In Attack of the Titans, Historia Reiss was introduced as a submissive and easily influenced young girl, but she underwent a significant and profound change in personality throughout the story.

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia Reiss is an important secondary character in the Attack of Titan universe, and as the rightful queen of Paradise, she was initially presented as an easily influenced young girl. Over the course of the story, she underwent one of the series’ most profound transformations, culminating in her victory over the Titan Reiss in the climax of the third season.

Although royal, Historia’s life has not been easy, and has been marked by challenges and obstacles. By revealing the darker aspects of her life, the series highlights the incredible strength she had to deploy to persevere in a world that never accepted her.


10. Historia was disowned by her mother

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia Reiss had a difficult childhood due to her illegitimate birth and her mother’s obvious resentment towards her. Her attempts at parental affection were cruelly rebuffed, while her father, Rod, was not a more present parent. As a result, she suffered severe emotional neglect.

The only person with whom she was able to form a meaningful bond was her older half-sister, Frieda Reiss, whose life tragically ended when Grisha Jeager attacked the underground bunker and captured the Original Titan.

9. Historia was hunted by military police

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia was considered an illegitimate child and a threat to the established order, resulting in her being hunted down by the military police led by the cruel Kenny Ackerman. She had to lie about her identity to herself and others for most of her childhood. Being a fugitive had major repercussions on her future life.

Not only did this keep her in a constant state of anxiety, but she was also forced to change her name in order to live a quiet, safe life. Ymir correctly noted that Historia had lost so much power that she was looking for an excuse to die, as shown by her clumsy plan to save Daz from freezing.

8. Historia was a member of the Exploration BattalionHistoria Reiss: The Harsh Realities

The Paradise Scout regiment has been the least glamorous military branch since its inception. They have the highest mortality rate of the three military branches, and many of those who manage to survive return broken and traumatized from their experiences.

Historia’s decision to join this organization is a testament to her courage and monumental character. However, given that she held no grudge against the Titans and had no desire to see beyond the walls, it also suggests that she had no concern for her own safety.

7. Historia is one of the smallest and most fragile characters in the series.

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia is one of the smallest adult characters in the series, standing just 1m45 tall. Although she’s capable of riding horses and wielding ODM equipment, her small stature suggests unimpressive physical strength.

This is confirmed by the relatively low number of Titans she killed during her service in the Exploration Battalion. She only managed to put a few of them down during Eren’s recovery mission from Reiner and later during the fight against her father.

6. Historia was coveted by a Marleyan spy.

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

After the operation against the female Titan, Reiner developed a strong desire to be loved by Historia and often dreamed of taking her with him to Marh, even though he had promised Ymir to protect her. However, given Reiner’s instability and inability to keep his promises, his affection for Historia is both misguided and inappropriate. What’s more, he has fought tirelessly for the downfall of Historia’s people and everything she holds dear, which makes his desire to be loved by her even more shocking.

5. Rod Reiss expects Historia to become the next Founding Titan

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

After finding his daughter, Rod Reiss began planning to make her the next Original Titan. Although this could have made her the most powerful character in the series, the requirements were so strict that it would have been a curse for her.

In effect, this would have drastically reduced Historia’s lifespan to just thirteen more years, and she would have been subject to the will of the late King Fritz, losing all personal autonomy. Like Frieda, her enormous power would be totally useless. Had these conditions not existed, Rod would probably have agreed to become the Original Titan himself.

4. Historia’s reign undermined by Yeagerian insurgents

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Shortly after Historia’s coronation as the rightful descendant of the Fritz family, unrest broke out. Although the population of Paradis did not challenge her legitimacy, the Jeagerian movement, led by Floch, succeeded in organizing a peaceful revolution by distributing Zeke’s fluid via Marleyan plants. However, after the Marh invasion, Floch declared martial law and began executing dissidents without the consent of Historia, who was in retreat from public life at the time.

3. Historia’s compatriots expected her to give birth.

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia’s subjects put a lot of pressure on her to find a partner and get pregnant. As the last member of the Reiss family, they felt a descendant was necessary to control the Wall Titans and protect Paradise from the outside world for future generations. Consequently, Historia quickly married a man she barely knew and agreed to carry his child. However, given that Eren’s actions rendered the power of the Rumble obsolete, Historia’s hasty decision was unprecedented.

2. As queen, Historia was above all a figurehead.

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

You’d think that as queen, Historia would have great power in history, but in reality her influence was minimal after her coronation. Experienced individuals such as Dhalis Zachary and Dot Pyxis made most executive decisions on her behalf, leaving more formal tasks such as recognition ceremonies to the queen.

Although Historia had some influence in the decision-making process, she only recently became chief, so she had to rely on the expertise of her advisors. It’s therefore difficult to give her credit for the few achievements made during her reign.

1. Historia suffered from Ymir’s death

Historia Reiss: The Harsh Realities

Historia and Ymir have developed a close relationship since they met, and their implied romance was one of the most moving elements of the series. Ymir’s departure for Marley left Historia completely devastated, as she often relied on her for guidance. However, the solitude allowed Historia to draw inner strength from herself. She vowed to reclaim her identity and live for herself, which gave her the resolve to defy Rod Reiss, return to the public eye and rule Paradise with as much courage as she could.


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