for so long.

Mikasa tries to protest, but Eren notices that the Ackermans also suffer from severe headaches due to their true selves fighting the urge to protect the host. Remembering Mikasa’s headaches, Eren asserts that the real Mikasa died the day he rescued her from her captors. Mikasa is unable to speak and begins to break down and cry when Eren points out that he has always hated her, treating her as a mere obedient slave.

Armin tries to attack Eren, but Mikasa quickly blocks his attack and slams him against the table, much to their mutual surprise. As Eren begins to hit Armin, Mikasa continues to cry and begs him to stop. Eren then orders that she, Armin and Gaby be taken to the Shiganshina district.

Then Mikasa and Armin are transferred to a prison cell with the other prisoners. While imprisoned, Jean asks Armin to say more about their recent meeting with Eren, but Mikasa rejects his remarks and doesn’t want Armin to explain himself. They are then interrupted by Jelena, who has come to explain Sieg’s true intentions. After Jelena leaves, a fight breaks out on the roof of the army headquarters.


As the fight on the roof unfolds, Mikasa and the other prisoners wonder what the noise above them means. Onyankopon soon arrives to free them, demanding that all the imprisoned soldiers join the fight against Mahr to keep Eren safe.

Mikasa and Armin then discuss Eren’s motivations. Although Armin isn’t sure of Eren’s intentions, he assures Mikasa that Eren lied about his Ackerman genes and simply used his knowledge of his headaches to give credence to his lie.

She’s not the only one.

As she gets dressed, Mikasa is visited by Louise, who tries to bond with her. Mikasa ignores the girl and leaves for the battlefield. Before leaving, she folds the scarf given to her by Eren and leaves it behind.

During the battle, Mikasa goes with Armin to Titan Charrette while Jean and Conny go to help Eren against the Mahr Titans. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard throughout the district; Mikasa sees several flashes of light and realizes that Sieg has turned the stricken soldiers into Titans.

At the top of the hill, Mikasa is able to see the Titans.

Reaching the top of the Wall where the Titan Charrette is stationed, Mikasa rescues Armin after he destroys the Titan’s artillery cannon atop his back. Cutting down the soldiers accompanying her, Mikasa glares at Pieck. She is then charged by the Titan Charrette and moves out of range as she prepares to hit him. But before they can fight, Eren casts the Rumble and the Maria Wall begins to collapse beneath the combatants.

Mikasa and Armin are horrified to see the Titans inside emerge. As the Wall Titans set off, Armin surmises that Eren is using the Original Titan to send the Wall Titans to attack the forces gathering in Mahr to attack Paradise. However, he is puzzled to see that the entire Maria Wall is collapsing, and tells Mikasa that an attack on Mahr should only have required the Titans contained within Shiganshina’s Outer Wall. They are interrupted by Eren, who starts talking to all Ymir’s subjects through the Original Titan. To Mikasa’s shock, Eren declares that he will use the Original Titan to completely exterminate all life outside Paradise Island.

Mikasa and Armin regroup with Jean and Conny, who have Falco with them. Noticing that their fellow soldiers are being attacked by Titans, Armin and Jean go to help, but Mikasa points out that they need to look after Falco. Jean suggests giving the boy to one of the Titans, while Conny argues that his mother should be allowed to eat Falco. Armin doesn’t want to sacrifice Falco at all, arguing that killing him will only increase animosity with the warriors. The group is attacked by a Titan, allowing Conny to escape with Falco before the group can stop him.

The group returns to the military headquarters, where they rally the soldiers locked inside to help them kill the Titans that have amassed around the building. After eliminating the first wave of Titans, Mikasa’s group waits outside the building while other soldiers lead the remaining Titans towards the building to kill them, which eliminates them all.

Once the fight is over, Artur Braus takes Mikasa and Armin to meet Gaby, who begs them to return Falco to him. Armin explains what happened to Falco, and Gaby desperately tries to argue that Eren can bring Conny’s mother back to normal with the Original Titan in order to spare Falco. Gaby maintains that he was even able to remove the Dreadnought Titan’s hardened skin, prompting Mikasa to ask Gaby where Reiner is.

Mikasa tries to convince Armin not to pursue Conny to Ragako, but to no avail. As Armin leaves, Mikasa tries to ask him what they’re going to do about Eren, which leads Armin to criticize him for not concentrating on the more pressing problems they have. He then tells him that Erwin would have had better judgment then, and leaves. As Armin leaves, Mikasa notices that her scarf is no longer where she left it.
Mikasa then finds Jean and Frock with a dead Volunteer and demands to know what happened. Frock claims to be acting on Eren’s behalf to erase any grudge Paradise may have. Frock tries to recruit Jean but Mikasa interrupts, demanding to know what happened to Hansi and Levi. Frock asserts, much to his surprise, that Sieg killed them.

The next morning, Mikasa finds Louise in the infirmary wearing her missing scarf. Louise claims that Eren told her to throw the scarf away, so she decided to take it instead, prompting Mikasa to demand that she return it immediately.

The next morning, Louise finds Louise in the infirmary wearing her missing scarf.

Later, Mikasa and Jean are contacted by Hansi, who informs them of the plan to join forces with Mahr to stop Eren. Mikasa agrees. After receiving Jean’s signal to leave the military headquarters, Mikasa leaves with her comrades. On their way out of Shiganshina, they find Annie and Reiner, with whom they join forces.

That night, the combined forces of Mahr and Paradis share a meal, discussing how to oppose Eren. As tensions rise between the Scouts and the Warriors, Annie asks if the Scouts will be able to kill Eren if no other options present themselves.

Mikasa asserts that killing Eren is not the only way to stop him, confirming Annie’s suspicions that Mikasa and his friends are trying to prevent the Warriors from killing Eren. Mikasa steps forward to confront Annie, but she defuses the situation by assuring Mikasa that she has no problem with Eren living if he can be persuaded to stop Rumbling.

The next day, the group travels to the port of Paradise with the intention of using the Azumabito clan’s airship to pursue Eren, only to discover that the port has been occupied by Pro-Jäger. As the group prepares for a confrontation, Annie suggests launching a general attack, and Mikasa reminds her that they can’t risk getting the Azumabito killed in the crossfire. The discussion is interrupted by Hansi, who reveals to everyone’s horror that Eren and his Titans have apparently already reached Mahr.

The group agree on a plan: try to trick Frock into handing over the ship’s mechanics so they can use it. Instead, Frock attempts to execute the Azumabito, forcing Mikasa to intervene to save them. Mikasa helps Kiyomi disarm Frock and his guards, but Frock manages to escape and alert the other Jaegerists to their attack.

Mikasa, Hansi, Jean and Magath lead Kiyomi and the mechanics to the basement of the building where they were being held and take shelter there so that Annie and Reiner can transform and fight without risk of collateral damage.
After it has been decided that the flying boat will be taken to Odiha so that it can be prepared for flight under more favorable conditions, Mikasa brings the news of the transformation to Annie and Reiner and asks them to protect Azumabito’s service team.


As Mikasa confronts the Jaegerists, Hansi alerts her to the arrival of reinforcements by train, but she is shocked to see the train derail on its own. Once the boat is ready to leave, Mikasa helps carry an injured Annie on board.
On board the boat, Mikasa and Jean are seen holding Annie, who is in distress, after Hansi reveals that Liberio can no longer be saved from the Great Earthwork.

On the way to Odiha, Mikasa wonders if Eren has really changed, realizing that perhaps he’s always been like this, and wonders what she’s seen in him. She remembers the time the Scouts visited Mahr and wonders how things might have turned out if she’d given Eren a different answer when he asked what he was to her.


Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan

Physical strength

Because of the need to protect Eren, who often runs off in search of trouble, Mikasa honed her skills to become a talented fighter from an early age, often taking down boys bigger than her with ease, earning her a reputation. For example, when Armin was being bullied, Eren came to his rescue. The boys were about to confront Eren when they saw Mikasa behind him and quickly fled, even though the bullies outnumbered them. She’s strong enough to lift Eren off the ground effortlessly.

Omnidirectional mobility equipment

While she was still training, Keith even noted that Mikasa’s performance was exemplary in all subjects, and that she was truly a genius. Combined with her prodigious proficiency in omnidirectional mobility equipment, she can easily take down Titans with speed and efficiency. This earned her numerous mentions as a military genius, and “her prowess is equal to that of a hundred ordinary soldiers”. With such prodigious skills coupled with her own remarkable willpower, she displays a lethal strength against Titans rarely seen in soldiers, recruits or veterans. This is particularly demonstrated by the fact that she has twice faced the Female Titan, who had already easily killed many experienced veterans, and survived both encounters.


Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan
– Eren Jäger – Mikasa considers Eren her “family”, since she was taken in by him after her parents died. She still wears a scarf, given to her by Eren, in memory of the moment when he wrapped it around her in an attempt to comfort her when she had lost all hope. Ever since he saved her life and accepted her into his home, Eren has been a great source of strength and comfort to her, and when she thought he was dead, she almost let herself die too, but went on living to remember him. Because he’s the only “family” she has left, she’ll do anything to ensure his safety and vows to follow him wherever he goes, claiming that her only wish is to stay by his side; this often results in Eren getting upset when she becomes overprotective and tells him not to treat him like his “little brother”.

Because of the intensity of her devotion to him, many people, from Ian to Jean and even Levi, don’t understand the nature of their relationship. Interestingly, Mikasa only blushes when Eren is involved. For example, she blushed with shame when Ian mistook her for his lover during the recapture of Trost, and Armin left her alone with Eren after capturing the Female Titan. When she thought she and Eren were about to be killed by the Smiling Titan, she thanked him for all he’d done for her all this time.


– Armin Arlelt – Mikasa is a very close friend of Armin’s. She has often helped Eren fend off older boys who bullied him as children. Mikasa trusts Armin’s ability to find the best strategy in difficult situations, which is why she refuses to let him die during the Battle of Trost. Her faith in him, and in Eren, is the reason for Armin’s renewed confidence when he tries to convince a hostile brigade of soldiers of Eren’s value as a military weapon. Normally calm, Mikasa bursts into tears when deciding whether or not to save Armin with Titan’s injection.

– Annie Leonhart

– Annie Leonhart – Their relationship is implicitly one of rivalry. Their animosity deepens when it turns out that Annie is the Female Titan and is responsible for the deaths of countless soldiers and Eren’s attempted kidnapping. Things came to a head when Mikasa got fed up with Annie’s games and accused her of being the Female Titan who had attacked them. Once this was revealed, Mikasa prevented Annie from escaping by cutting off her fingers and forcing her to fall off the Wall.

– Jean Kirschtein – Her main interactions with him are linked to her rivalry with Eren, and it’s unclear whether she’s aware of his affection for her. When he reprimanded Eren for attacking her, Mikasa felt that Jean was trying to discredit Eren and quickly became defensive.

– Levi Acktein – Her main interactions with him are related to her rivalry with Eren, and it’s not clear that she’s aware of his affection for her.

– Levi Ackerman – Their relationship began negatively, as she saw him beat Eren at a military trial. She once vowed to make him pay for his treatment of Eren and raged against him when the Female Titan managed to kidnap Eren after slaughtering Levi’s team. Nevertheless, he expresses understanding for her and is hurt by saving her life – while temporarily on the sidelines, he repeatedly offers her advice, and she later seems remorseful for causing his injury.

– Grisha Jäger – Although he initially hoped Mikasa would get along with Eren as a friend, Grisha eventually took Mikasa in after the brutal murder of her parents. He treated her with kindness as if she were his own daughter, and for this Mikasa respected and gratefully relied on him as a father figure.

– Carla Jäger – Carla looked after Mikasa during her stay with the Jägers. Like her husband and son, she treated Mikasa like a member of the family and cared for her. Both seemed to have an implicit agreement when it came to keeping Eren out of danger. Carla urged Mikasa to look after Eren and help him when he needed it. During the Titans’ assault on their hometown, she desperately tried to lift the roof beam preventing Carla from fleeing the danger. Despite Carla’s pleas, she tearfully refused to leave her and couldn’t bring herself to watch a Titan kill and eat her.


– Hannes – It’s implied that Mikasa was grateful to Hannes for saving her and Eren from the Titan that ate Eren’s mother. Although he admitted his cowardice to her, she didn’t blame him for not saving Carla, and she appreciated him as one of the few people with whom she shared memories of more peaceful times.

– Father and mother – Mikasa shared a loving bond with her parents, and was happy with the simple life they shared. Mikasa’s father was a kind father to Mikasa, and she was very relaxed in his presence. She didn’t hesitate to ask either of her parents anything she didn’t know, and trusted them completely. The day a trio of bandits attacked and killed her parents in front of her, Mikasa lost all hope and believed her world had gone cold until Eren’s father decided to take her in.

– Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover – Although we rarely see her interact with either of them, she doesn’t kill them when she learns their true identities, suggesting that she considered them her comrades. Later, when Bertholdt tearfully explains their plight, Mikasa seems cold and firmly insists on getting Eren back.


– Louise – After Mikasa saved young Louise and her mother during the Battle of Trost, Mikasa left an indelible impression on the girl. After that, Louise began to idolize Mikasa, which became her main reason for joining the Exploration Battalion. Years later, Mikasa reunites with Louise, but is slightly disappointed by her constant idolization and also disapproves of the way she decided to follow Eren and the Jaegerists. Nevertheless, Louise continues to admire Mikasa for her strength and leadership, and wishes to get closer to her.


– Hajime Isayama based Mikasa’s physical design on a woman he met at a part-time job before starting his mangaka career. Specifically, he says he got the ideas for Mikasa’s scarf, hairstyle, eyes and eyebrows from this woman. He also noted that he originally wanted Mikasa to be a Westerner like the rest of the series, and only decided to make her half-Asian after seeing this woman.


– Mikasa’s name is taken from the battleship Mikasa, a unique battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which served as flagship during the Russo-Japanese War. Isayama is said to have named Mikasa after this ship because he believed that series whose female characters are named after famous warships are successful.


– Mikasa’s surname, Ackerman, means “one who works in the fields” in German.

– According to an interview with Isayama, Mikasa chooses not to wear her scarf if it’s too hot.

– According to Isayama, if the 104th Cadet Corps held an arm-wrestling competition, Mikasa would place first.

– Mikasa is one of the characters from Attack of the Titans who have been made into Nendoroid figures, along with Eren, Levi and the Titan Colossal. A Nendoroid set of the Attack of the Titans set has also been created.

– In the Age of Gunslingers Online game, a special Titan mode has been created as a tribute to the series. It features Elsa, an NPC modeled after Mikasa and played by Yui Ishikawa. A trailer for this mode can be viewed here. A special skin for the Blade class is also available for purchase.

– In the Simpsons episode “Treehouse of Horror XXV”, several other incarnations of other animated franchises in the family are shown, each with a respective theme. In the anime theme, each of the family members is represented as a specific anime character. Lisa embodies Mikasa, with her traditional hairstyle and military outfit using omnidirectional mobility equipment.


– Mikasa is one of eight characters to have her own song. The others are Eren, Armin, Jean, Levi, Erwin, Reiner and Bertholdt. Of the eight characters with a song, Mikasa is the only female. Mikasa’s song is entitled No matter where you are.


– Metalcore band Veil of Maya has composed a song called “Mikasa”, which is inspired by this character. [/vc_column_text]

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