With the return of the final season of “Attack of the Titans”, many fans are gearing up for the conclusion of the ten-year journey that began when Isayama published the manga’s first chapters in 2009. Many fans can’t wait to see Eren in action, because after discovering the truth about the Titans’ origin, he no longer feels the same hatred towards them as before. Some fans are also looking forward to seeing Armin in action, now that he holds the powers of the Colossal Titan and will certainly know how to put them to good use.

However, one character every fan wants to see in action is Mikasa Ackerman, a member of the Exploration Battalion, who takes down Titans (and any other threat that comes her way) with deadly precision. Before diving into the new episodes of “Attack of the Titans” that are coming out, it’s important for fans to know a few things about Mikasa, details often asked for, in order to get a fuller picture of the woman behind the blades. Be warned, there are a few spoilers about the manga, so proceed with caution.


How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

10.  How old is Mikasa? In the last part of Attack of the Titans, she’ll be 19.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

Due to the multiple time jumps in “Attack of the Titans”, Mikasa was introduced at different ages throughout the series. In the very first episode, when the Titan Colossal and Titan Dreadnought destroyed the Maria Wall, she was just 11 years old.

When she graduated from the 104th Training Brigade, she was 15. Today, in the final episode of “Attack of the Titans”, she’ll be 19, having grown up before our very eyes.

9.  Who are her parents? Her father was an ordinary Eldian, her mother was a descendant of the Asian clan that once lived within the walls.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

Mikasa’s parents were briefly introduced in a flashback in the first season of “Attack of the Titans”. Her father was an ordinary Eldian who lived in an isolated house in the forest of the Shiganshina district, earning his living by hunting for his family. Her mother, meanwhile, was a descendant of the Asian clan that once resided in the Walls (she was potentially the last survivor, although others may be in hiding).

Unfortunately, her parents were murdered by a trio of malevolent men who wished to traffic Mikasa and her mother because of their unique ancestry.

8.  What’s the symbol on her skin? It’s the coat of arms of the Azumabito family, a branch of the Shogun clan.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

In the manga “Attack of the Titans”, Mikasa made her debut with a tattoo on her wrist, a symbol many fans didn’t even know existed. Given to her by her mother, it was revealed to be the crest of the Azumabito family, a branch of the Shogun clan that had settled on Paradise Island among the Eldians.

This made Mikasa a relative of Kiyomi Azumabito, a Hizuru ambassador. Thus, unlike many other characters born inside the Walls, Mikasa had ties that extended far beyond, further separating her from her comrades with whom she had fought for so long.

7.  Why did she join the Exploration Battalion ? Since Eren joined the Exploration Battalion, Mikasa has done the same without hesitation.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

As the top of her class, Mikasa was guaranteed a place in the Special Brigade, if she wished to lead a comfortable life in the army.

If Eren had chosen this path after graduating, Mikasa would certainly have followed him. However, since Eren had joined the Exploration Battalion, Mikasa did the same without hesitation, as it would allow her to always stay by Eren’s side and protect him.

6.  What was the first Titan Mikasa killed? An abnormal, during the battle of the Trost district.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

Although it’s impossible to give an exact count of the number of Titans Mikasa has killed, her first Titan was eliminated at the Battle of Trost District. In this critical situation, she defeated an Abnormal Titan rushing towards a crowd of evacuating people.

Even the most experienced members of his team couldn’t catch this Titan, but Mikasa managed to land a perfect blow to the back of his neck without the slightest advance.

5.  Is there anyone stronger than Mikasa? Yes, Livai Ackerman. Her experience far outweighs his.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

Mikasa, though young compared to other members of the Exploration Battalion, is one of Paradis’ most valuable assets in the fight against the Titans and Marley. She still has a lot to learn, but in terms of mastery of three-dimensional equipment and combat skills, few soldiers can surpass her. With the addition of lightning spears to her arsenal, she was even able to deliver the coup de grace to Reiner, forcing him to abandon his Titan form. She would probably be able to take on Eren’s Titan Assailant or Sieg’s Titan Bestial. However, there was one soldier she probably couldn’t surpass: Levi Ackerman.

As a member of the Ackerman clan, Levi has the same fighting instincts as she does, but his experience far exceeds hers. Even in the most stressful situations, her emotions never get the better of her. Mikasa, on the other hand, tends to make hasty decisions when Eren’s life is at stake.

4.  What’s so special about his Ackerman bloodline? The Ackermans are the unintended result of Titan science.

Fans were quick to notice that two of Paradise’s finest soldiers shared the same surname, and this certainly can’t be mere coincidence. In reality, the Ackermans were once a family of Eldian warriors who lived inside the Walls and were the unintended results of experiments on the Titans. Thanks to these experiments, the Ackermans are able to draw on the fighting skills inherited from their ancestors through the Paths.

When Karl Fritz decided to erase the memories of his people, the Ackermans were immune and rejected his ideology, leading to an attempt to suppress their warrior line.

3.  Why is Mikasa so obsessed with Eren? It’s just a result of her own nature.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

In an attempt to distance himself from her, Eren told Mikasa that her Ackerman lineage drove her to cling to him, for it was he who had spurred her into action when one of the men who had attacked her family had nearly killed him.

However, Isayama himself claimed that this was not true and that Mikasa’s obsession with Eren was simply the result of her own nature. She’s simply in love with him.

2.  Could Mikasa become a Titan? Yes, the Eldian blood Mikasa inherited from her father could allow her to transform into a Titan.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

Only those with Eldian blood have the ability to transform into Titans by ingesting Titan spinal fluid, which is why the rest of the world considers them demons. Many fans wondered whether Mikasa would be able to transform into a Titan, because although one of her parents was as Eldian as they come, her mother was a pure descendant of the Asian clan who was not a subject of Ymir. This is the main reason why there are no other members of the Asian clan inside the Walls. The King, who built them, eliminated them all because their memories could not be manipulated by the power of the Original Titan. What’s more, the Ackerman family, despite being of Eldian origin, were persecuted for the same reason.

However, it’s plausible that the Eldian blood inherited from her father enables Mikasa to transform into a Titan, as she and Armin were able to hear Eren’s telepathic message addressed to all Ymir subjects worldwide when he proclaimed his intention to destroy them. What’s more, Reiner’s father isn’t an Eldian, yet Reiner can wield the Dreadnought Titan’s powers without any problems.

1.  Does Mikasa have any weaknesses? Yes, her concern for Eren clouds her judgment.

How Old Is Mikasa? And 9 Other Questions About Her!

If all members of the Exploration Battalion were like Mikasa, the fight against the Titans would have ended years ago. She has a natural mastery of three-dimensional equipment and can reach the back of a Titan’s neck with pinpoint accuracy thanks to her razor-sharp reflexes. She has also proved extremely effective against human enemies. Although she still has a long way to go before reaching Livai’s level, she is virtually unbeatable. However, her concern for Eren clouds her judgment, causing her to make reckless mistakes she wouldn’t have made otherwise.

When she was led to believe that Eren had been devoured during the battle of the Trost district, she used up all her gas, falling into the streets where she was nearly devoured by a Titan. When Eren was kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholt, she was so focused on rescuing him that she fell into the clutches of a Titan, fracturing a few ribs in the process. When she and Livai went to rescue Eren from the Female Titan, Mikasa rushed recklessly and was almost crushed by Annie’s backlash. Had Livai not pushed her out of the way, the people of Paradise would have lost one of their most valuable assets.


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