The painful experiences of my past have been lessons in how to inflict suffering on others to satisfy my thirst for revenge! If I don’t inflict misery equal to what I’ve endured, I’ll never be able to restore the balance! That’s how demons work! And we kill anyone who dares to contradict us.
Gyutaro and Daki against Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira and Tengen Uzui in How to defeat them.

Gyutaro (妓夫ぎゅう太た郎ろう Gyūtarō?) is one of the main antagonists in Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, occupying the sixth highest position (上じょう弦げんの陸ろく Jōgen no Roku?), a position he shares with his younger sister, Daki.

More than a century ago, Gyutaro was a human child working as a debt collector in Yoshiwara’s entertainment district, the lowest class in society, before he and Daki were personally transformed into demons by Doma, who then occupied the sixth highest position.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


As a demon, Gyutaro is a relatively tall man with a muscular build. His skin is pale and grayish, dotted with black spots, and his anatomy is strange: his upper torso, arms and legs are very muscular, while his waist is extremely lean and his pelvis forms an abnormal angle. He has fine green and red eyes, with bright orange sclera, slanted downwards at the sides, and engraved with kanji meaning “High Rank” (上じょう弦げん Jogen?) and “Six” (陸ろく Roku?). His black hair is untidy, suddenly turning bright green around the crown of his head, with uneven bangs and several wild locks. His body and face are marked with black ink-like spots and a water pattern on his face. Gyutaro is described as very ugly.
Gyutaro wears no shirt, only blue pants and seven pieces of red cloth to adorn his body: a large one around his neck and three smaller ones around each arm.

As a human, Gyutaro had the same facial features as when he was a demon, notably the ink-like patterns on his face. He also had this strangely distorted anatomy and the same hair as when he was transformed into a demon. He could be seen wearing either a dirty, torn kimono, or a striped kimono that revealed his chest when he was older.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


Because of the hard life he’s lived in near-constant poverty and the tragedies he’s endured as a human, Gyutaro describes himself as cruel, petty and envious of those lucky enough to have a better life than he does. He has developed the habit of sarcastically complimenting a person’s best qualities and then seeking to kill them in revenge, as he did with Tengen Uzui. Because of his difficulties as a human, Gyutaro believes it’s right to take the best from others. One of his habits is to inflict wounds on himself when angry, frustrated or jealous, as when he scratched himself so hard that he made deep wounds in his own flesh out of jealousy towards Tengen.
Having lived for over a century and fought many demon slayers and Hashira, Gyutaro became somewhat arrogant and prideful in battle, underestimating his opponents and considering them inferior to him, as he did with the team of demon slayers sent to kill him by asking his sister to fight them and deal with them first rather than himself.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba
Despite his negative traits, Gyutaro has a strong and sincere love for his younger sister, Daki. Having raised her himself due to their mother’s mental instability, he is deeply attached to her. This familial love is so strong that even after becoming a demon and almost forgetting his human life, he continues to care for her and allow her to do what she wants, even if it goes against his own interests. However, his love doesn’t stop him from shouting and insulting her in frustration. When he first revealed himself, he gently nursed his sister’s cries and wounds, praising her efforts while insulting her lack of intelligence.

After his death and final thoughts, Gyutaro has no regrets about the choices he has made throughout his life, particularly that of voluntarily becoming a demon and killing and eating hundreds of people over hundreds of years. This shows how misanthropic and bitter he has become as a result of the terrible circumstances he experienced as a human. However, he later declares that his only real regret in life is his sister, Ume, showing that deep down, Gyutaro regrets that her negative influence in his upbringing contributed to his transformation into a selfish person. In his final moments, Gyutaro wonders if his sister could have lived a different, wonder-filled life without him, taking the path of the devil. He sincerely wishes she’d been born and raised by someone else, taking full responsibility for all her regrettable actions and showing how much he loves her.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Even in death, Gyutaro shows his concern for Daki’s well-being by pointing her in the opposite direction where the light is better, hoping that she can have a fresh start in a new life without his harmful influence.


Human life

Gyutaro was born into great poverty, part of the lowest class in the entertainment district. His mother abused him regularly and had even tried to kill him before he was born, supposedly because of a miscarriage, as she didn’t have the means to support herself. Her attempts proved futile, and his mother eventually died of syphilis.
Throughout his childhood, Gyutaro was constantly criticized by other local residents for his appearance, voice and lack of hygiene. When his sister, Ume, was born, he felt a certain pride and acted as her “protector” in the neighborhood.

At the age of 13, on his way home from work, he discovered his sister tied up, burned alive and abandoned in a ditch, following the enucleation of a samurai’s eye with a hairpin. Panic-stricken, he begins to cry, begging his sister to return to normalcy as he cradles her body. As he embraces his dying sister, the same samurai whose eye has been removed emerges behind Gyutaro and inflicts a wound on his back in an attempt to kill him. It’s then that he overhears the samurai talking to the brothel manager, revealing that it was the latter who had ordered Gyutaro’s death. Before the samurai can finish Gyutaro off, the latter manages to escape from the ditch and kill both the manager and the samurai with his sickle.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba
Despite his injuries, Gyutaro carries his sister Ume’s dying body through the Hanamachi district in search of help, but finally realizes bitterly that there’s no one to come to their aid, wherever they go. Exhausted, he and his sister find themselves on the verge of death. That’s when Doma, then ranked number six, discovers them. Doma was scouring the entertainment districts for young women to devour. He then offers them his “help” by turning them into demons, describing himself as a “nice guy”. He gives them a few drops of his blood to initiate their transformation and challenges them to become powerful enough to be chosen by “that man” and join the Twelve Kizuki.

Demon life

As demons, Gyutaro and his sister, now known as “Daki”, continue to reside in the entertainment district and terrorize the residents. The two siblings develop a taste for exclusively tasting the district’s most beautiful geishas and oiran. After an unknown length of time, they are finally spotted and recognized by “that man” and are awarded the sixth highest position among the Twelve Kizuki, which they then share between them.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba
During his long existence as a demon, Gyutaro manages to kill and devour at least fifteen members of the Hashira, the pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps, while his sister eliminates seven.


Arc of the entertainment district

After Daki, seized by a fit of rage, called out to Gyutaro, he emerged from her body and quickly took her to another part of the room. He reattached her severed head and comforted her in the meantime. Tengen attacked the duo, but Gyutaro quickly countered, wounding the Hashira. He then sarcastically complimented Tengen for stopping his attack.

The mysterious demon then complimented Tengen’s face, skin, flesh and size, as well as his alleged popularity with women. Envious of the Hashira, Gyutaro threatened him with a painful death. Hearing Daki’s complaints about Nezuko Kamado’s involvement, he vowed revenge on all those who had harmed them. With disproportionate force, he threw his sickle-shaped weapons, which came back at him, but Gyutaro failed to injure Tengen or the passers-by he was protecting. He reaffirmed his envy of the Hashira, which grew even stronger when the demon slayer revealed that he had three wives. The mysterious demon unleashed his blood demon art: “Flying Blood Sickles”, a barrage of blood blades. His attack produced no result, as Tengen escaped through a hole he had created in the ground, which surprised the emaciated demon. Gyutaro ordered his attack to turn, revealing its automatic tracking ability. Tengen again deflected the attack, launching and detonating several small bombs around Gyutaro. Wrapped in his sister’s scarf, Gyutaro resisted the blast, boasting that he was one with her.

The emaciated demon then informed his opponent that he was different from the previous Hashira he had fought, once again expressing his envy of Tengen’s talents. He remained silent as the sound Hashira dismissed his claims, citing Gyomei Himejima and Muichiro Tokito as examples of exceptional talent, but countered by asking how the poison of his “Flying Blood Sickles” had not yet killed the demon slayer. Moments later, Gyutaro grimaced, declaring Tengen’s resistance to the poison a bluff, and blocked the Hashira’s twin blades with his two sickles. After a brief confrontation, Gyutaro was furious that Tengen had hit his sister. He was then surprised when Tengen threw more bombs at him and his sister, but managed to escape unharmed. He soon understood the true nature of the bombs, a special powder capable of injuring demons, which left him confident of their ultimate victory. However, he was surprised by Tengen’s sword stroke. Admiring the power of the Hashira’s grip, Gyutaro deflected the attack but ended up with a slight wound on his neck. He warned Tengen of his imminent death, but was surprised by the arrival of Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba
The mysterious demon reiterated his death threat, deeming the arrival of Hashira’s subordinates insufficient. Tengen remained confident of victory, having deduced that cutting off the heads of both siblings simultaneously was the key to success, but Gyutaro assured him that this would not be easy to accomplish. He also mentioned that the two of them had already devoured many Hashira, fifteen for him and seven for Daki. He then watched silently as Daki was taken to the roof by Zenitsu, while Inosuke came to help the wooden-headed young man in his fight, but he was confident that she would prevail. Thanks to their connection, Gyutaro closed one of his eyes and quickly attacked Tanjiro Kamado. He almost struck a fatal blow to the young man’s neck, but Tengen stopped him at the last moment by stabbing him in the chin. In the midst of this confrontation, his sister’s battle scarves fell from above them, prompting Gyutaro to call Tengen’s declaration of victory a lie, while calling them incompetent for their lack of mastery of movement.

The demon slayers could be seen clashing with the two demons from the entertainment district, fighting a fierce battle on the roof and inside one of the brothels. As the building began to collapse, Tengen found himself caught between two of Gyutaro’s attacks, but Tanjiro intervened and managed to protect him from the blows. Tengen used Sound Breathing, Fifth Form: “Rope Performance” to try and trap Gyutaro, but Daki’s scarf stepped in and protected his brother from the attacks.

Tengen began to be pushed back by the scarf, but Tanjiro intervened by cutting the scarf and trying to distract Gyutaro. Meanwhile, on the roof, Inosuke and Zenitsu could be seen fighting to avoid the attacks of Daki’s scarf. The two boys realized that Daki was attacking them with the blood blades used by Gyutaro, preventing them from approaching him. Now that the brothel had been destroyed, Tengen and Tanjiro had to fight Gyutaro and the scarf under the night sky. On a nearby rooftop, Hinatsuru appeared with a large box filled with kunai darts and hurled dozens at Gyutaro. Initially confused by this random attack, Gyutaro used his Blood Demon Art: “Rampant Arc Rampage” to deflect them away from him. Gyutaro was shocked to see that Tengen continued to attack him despite the darts he had received. He tried to decapitate him with his sickle, but Tengen managed to dodge his attack and cut off his legs. At this point, Gyutaro was struck in the neck by one of the kunai darts and was unable to regenerate his feet, realizing that the darts were coated with wisteria extract. As his body began to go numb, Tanjiro approached him in an attempt to decapitate him, arousing Gyutaro’s intense curiosity even as the Demon Slayers quickly regained the upper hand.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

At this point, however, Gyutaro managed to regenerate his legs and attacked them from close range. He used his blood demon art, Flying Blood Sickles, to emit numerous bursts of blood and attack them. Before they could reach him, Tengen Uzui grabbed Tanjiro and threw him back to protect him from the attack. Within seconds, Tengen used his fourth form of sound breathing, Constant Resounding Slashes, to deflect Gyutaro’s attack, only to find that he had disappeared. To his horror, he looked up to the roof to see that Gyutaro had captured Hinatsuru and was about to kill her.

Tengen tried to save her, but Daki’s scarf prevented him from reaching her. Tengen shouted at Gyutaro to stop as he tried to get through. Tanjiro approached the building and tried to use Hinokami Kagura to reach it, but his body refused to listen. Tanjiro quickly changed tactics and used a form of water breathing to save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro. Realizing that he had succeeded in saving Hinatsuru, Tanjiro decided to use both Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura to increase his attack power. Gyutaro was surprised by Tanjiro’s unexpected maneuver and attacked him. Just then, however, Tengen came up behind Gyutaro and swung his blade at his neck, shouting openly that he owed Tanjiro a debt. Tanjiro helped Tengen by also trying to bring his blade down on Gyutaro’s neck, but the demon managed to use his sickles to stop both their attacks and tried to absorb their blades. Tengen used his free arm to swing his second blade at Gyutaro, but his quick reflexes enabled him to catch the tip of the blade in his mouth. Sensing that Gyutaro was about to release more blood blades, Tengen told Tanjiro to hang on as Hinatsuru pulled Tanjiro away from them, allowing Tengen to leap from the roof, taking the demon with him.

As Inosuke fled with Daki’s decapitated head, Gyutaro suddenly appeared behind him and impaled him through the chest. Tanjiro watched in horror as Gyutaro grabbed Daki’s head while Inosuke collapsed on the roof, then looked at the ground and was once again horrified to see Tengen lying bleeding and unresponsive. Zenitsu tried to warn Tanjiro of the scarf’s attack, but before he could escape, the roof collapsed beneath them and Tanjiro fell to the ground, apparently buried under the rubble.

Tanjiro awoke from his dream and tried to regain his senses, but before he could get up, Gyutaro could be seen standing over him, wondering if he was still alive. Gyutaro took it upon himself to tell Tanjiro that Inosuke had been pierced through the heart, that Zenitsu was suffering and trapped under the rubble, and that Tengen’s heart had stopped because of the poison. He called them all pathetic and asked Tanjiro how he was related to the demon in the box, to which he replied that it was his little sister. Gyutaro began to laugh at Tanjiro’s pathetic attempt to protect his sister and told him he should use his hands, before breaking his fingers.

As Tanjiro lay parched on the ground, Gyutaro scolded him for his weakness and pulled him by the hair. He teased Tanjiro into trying to decapitate him, but instead of attacking, Tanjiro put his hand on a small bag and bowed his head in defeat. Believing he had broken Tanjiro’s fighting spirit, he revealed his grand idea of offering Tanjiro the opportunity to become a demon for his sister’s sake. Tanjiro suddenly rolled his eyes and Gyutaro asked him if he was trying to hold back his tears, but to his surprise, Tanjiro replied that he had been preparing for this moment.

As his face moved closer to Gyutaro’s, Tanjiro lowered his head and delivered a powerful headbutt that momentarily stunned him. Daki shouted at him to get up, but his legs buckled and he looked down to discover that a kunai dart had lodged in his leg. He realized that when Tanjiro had looked down, he had opened a bag given to him by Hinatsuru containing wisteria poison. Tanjiro managed to get to his feet while Gyutaro remained paralyzed and crouched in front of him, and he used his last strength to bring his blade down on his neck.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Having regained his balance and subdued Gyutaro, Tanjiro manages to drive his blade into the demon’s neck and press down in an attempt to decapitate him. As he struggles to drive the blade in, Tanjiro identifies with Gyutaro and says to himself that if he were in his situation, he’d want his comrades to kill him rather than live as a demon. Tanjiro continues to fight to slice Gyutaro’s neck, but before he can do so, Gyutaro uses his blood blades to push his sword away. Tanjiro loses his balance as Gyutaro regains the upper hand, forcing them to fight again. Gyutaro gains the upper hand and brings his sickle down on Tanjiro’s neck, but just then Tengen regains consciousness and protects him from the blade.

Despite being severely poisoned and missing his left hand, Tengen engages in close combat with Gyutaro, noticing that he has perfected the musical score technique. It is revealed that this technique enables him to analyze his opponents’ movements and read them like notes on a musical score. However, the poison has affected his ability to attack, limiting him to defending against Gyutaro’s attacks.

Gyutaro manages to land a powerful attack on the left side of Tengen’s face, causing him to lose his left eye, and begins stabbing him. Tanjiro screams at Tengen as he sees him being stabbed, but Tengen orders him to ignore him and jump. Tanjiro leaps into the air towards Gyutaro and attempts to decapitate him, but is apparently stabbed in the jaw by Gyutaro’s sickle. The demon begins to panic as they push each other away, and he releases his poison to try to kill Tanjiro, but the latter endures the pain and brings his blade down on Gyutaro.

It is revealed that the demon siblings have managed to keep the demon hunters at bay thanks to a hidden ability. During the battle, Gyutaro controlled his sister and could see through her eyes, giving them an advantage. His poison also greatly affected the demon hunters, but there was always one member of the team who survived, allowing them to continue the fight. We see Tanjiro bring his blade down on Gyutaro’s neck despite the demon’s sickle piercing his jaw. The strength of his arms isn’t enough to slice through Gyutaro’s neck, so he mobilizes his whole body to get past it, ignoring the pain. Gyutaro notices the change in Tanjiro’s scar, which develops the mark of the demon hunter, and his eyes bulge. The change in attitude is too great and Tanjiro’s blade slices through Gyutaro’s neck, plunging him into panic.

Meanwhile, Daki can be seen resisting Zenitsu’s attempts to decapitate her. She tries to use her obi to kill Zenitsu at point-blank range, but Inosuke suddenly appears and reveals that he has protected her heart from the stabbing by reorganizing her organs. He also reveals that poison has no effect on him since he was raised in the mountains, and then helps Zenitsu decapitate Daki. The three boys roar as they join forces to slit the demons’ necks. After a long battle, Zenitsu and Inosuke manage to decapitate Daki on the roof, while Tanjiro simultaneously decapitates Gyutaro on the ground. Their heads fall to the ground and roll until they are face to face.

As Gyutaro’s body collapses to the ground, Tengen notices something escaping and becomes alarmed. Meanwhile, on a nearby rooftop, Suma, Hinatsuru and Makio have arrived to witness the end of the battle. As Makio begins to bicker with Suma about his behavior, Hinatsuru notices something unusual on the battlefield. She looks down and sees Tanjiro struggling to breathe, losing blood from his jaw, while trying to slow down the poison. Tanjiro looks at Tengen sitting opposite him and shouts at him with a panicked expression. However, Tanjiro doesn’t understand why Tengen reacts with horror.

After the battle is over, Nezuko and Tanjiro search for the heads of the superior demon siblings. Tanjiro senses the demons’ scent and guides Nezuko towards them. When they arrive, Gyutaro and Daki can be seen violently arguing over their defeat. Their heads begin to disintegrate as they accuse each other of losing the battle, Gyutaro blaming Daki for being useless. Daki retorts by saying that someone as ugly as Gyutaro can’t be considered his parent, which worries Tanjiro who watches them, fearing the hurtful words they hurl at each other.

Daki and Gyutaro continue to argue as their heads begin to disintegrate. Daki blames him for being useless and even wonders if they really are siblings. Gyutaro loses his temper at her remarks, calling her weak and even regretting having protected her in the first place. He loses his temper and continues to make hateful remarks, saying his life would have been better without her and wishing she’d never been born, which brings tears to Daki’s eyes. Tanjiro intervenes by covering Gyutaro’s mouth, declaring that he doesn’t mean what he says and that they shouldn’t spend their last moments fighting each other. Daki shouts in frustration at Tanjiro, asking him to leave them alone and stop lecturing them. Daki’s head reaches its final stage of disintegration and she pleads with her brother to save her, saying she doesn’t want to die. Gyutaro desperately watches her head dissolve while calling out to her, before impulsively calling her by her birth name, Ume.

As he nears his final moments, Gyutaro recalls his past as a human, born in the pleasure district to a prostitute mother. Before dying of syphilis, his mother tried to kill him several times, even after the birth of his younger sister. Because of his appearance and lack of hygiene, young Gyutaro was mistreated and hated by everyone he met. Things began to change after the birth of his sister, as her beauty erased his inferiority complex, and he used his ugliness along with his newfound fighting skills to become an effective debt collector. However, good fortune did not last for the siblings. When Gyutaro was thirteen, his sister blinded a samurai with a comb and was burned alive for her crime. When Gyutaro returned, he found her barely alive and embraced her as she struggled to stay alive. He cursed the gods for returning his sister to them and for their cruel treatment, before being attacked by the same samurai. The samurai stabbed Gyutaro from behind, leaving him to bleed to death as he argued with one of the brothel’s managers.

The manager brazenly insulted Gyutaro, calling him a nuisance and a bully for harassing the locals, then expressing his pity at having lost Ume as a courtesan. Before the samurai could finish him off, Gyutaro savagely killed the man in charge and reproached the samurai for leading a lavish life, before killing him in turn. As Gyutaro sought help for himself and his sister, no one was willing to help due to their reputation and circumstances. He walked painfully down the street until he collapsed and bled to death on the ground, as the snow began to fall. The siblings lay dying on the ground, until they were discovered by one of the top brass, who offered to turn them into demons. Gyutaro determinedly declared that he would become a demon again, no matter how many times he was reborn, wishing to continue spreading fear as “Gyutaro, the debt collector”.

Gyutaro wonders what Daki might have become if she’d been raised differently, all the while carefully observing her surroundings. A younger version of Daki suddenly appears behind him, disgusted with their current situation and looking for the exit. The skinny man orders her to stop following him, becoming angry when Daki refuses to obey. Daki, in tears, apologizes for her previous cruel insults, explaining that she didn’t want to admit it was her fault they’d lost. Despite Gyutaro’s persistent refusal to let her join him, Daki tackles him from behind, stubbornly refusing to let go and vowing to always be his little sister, no matter how many times she is reborn. She reminds him of the promise they once made to always stay together. Finally, Gyutaro accepts her company and drags his sister into the fire that awaits them.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


General Abilities : As Rank Six Superior, Gyutaro is an extremely powerful demon, with over a century of combat experience. He once killed 15 Hashira, the strongest and most skilled demon slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. His impressive skills and abilities are evident in his ability to easily fight Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, as well as Tanjiro Kamado, a talented demon slayer who has faced lower-ranking demons in the past and ultimately defeated them in battle. Even when the situation seemed to turn in the demon slayers’ favor, Gyutaro and Daki quickly regained control and crushed them.
Another demonstration of his power is the fact that, even after being killed in battle, Gyutaro was still able to inflict severe wounds and mutilation on Tengen, Tanjiro and Inosuke. Had it not been for Nezuko’s intervention and the arrogance that got the better of him, he would probably have succeeded in killing them himself, as Muzan Kibutsuji later pointed out. Even as a child with no combat training, Gyutaro had managed to defeat an adult swordsman.

Core detachment: Gyutaro possesses the ability to completely detach his “core” from his own body, taking the form of his right eye, which he then implants on his sister Daki’s forehead. This enhances all his sister’s abilities and powers. Thanks to this psychic connection, Gyutaro can see, hear and feel everything Daki does. He can even take control of her body to better coordinate their attacks.

  • Immunity to decapitation: By detaching his “core” from his body, Gyutaro is immune to decapitation by Nichirin swords. Thus, he and his sister can only be killed if both their heads are cut off simultaneously.
  • Extrasensory perception: thanks to their psychic connection, Gyutaro can also perceive everything around them, enabling them to coordinate their attacks. This was demonstrated when they coordinated their movements and attacks during the fight against Tengen, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu. Despite the fact that they were fighting in different locations and facing two different pairs of opponents, Gyutaro managed to maneuver his and Daki’s attacks with precision, launching several simultaneous assaults on all four opponents. He used his sister’s movements and controlled Daki’s belts to synchronize with his blood attacks, creating powerful surprise attack combinations.
  • Shared biology: Gyutaro and Daki possess an abnormal characteristic that sets them apart from other demons. Although they are two distinct individuals, they essentially share a single body. This can be seen in the fact that Gyutaro normally remains concealed inside Daki without altering their physical mass. Even when inactive, Gyutaro is more powerful than his sister, who is an active predator. The humans consumed by Daki also serve as food for Gyutaro, strengthening them both. Gyutaro also has control over his sister, able not only to reattach her head, but also to heal her burned tissues when she’s in emotional distress.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Flesh control: Like all demons, Gyutaro possesses the ability to manipulate his own flesh to a certain extent. He mainly uses this faculty to shape his flesh into an extremely sharp Kama that he can control by telekinesis. This becomes evident when Gyutaro fuses his body with Daki’s, then manages to influence and infect Tengen and Tanjiro’s swords with his flesh Kama, preventing them from withdrawing their blades and keeping them immobile. He also demonstrates his ability to twist his neck backwards.

Immense strength: Gyutaro has an incredibly strong body. This is demonstrated when Tengen and Tanjiro use their Nichirin swords to attack Gyutaro’s Kama, made of his own flesh, but to no avail, as they can’t even pierce it. When Tanjiro attacks Gyutaro’s neck by surprise, his blade fails to cut through the High Rank’s body. Tanjiro only succeeds in ripping Gyutaro’s head off when he summons “a hundred times” the strength of his body, awakening his demon-slaying mark, to slice through his neck.

Immense regeneration: As a member of the higher ranks, Gyutaro’s regeneration powers are extremely powerful. Thanks to his immense recovery speed, he can instantly heal self-inflicted scratches in a matter of seconds. Even more impressive is his ability to regenerate damage inflicted by Tengen’s explosive beads, which have enough explosive force to injure higher-ranking demons. Even when struck by a kunai coated with a glycine extract capable of paralyzing an ordinary demon for half a day and blocking the movements of lower-ranking demons, Gyutaro manages to regenerate instantly.

Extraordinary speed and reflexes: As a high-ranking demon, Gyutaro has assimilated an extremely high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood, which has considerably enhanced his speed and reflexes beyond those of the Hashira. Like most demons, Gyutaro can use bursts of speed so fast they give the impression of teleportation. He can follow the lightning movements of Tengen, the fastest Hashira among his peers, sometimes moving fast enough to evade his reflexes and strike him before he can react. Gyutaro is also fast enough to block a barrage of swift kunai.

Superhuman strength: Gyutaro possesses extraordinary physical strength, able to rival the power of Tengen’s immense arms in battle. He can also break two of Tanjiro’s fingers without too much effort, send him flying at high speed against a building and make him spit blood with a simple kick to the stomach. Gyutaro can also send Tengen flying a long way with another kick.

Poison production: Gyutaro has the ability to generate an extremely deadly poison, which he uses to coat his sickles with blood. This poison is powerful enough to kill those who fall victim to it almost instantly, and those who don’t will be severely weakened and may find themselves unable to fight. Even Tengen, who has developed a high tolerance to the poison thanks to his shinobi training, is seriously weakened by Gyutaro’s poison, to the point where he has to stop Gyutaro’s heart to prevent the poison spreading. The poison has even more serious effects on Tanjiro and Inosuke, although the latter has a certain natural resistance to the poison. Tanjiro is almost immediately rendered unable to fight when hit by Gyutaro’s poison, while Inosuke is left in a near-deadly state after a while.

Tactical intelligence: Gyutaro has incredible foresight and tactical intelligence. He is able to use the information he has obtained from Daki to coordinate their attacks against their opponents. Gyutaro also uses his Blood Demon Art tactically to create inevitable attacks. After watching Hinatsuru launch a barrage of kunai, Gyutaro correctly assumes that this attack, which would normally have been easily countered by his regeneration, conceals an underlying intention, and chooses to deflect the attack rather than counter it directly. We also see him use his ability to manipulate flesh in creative ways, for example by trapping Tengen and Tanjiro’s blades in his flesh Kama to prevent them from moving. Finally, Gyutaro understands Tanjiro’s strategy of concealing the scent of the wisteria kunai with a prostitute’s incense bag in order to attack Tanjiro by surprise.

Unlimited resistance and endurance: Like all demons, Gyutaro possesses infinite resistance and endurance. He can fight Tengen, a Hashira, and Tanjiro for the duration of the battle without showing any sign of fatigue or exertion. Gyutaro shows immense resistance to pain when he twists his neck back to block Tengen’s sword attack and when both his legs are cut off, without showing the slightest sign of pain in either case. Even before becoming a demon, Gyutaro can have his back slashed by a katana without flinching or showing the slightest sign of pain.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Art of the Blood Demon

Blood Manipulation: Gyutaro’s blood demon art allows him to manipulate his own body’s blood in a variety of ways. He is shown generating them from his Kama flesh or open wounds on his body, or releasing blood at will from his veins. It is implied that Gyutaro is not short of blood thanks to his regenerative abilities, giving him a virtually infinite source of blood to fuel his techniques. In combat, he usually creates sickle-shaped barrages of solidified blood as sharp as blades, which can move at immense speeds to attack his opponents. Gyutaro is able to freely manipulate these blood blades at will, altering their movements until they hit his opponent or shaping them as he wishes. What’s more, his blood sickles are coated with a deadly poison.

Gyutaro can use his blood demon art tactically to create unstoppable attacks that can overwhelm the likes of Tengen and repel the combined efforts of Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. What’s more, Gyutaro’s blood slashes appear to be extremely deadly, with Inosuke noting that a single scratch from them would be enough to kill him. The blood he handles is also very resistant, as Tanjiro deduced that his sword would break if he took the technique head-on without deflecting it. What’s more, Gyutaro can create a blood shield in the form of a dome, which he has used to protect himself from a barrage of kunai, further illustrating his immense durability. Even more impressive, Gyutaro can create circular torrents of razor-sharp blood at long range that can decimate surroundings with ease.

Fighting style

Kama mastery: Gyutaro is a master at wielding his flesh Kama in combat. As a high-ranking demon, he has lived for over a century and honed his skills to the point where he can surpass the Hashira, the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, in close combat. Even before he became a demon, Gyutaro showed himself capable of using his Kama for violence, easily killing a woman and later slicing an adult swordsman’s head in two with his weapons when enraged. With his demon abilities, he can even control and move his flesh Kama telekinetically, which Gyutaro used to make them fly towards him like a boomerang. As noted by Tengen and Inosuke, Gyutaro’s fighting style is comparable to that of a mantis. Gyutaro’s fighting style seems to revolve around the goal of piercing his opponent’s neck with the tip of his Kama.



  • Flying blood sickles (飛とび血ち鎌がま Tobi Chigamo?) – Gyutaro releases multiple sickle-shaped blades of solidified blood as he swings his Kama.
  • Creeping Bow (跋ばつ弧こ跳ちょう梁りょう Batsuko Chōryō?) – Gyutaro creates a dome of sickle-shaped blades of solidified blood around himself, defending against incoming attacks.
  • Rotating circular slashes: Flying sickles of blood (円えん斬ざん旋せん廻かい・飛とび血ち鎌がま Enzan Senkai – Tobi Chigamo?) – Gyutaro releases circular waves of sharp solidified blood from his body. This technique has considerable range, and he’s even able to activate it while his head is severed.


Flesh Kama: Gyutaro carries a pair of Kama made from his own flesh and blood. They serve as his primary tools in battle and are extremely tough and sharp, capable of tearing flesh and blocking Nichirin sword attacks with ease. They have a fleshy exterior and are blood-red in color. Gyutaro briefly demonstrated his ability to move his Kama telekinetically, sending it flying towards him as if it were a boomerang. As a child, Gyutaro owned a similar pair of Kama that someone had left behind, which was probably his main inspiration for using a pair of Kama as a demon.

Gyutaro | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba


  • Muzan Kibutsuji stated in Chapter 98 that Gyutaro was the true holder of the High Rank Six position, not his sister Daki.
  • Gyutaro was one of Muzan’s favorite Upper Ranks, as he greatly appreciates his circumstance and greedy personality.
  • The word “Gyu” refers to the barkers who entice customers into the entertainment district. After working as a Gyu, he appropriated the word and used it to call himself Gyutaro.


  • (To Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira and Tengen Uzui) “The sufferings of my past were lessons in what to do to others to get even! If I don’t cause misery equal to my own misfortune, I’ll never balance the scales! That’s how it is when you’re a demon! And we kill anyone who tries to tell us otherwise.”
  • (To himself) “Turns out I was good at fighting. So I worked as a debt collector. People thought I was scary. They feared me. I liked that feeling. I became proud of my ugliness. And with such a beautiful sister, I began to lose my sense of inferiority. I felt like our lives were finally moving in the right direction.”

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