The Horned Demon (角つの状じょう鬼おに Tsunojō oni?) was a Demon residing in the House of Drum.

Horned Demon | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


The Horned Demon was distinguished by his long, shoulder-length black hair, a central slit and a single horn in the middle of his forehead. His red eyes were particularly striking, with upward-slanting vertical pupils. His lips were thick and prominent.
Physically, the Horned Demon had a generally imposing stature, with veins visible over much of his body. In his brief appearance, he wore green hakama pants and a brown vest.


The Horned Demon was a proud and confident being, as evidenced by his lack of hesitation in attacking Inosuke, even boasting that he would soon savor the latter’s flesh and sarcastically praising his attack. However, his pride and lack of caution soon led to his defeat, as he underestimated Inosuke and showed an inability to properly assess his opponent before fighting him.


It’s not known how the Horned Demon became a demon, or how long he had been one.
Before his first appearance, he and the Tongue Demon fought Kyogai to determine who would eat Kiyoshi because of his Marechi blood. During the fight, the Horned Demon managed to snatch one of Kyogai’s tsuzumi, which Kiyoshi quickly grabbed and used to teleport to safety, presumably separating the three demons.

Horned Demon | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


Enhanced strength: the Horned Demon demonstrated great strength by ripping one of Kyogai’s tsuzumi from his back. He was also able to easily crush hard wood by gripping it, as when he tried to grab Inosuke.


Tsuzumi mansion arch

  • Inosuke Hashibira vs Horned Demon


  • (To Inosuke) “It will be a pleasure to carve your flesh.”

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