Falco Grice, from the manga “Attack of the Titans”, comes across as an authentic character, but he also has a few surprises in store.

As a member of the Grice family, Falco is a young warrior working for the Mahr government. A candidate to become the bearer of the Dreadnought Titan, he eventually obtains the powers of the Jaw and Pure Titans, demonstrating considerable power despite his small stature. However, he also becomes involved in a plot when he befriends the mysterious “Mr. Kruger”.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Falco is a character of contrasting facets, capable of being both deft and clumsy on the battlefield. He gives the impression of being a genuine character, but he also hides a few surprises. Even the inspiration behind this character may surprise fans.


10.  His cynical nature hides a heart of gold

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Falco can sometimes be cynical, viewing death on the battlefield as a tragedy rather than an honor. Despite this, he is frequently portrayed as a kind-hearted and altruistic person.

He’s gone so far as to help a wounded enemy soldier, care for a war veteran and be polite to his elders. In general, he’s unable to bear to see anyone suffer in front of him.

9.  His kindness isn’t always rewarded by fate

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

One day, Falco did everything he could to help a man whose armband was on backwards. This man turned out to be Eren Jäger in disguise.

Eren then used this situation to befriend Falco as part of a plan to organize a counter-attack against Mahr. Unfortunately, Eren’s attack would result in the deaths of Udo and Zofia, who were both friends of Falco.

8.  He’s cleverer than he looks

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Because of his small stature, Falco isn’t particularly physically strong, at least not as a human. Although he’s not really a coward, he has trouble asserting himself and has already had to be rescued by his brother, Colt.

However, certain clues suggest that he possesses more skills as a soldier than he initially lets on. First of all, he managed to survive four years in Mahr’s Middle East war. He has proven to be quite athletic and capable of great speed on the battlefield. All these characteristics are in addition to the abilities he acquires in his Titan form.

7.  As its name suggests, it has a sort of bird motif.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

His name is probably a pun on the term “falcon”. This avian motif is somewhat exemplified by its Titan shapes. Its mindless Titan form is reminiscent of a deformed fledgling, the Jaw Titan can be compared to a young bird, and its winged form resembles an adult raptor. This is particularly highlighted on several occasions, when his Titan forms develop talons, feathers and even a beak.

A tentative name for the character was “Falco Bach”, the intended surname perhaps being a pun on the term “beak”.

6.  Its surname comes from an extinct breed of pig.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Despite the avian motif, his surname is actually more related to pigs. “Grice” was also the name of a breed of pig once found in Ireland and Scotland, but now extinct. The breed name actually derives from a term meaning “young pig”.

However, the family name seems to be associated more with his uncle, who was known simply as “Grice”. This figure would mark Falco’s life.

5.  He and his brother had to pay for the sins of the family.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Falco’s uncle, who had only one name, was an active member of the Eldia Resistance. It was thanks in part to him that Grisha Jäger, Eren Jäger’s father, was able to join their faction. Unfortunately, he was arrested for violating Mahr’s laws and was devoured by the Titans.

In order to prove their family’s innocence, Falco and Colt, his nephews, were forced to join the Warrior Unit. Given their common surname, Grice was probably their paternal uncle. What’s more, Falco is also known for his resemblance to his uncle.

4.  He ended up killing his brother

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Colt, Falco’s older brother, was also a young warrior. He was a dedicated soldier and was rather protective of his younger brother, even going so far as to seek him out after he had been wounded under enemy fire.

However, during his transformation into a Titan, Falco accidentally caused the death of his brother. The nearby explosion burned him severely, resulting in his death. Prior to this tragic event, Colt had been chosen to inherit the power of the Bestial Titan.

3.  Gabi seems to be the only one who doesn’t notice his feelings for her.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

Falco seems to have feelings for his younger friend and fellow soldier, Gabi Braun. He’s highly motivated to protect her, regularly taking risks for her safety. The other characters quickly seem to guess at his feelings for Gabi, or at least correctly assume that he’s trying to protect someone.

The main exception to this rule seems to be Gabi herself, who ironically initially sees him as a rival, even though some characters comment on her crush in his presence. What’s more, she has an involuntary tendency to interrupt conversations before he can confess his true feelings. However, during Mahr’s attack, he finally confesses his feelings to her.

2.  Most of his murders (and attempted murders) were unintentional.

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

In his Titan form, Falco can be a very deadly force. In addition to his brother, he also unwittingly took the life of Porco Galliard when in his Pure Titan form. In addition, he has killed two members of the Jägeristes.

However, many characters survived Falco’s deadly attacks, including Jean Kirstein, Mikasa Ackerman, Pieck Finger and Reiner Braun. It’s important to note that most of these ill-fated attempts took place in the same chapter, which doesn’t necessarily allow us to judge Falco’s skills. In any case, most of these acts were involuntary on his part.

1.  It’s based on another famous character: Jesse Pinkman

Everything You Don't Know About Falco Grice!

In a blog post, series creator Hajime Isayama confirmed that Falco was also partially inspired by a Western media character: Jesse Pinkman from the TV series Breaking Bad.

Some fans have exchanged discussions about the similarities between the two characters. They suggested that they shared the same design and that they were both characters with an inner innocence hidden behind a mask of cynicism or immaturity.


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