Eren Jäger in “Attack of the Titans” stands out from the other primordial Titans thanks to his ability to gather the powers of several Titans simultaneously.

How Did Eren Get His Titan Powers?

WARNING: The following contains revelations up to episode 10 of season 4 of “Attack of the Titans,” entitled “Of Beautiful Principles.”

Since the beginning of “Attack of the Titans”, Eren Jäger has been the story’s main protagonist. His world fell apart when his mother, Carla Jäger, was devoured by a Titan. Although he remembers what happened to his mother, his memories of his father, Grisha Jäger, are hazy. Things get even more confusing for Eren when he discovers he’s a Primordial Titan in season 1 episode 8, “I hear the beating of your heart – The Battle of Trost”.

It’s at this point that viewers, as well as the main characters born inside the walls, learn for the first time that some people can transform into Titans. What’s more, Eren appears to be a special Titan. While Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover and Annie Leonhart inherited the powers of a single Titan, Eren possesses the powers of two Titans until season 4, when he acquires the abilities of another Titan. This is how Eren becomes one of the most fearsome Titans in “Attack of the Titans”.

The Attacking Titan

How Did Eren Get His Titan Powers?

Eren discovered he was the Titan Assassin in season 1, at the age of 15. Little did he know, however, that he had inherited the Titan Assassin from his father five years earlier. In fact, apart from the royal family, Paradise Eldians were unaware of the existence of Primordial Titans until Eren became the Titan Assassin. Although he simultaneously inherited both the Titan Assassin and the Original Titan, the characters thought of Eren only as the Titan Assassin until season 2.

Before Eren became the Titan Assassin, his father, an Eldian from Marley, was the carrier of this Primordial Titan, having inherited his powers from Eren Kruger, an Eldian spy infiltrated into Marley’s ranks. After transforming almost all the captured resistant Eldians into will-less Titans and releasing them on Paradise, Kruger spared Grisha and revealed his true identity to her.

He also revealed to her that her time as a Primordial Titan was coming to an end due to Ymir’s curse. Since Primordials only live for 13 years, Eren Kruger needed someone to inherit the Assaulting Titan, recover the Original Titan and free the Eldians once and for all, and Grisha accepted the mission. From then on, Grisha went into exile, started a new family and finally confronted the Original Titan after the Maria Wall breach in 845.

The Original Titan

How Did Eren Get His Titan Powers?

Grisha discovered the Reiss family, i.e. the royal family, hiding in the underground chapel. Unaware that Carla had already passed away, Grisha begged them to use the Original Titan to eliminate the will-deprived Titans and thus save her family. However, Frieda Reiss, then carrier of the Founder Titan, was upset by King Fritz’s decision to give up the war, which prevented him from defending himself against the invading Titans.

Instead, her Titan fought Grisha’s, but the latter gained the upper hand and devoured Frieda, thus inheriting the Original Titan, which until then had been reserved for members of the royal family. However, when he returned from his mission, Grisha discovered that it was too late and that Carla had passed away. Knowing that his time as a shapeshifter was also coming to an end, Grisha asked Eren to avenge his mother before taking him into the woods. There, he injected his ten-year-old son with a Titan serum, and the child quickly transformed into a Titan devoid of willpower and devoured Grisha.

When Eren wakes up, he doesn’t know what has happened to his father, and it’s not until season 2 episode 12, entitled “Scream”, that the audience, along with Bertholdt and Reiner, learn that Eren is the Original Titan, also known as the Coordinator Titan. Throughout Season 3, Eren will get more specific answers about how he became the Titan Assailant and the Original Titan, and he’ll discover the truth about his father and the outside world.

The Hammer Titan

How Did Eren Get His Titan Powers?

Although Eren inherited both the Assaulting Titan and the Original Titan simultaneously from his father, it wasn’t until episode 7 of season 4, entitled “Assault”, that he also inherited the Hammer Titan. Like the Original Titan, the Hammer Titan was held by a specific family and passed down to members of the Tyburs, the only Eldians respected by the outside world. In season 4, Willy Tybur’s sister was a carrier of the Hammer Titan.

The Tyburs visited the city of Revelio in Marley in 854. Willy intended to restore Eldia’s reputation by revealing the truth about King Fritz and declaring that Eren was the real threat to peace, as he had stolen the Original Titan from the Reiss family. He also declared war on Eren, who then transformed into his Titan and devoured Willy.

The Hammer Titan quickly sprang into action, but Eren finally managed to capture its user, who enclosed herself in an almost indestructible crystal. Eren used the Titan Jaw to shatter the crystal, killing Lady Tybur and inheriting the Titan Warhammer after ingesting her blood.


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