Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was once a member of Aizen’s Arrancars army, as well as the former sixth Espada.

At present, he holds the position of leader of the New Movement and is looking for new members.

Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Grimmjow has spiky light-blue hair and eyes, with green lines underneath that resemble the eye markings of felines of the Panthera genus and the red eye markings of Ikkaku Madarame. His outfit consists of a white hakama and a black belt. His white jacket is torn, with the collar turned inside out. The inside of the jacket is black and the sleeves are rolled up. Grimmjow wears it open, revealing his muscular chest. The remnants of his hollow mask are limited to his right jaw, and his hollow hole is now located on his abdomen. His tattoo (number 6) is on his back, near the right side of his hollow. Since his first fight with Ichigo, Grimmjow has worn a large scar on his torso that is often mentioned by other characters.


At first glance, Grimmjow gives the impression of being a laid-back, irreverent person. However, behind this sloppy facade lies a brutal, impulsive, excessively violent personality with a dangerously short temper. Grimmjow is brutal, sarcastic and rather sadistic. He flashes a psychotic smile whenever he’s excited, like Kenpachi Zaraki or Hollow Ichigo. He shows little respect for authority and expresses whatever comes into his head, whether appropriate or not. This attitude leads to conflict with Kaname T艒sen, who has as low an opinion of Grimmjow as Zaraki. He also finds himself in conflict with Ulquiorra Cifer, the fourth Espada, mainly because Ulquiorra interrupts his fights or opposes his ideals. Grimmjow is convinced that Ulquiorra’s powers are inferior to his own, and is eager to prove it. He also holds a strong grudge against Ichigo Kurosaki for injuring him in their first and second fights, and is eager to return the favor.

He deliberately keeps the large scar on his chest as a reminder of their first confrontation. Grimmjow is also furious that Ichigo thinks he can defeat him, regardless of the severity of his injuries, which Grimmjow thinks is a look of contempt on Ichigo’s part. Grimmjow is a rude and disrespectful character. He uses none of the honorific terms of the Japanese language, except when addressing Aizen (although he is quick to abandon this formality in Aizen’s absence) and refers to Orihime as “woman” in their conversations. However, he seems to have some kind of code of honor, as he refuses to fight a wounded Ichigo. He therefore asks Orihime to heal him beforehand, so that their fight is fair. He also saves Orihime from the attacks of Loly and Menoly, who were mistreating her because of her debt for the restoration of her arm, although he immediately asks for another favor afterwards. Despite his aggression and obvious thirst for blood during battle, he possesses a savage intelligence and is adept at quickly exploiting any weakness revealed by his opponent. Since he reappeared after Nnoitra’s attack, his personality hasn’t changed.

Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Once Grimmjow has become the leader of the Movement, he adopts a more reserved and professional attitude, like Aizen. His overall personality evolves during this period, as he finds himself extremely lonely as the only powerful warrior in Hueco Mundo at this time. He longs to fight a powerful opponent, but is unable to do so. As a result, his personality is transformed into that of a reserved, respectful and honorable fighter. He no longer boasts as much during fights, only speaks if addressed directly, and only confronts an opponent if that person does everything possible to provoke him. Despite these changes, he still retains his destructive ambition and passion for killing the powerful while rejecting the weak, as he tolerates only the strongest individuals within his group.


Before becoming an Arrancar, Grimmjow was a Menos of the Adjuchas class, who resembled a panther. At one point, he encountered Shawlong K奴fang, Edrad Liones, Yylfordt Granz, Nakeem Greendina, Di Roy Linker, and two other unnamed Adjuchas, when he attacked them. After wounding Di Roy and killing the two unknowns in the group, Shawlong offered Grimmjow to lead them in their quest to evolve into Vasto Lordes, offering to follow him as their “king” if he accepted.

When Shawlong realized that their evolution could go no further, he asked Grimmjow to “eat” them, which in reality meant that only part of them would be devoured. Considering this cowardice, Grimmjow did as he was told. When they were all transformed into Arrancar by Aizen, the five behaved like Grimmjow’s Fracci贸n. Grimmjow was the second-oldest N煤mero after Shawlong K奴fang, occupying the rank of 12th Arrancar.


Grimmjow first makes his appearance, chastising Ulquiorra Cifer for not killing Ichigo Kurosaki, fearing that he might become a threat in the future. To correct Ulquiorra’s “mistake”, Grimmjow takes his Fracci贸n on an unauthorized mission to the city of Karakura, with the aim of killing anyone with even the slightest Spiritual Pressure. Although his team is defeated, Grimmjow himself manages to defeat Ichigo relatively easily by hitting him full force, suffering only the wounds of Getsuga Tensh艒’s desperate attack.

Grimmjow then finds his arm cut off by Kaname T艒sen, who interrupts and brings him back for punishment. When Aizen refuses to punish Grimmjow, Kaname berates him about his notion of justice. Suddenly, he slices and incinerates Grimmjow’s arm, demoting him. Enraged and shocked at losing not only his left arm, but also his rank and title as the sixth Espada, Grimmjow draws his sword, ready to kill T艒sen for cutting off his arm. However, Aizen manages to “convince” Grimmjow not to, declaring that he will kill him if he “brandishes his sword again against one of his superiors”. Although annoyed, Grimmjow realizes that his death would be “in vain” in his current state, and reluctantly leaves.

Grimmjow Jaggerjack

A month later, Aizen personally sends Grimmjow to take part in the next invasion, accompanied by Yammy Riyalgo, Wonderweiss Margera and his replacement, Luppi. Grimmjow continues and once again confronts Ichigo. Ichigo’s new Vizard powers give him the advantage at first, but his inexperience with these abilities and his inability to maintain his mask for long periods lead to his defeat. Eventually, Ichigo has his hands impaled in the street by Grimmjow’s Zanpakut艒. While Rukia Kuchiki fails to completely freeze Grimmjow and help Ichigo break free, she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of Grimmjow’s Cero. Shinji Hirako arrives to save Grimmjow and Rukia, and after a brief conversation, he proves to be more than a match for the wounded Grimmjow. Before Grimmjow can regain his true form, Ulquiorra forces him to retreat, preventing a winner from being declared.


After returning to Las Noches, Aizen has Grimmjow’s arm restored using Orihime Inoue’s healing powers, demonstrating his power. Grimmjow also asks him to restore his Espada tattoo, and he kills Luppi to regain his rank once the modifications are complete. Later, at a meeting called by Aizen, the latter informs the Espadas that they are being invaded by Ichigo Kurosaki, Ury奴 Ishida and Yasutora Sado. Grimmjow tries to leave, but Aizen uses his Reiatsu to force him to bow. Aizen then orders Espada to wait for the intruders. After learning of Ichigo’s defeat from Ulquiorra, Grimmjow enters Orihime’s room as Loly and Menoly attack.

Grimmjow kills Menoly at point-blank range with a Cero and stuns Loly. He reveals that he saved Orihime in order to ask her a favor. Once they reach the place where Ichigo was defeated, Grimmjow asks Orihime to heal him. However, Ulquiorra appears and they begin to fight. Ulquiorra questions Grimmjow as to why he is there and approaches him for an answer. Grimmjow smiles, but says nothing. Ulquiorra then asks him to hand over Orihime, saying she must be in his custody. Refusing to give her back, Grimmjow quickly attacks Ulquiorra, declaring that he is afraid to fight him as they could destroy each other. Using a Cero, Grimmjow blasts Ulquiorra into the air, but deflects the attack. Then Ulquiorra uses Son铆do to appear above Grimmjow and fire his own Cero. Grimmjow blocks the attack and the tower explodes. Grimmjow then uses the Caja Negaci贸n to seal Ulquiorra and prepare for his fight with Ichigo, but not before Ichigo forces Orihime to heal the wounds Grimmjow sustained during Ulquiorra’s Cero.

Ichigo, clad in his Hollow mask, confronts Grimmjow in his state of liberation. During the fight, Grimmjow throws a Gran Rey Cero at Orihime and Nel Tu, hoping to induce Ichigo to make full use of his Hollow mask. Seeing that Ichigo has reached maximum power, Grimmjow unleashes his true form and violently attacks Ichigo, knocking him to the ground. As he searches for Ichigo among the dust, Ichigo appears behind him and throws a Getsuga Tensh艒 at him. Grimmjow bursts into maniacal laughter, expressing his hatred for Ichigo’s “eyes”. As the fight continues, the two combatants appear to be evenly matched, and Tia Harribel, observing the fight from afar with her Fracci贸n, likens it to “a clash between two Espada”.

Towards the end of the fight, Grimmjow is about to kill Ichigo, but after hearing Orihime beg him not to be hurt again, Ichigo deftly grabs Grimmjow’s fist without even looking and slices through his shoulder. Grimmjow rises, furious at his injury, and impales Ichigo in the stomach. He then uses his most powerful attack, Desgarr贸n, but despite this, he is finally defeated. Grimmjow rises once more to challenge Ichigo, but Nnoitra Jiruga blinds him. Nnoitra then tries to kill Grimmjow, but Ichigo protects him. Grimmjow loses consciousness through blood loss and wakes up a few hours later in a remote corner of Hueco Mundo, where he is cared for by an Arrancar girl. Still too weak to move, he lies there for what seems like days, before she tells him he can get up. Seeing this as an opportunity, he leaves without even saying thank you.

Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Grimmjow wandered around Hueco Mundo, looking for strong opponents to fight with. In particular, he sought an enemy similar to Ichigo, a rival with whom he could passionately clash. After many unsuccessful years in his quest, he abandoned this goal and founded the New Movement. He now resides in Las Noches and seeks to recruit powerful new members, but this time powerful members who will follow him and no one else.


Grimmjow is an extremely skilled fighter with remarkable strength and agility. He managed to counter Ichigo’s Bankai in their first two clashes, even fighting with just one arm in the second bout. His power is also impressive for his rank, as he managed to capture Ulquiorra, an Espada two ranks higher than his own. Despite this, Grimmjow nearly lost an arm in the conflict.


Despite his preference for close combat, Grimmjow is equally proficient in the use of his Zanpakut艒. Even when his arm was severed, he demonstrated his ability to effectively take on Ichigo Kurosaki, then Shinji Hirako, while each wore his hollow mask.


Grimmjow demonstrated this ability during the invasion of the city of Karakura by himself and his faction.


As a former sixth Espada, Grimmjow possesses the passive ability known as Hierro. As observed in their initial fight, Grimmjow was able to catch Ichigo Kurosaki’s Bankai and block it with his arms and fists without suffering damage, even though Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensh艒 attack was powerful enough to leave a scar. Later, after increasing his own power, Ichigo is able to injure Grimmjow.


His spiritual power is extremely high, with Rukia remarking that it’s “otherworldly” compared to her Fracci贸n’s, making her wonder if they belong to the same species. However, he is quickly surpassed by Aizen’s spiritual pressure and is not subject to the same liberation limitations as the first four Espada. He is capable of emitting spiritual pressure of overwhelming power.


Like Kenpachi Zaraki, Grimmjow displayed remarkable acuity in battle, able to detect his opponent’s characteristics quickly and efficiently. In each of his confrontations with Ichigo, Grimmjow was able to quickly grasp Ichigo’s abilities, even if they were still relatively new.


Grimmjow uses Cero extensively in combat, drawing it from the palm of his hand. In the anime, he is usually depicted in red, although he has recently switched to blue. He also has a habit of firing at point-blank range to increase the danger of his attack, although he sometimes suffers backlash. His Cero is powerful enough to neutralize the Cero of his Espada companion, Ulquiorra Cifer, in their brief confrontation, even though it seriously burned his right arm, from hand to elbow. Grimmjow has also demonstrated the ability to shoot a Cero with each hand, although he’s not sure if this is a unique ability.

Grimmjow Jaggerjack

As an Espada, Grimmjow can use an exclusive variant of Cero called Gran Rey Cero. This technique generates a considerably larger and more powerful version of the normal Cero, capable of causing significant damage to Las Noches itself. Aizen has forbidden its use inside the fortress, however, but Grimmjow clearly ignored it in his latest confrontation with Ichigo. To trigger it, it seems Grimmjow must first cut his hand with his Zanpakut艒, mingling his blood with the Cero. Grimmjow’s Gran Rey Cero is distinguished by its blue color.


Over time, Grimmjow has mastered the Cero Oscuras. Unlike Ulquiorra, Grimmjow is able to throw the Cero Oscura in either its unleashed or released state, although the former option tires him immensely. This is a black Cero with a blue border, endowed with considerable destructive power.


He has demonstrated his ability to use Bala, another common Arrancar technique, although he seems to prefer Cero, which is a little slower but more powerful. His color is blue.


Garganta is the means by which Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Grimmjow demonstrated this ability during his personal invasion of the city of Karakura. It literally tears apart the dimensional fabric that separates worlds, revealing a tunnel of swirling, impetuous energy that must be channeled and solidified to create a recognizable passage.


As 6th Espada, Grimmjow excels in the use of Son铆do. Even in a latent state, he is able to follow Ichigo Kurosaki when he uses Tensa Zangetsu. In the early days, Grimmjow could even surprise and overwhelm Ichigo with his speed.


Pantera (璞圭帇 (銉戙兂銉嗐儵), Pantera; meaning “Panther” in Spanish and “Panther King” in Japanese). The guard of his Zanpakut艒 resembles a rigid, twisted “S”, while the scabbard and handle are light blue.

Pantera is Grimmjow’s Resurrecci贸n form, which was damaged during his battle with Ichigo.


The release command for his Zanpakut艒 is “Grind” (杌嬨倢 kishire), referring to the grinding of teeth. To release his Zanpakut艒, Grimmjow holds it aloft, as if giving a low sweep, with his right hand. When he places his left hand on the sword, it glows. Then, in one swift movement, he rakes his hand along the blade while issuing the release command, unleashing a torrent of spiritual power that causes huge gusts of wind to blow nearby. Grimmjow’s appearance undergoes a radical transformation, becoming more feline and predatory. His teeth become jagged and sharp, his hands turn into black claws and his feet into black-clawed, cat-like paws with a thin, whip-like tail. His hair becomes long and flowing, and the markings around his eyes enlarge and extend to the tips of his cat-like ears. His characteristic jaw mask disappears, replaced by a sort of headgear on his forehead. His clothes transform into segmented white armor, similar to his original Adjuchas-Hollow form. Blades protrude from his forearms and calves.


The abilities he acquires upon release are as follows:

Improved Hero:

Grimmjow’s Hiero is also enhanced. He was hit full force by a Getsuga Tensh艒 from Ichigo Kurosaki in his Vizard state without suffering any visible damage.

Improved speed and agility:

In addition to his already impressive speed and power, Grimmjow’s condition dramatically increases his speed, giving him animal-like agility and movement.

Enhanced strength:

His attacks are powerful enough to accidentally destroy large, skyscraper-sized pillars in Las Noches, inflicting collateral damage in his fight against Ichigo. His strength was also sufficient to send Ichigo through several buildings in a single blow, as well as to hurl him hundreds of meters with simple light punches and kicks.


Shock waves:

When unleashed, Grimmjow can roar with enough power to create shockwaves in the air and around him, repelling his opponents.

Arm blades:

The blades on his arms can lengthen and be used as edged weapons, as he demonstrated in his fight against Nnoitra.


He also possesses the ability to fire a large number of explosive “darts” from his elbows, capable of demolishing huge buildings. They are similar in shape to an axe blade with a recess in the middle. An Ichigo with an upgraded Hollow mask was able to withstand five of them and keep fighting.


His most powerful attack; his claws glow and he performs a slicing motion that creates gigantic “claws” of solidified energy, about a kilometer long, at the end of each finger. These attacks function as ranged claw attacks, which he controls like his usual claw attacks using slashing movements. Their power and strength are considerable, and Ichigo was only able to deflect and break them thanks to his unshakeable willpower. After his battle with Ichigo Kurosaki, his Desgarron became much more powerful and remains one of his most formidable techniques in combat.

After his defeat by Ichigo, his humiliation by Nnoitra and his period of solitude, his powers increased considerably compared to when he was the sixth Espada. He has also acquired several new powers. His abilities have been enhanced and developed to the point of rivaling those of the first Espada.


He’s able to use one of his most recent and advanced techniques, shockwaves. When he roars, he generates enough shockwaves to blow up a building, devastating the area and posing a considerable threat to his enemies. This technique can be used in the same way as conventional shockwaves, or directed at an opponent. It creates a vacuum of air and sound around the opponent, and is powerful enough to easily knock him off his feet. It is totally unavoidable and cannot be stopped, as it is in reality a huge sound wave.


A special technique using blades along his arm. The blades increase dramatically and are covered with a considerable amount of blue spiritual energy, similar to that of his Desgarron. This spiritual energy is far more powerful than that of his own body and manifests itself at his side. This movement slows down his movements, but gives him not only a bigger and deadlier weapon, but also a projectile weapon, as he can now unleash surges or an incredible explosion of his spiritual energy combined with a violent tornado, which he can send directly at his opponent with devastating power and speed.


Another of his recent moves. He dramatically increases the length of the blades on Grimmjow’s arm. Almost doubling in size and power, this technique uses a devastating force capable of breaking an attack and splitting an opponent in two like a stick. The only drawback is that this move makes it much heavier and therefore slower.

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