Attack of the Titans explores the blurred boundaries between good and evil, right and wrong, heroes and villains, and comes to the conclusion that it’s impossible to separate even concepts that are supposed to be stereotypical opposites of one another. In this view, the Original Titan finds himself in these in-between moral zones, making decisions that have an impact on an entire race of people, with or without their consent.

His role is to protect Eldian culture and society, but he does nothing to combat the nightmarish Titans that have surrounded the Walls for a century. The Original Titan draws its strength from the will of Ymir Fritz, who continues to perpetuate her late husband’s will without question or complaint. This explains not only the power of the Original Titan, but also its indomitable determination.


10.  Titan Originel reconfigures memories on a massive scale

For some time now, the Original Titan has been manipulating Eldian memories, which means that Ymir’s Subjects are susceptible to the powers of this initiator.

After the Great Titan War, King Karl Fritz altered his people’s historical memory, making them believe that the entire world lay within the Walls, with no existence elsewhere. Interestingly, some Eldian groups, such as the Ackerman clan, are immune to the Original Titan’s manipulations.

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

9.  He controls the Pure Titans with the voice of his Heir

The Original Titan possesses the ability to summon Pure Titans to aid using voice activation, without the holder needing to clearly utter specific words for it to work.

For example, Eren simply screamed as he touched the Smiling Titan’s outstretched palm, which was enough for the neighboring Titans to rush towards them. Annie’s Female Titan, meanwhile, is capable of something similar, but she can only draw Titans in her general direction.

8.  The Titan Original uses telepathy to communicate

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

Ymir’s Subjects are all linked together by “paths”, which are metaphysical pathways allowing the exchange of matter, energy, emotions, and more.

As Ymir retains his youthful appearance after hundreds of years, it’s obvious that these paths don’t follow the usual space-time conventions. The Original Titan uses these memory pathways to telepathically transmit information to any Eldian mind of his choosing.

7.  He modifies the anatomy and physiology of the Eldian people.

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

The Original Titan is the origin of all other Titans, which means that the forms of the latter depend entirely on the former. His vast anatomy is reflected in the wide variety of Titans available, ranging from Pure to Abnormal to Nine.

In addition, the Original Titan possesses the ability to adjust Eldian physiology. Part of Sieg’s plan to avoid all-out war is to sterilize his people en masse, in the hope that this will put an end to the Age of Titans.

6.  The Titan Original has fun with timelines

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

Like the Titan Assailant, the Original Titan has the ability to easily alter past events to achieve the desired result. What’s more, those who control it get lost in an unpredictable sea of timelines.

Past, present and future blend together so seamlessly that it’s impossible for the manipulator to distinguish between them. This technique is so powerful that Eren uses it to steer the Smiling Titan towards the Shiganshina district, a decision that leads to Carla Jäger’s death.

5.  It manifests itself in various forms depending on its holder.

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

Ymir Fritz’s Original Titan is one of the largest in history, far surpassing Rod Reiss’s Colossal Titan and oversized Pure Titan. When possessed by Frieda Reiss, it becomes slightly smaller than the Titan Assaillant.

However, what’s most impressive is that the Original Titan transforms into a skeletal entity the size of a building block when Eren “borrows” power from Ymir. It’s possible that he’s taken on different guises over the past 1,800+ years.

4.  The Titan Original summons the nine Titans of the past

How Powerful Is The Original Titan?

During the climax, Eren’s friends end up on his spine, where they attempt to stop him by severing his cervical vertebrae. It’s obvious that the Original Titan won’t be defeated so easily, but it’s rather shocking when Ymir’s “ghost” resurrects hundreds of different versions of the nine Titans.

The soldiers of the exploration battalion realize that their new adversaries are the long-dead former holders of the Power of the Titans. However, even this barely sufficient knowledge fails to keep them alive in the face of the avalanche of overwhelming enemies.


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