These days, it’s not easy to captivate audiences or create a series that constantly improves with each season, but Attack of the Titans accomplishes these missions with ease. From its very first episode, this anime has been both captivating and frightening, showcasing the confrontation between man and monster. However, the scope and nature of its story has evolved into a deeply psychological, viscerally violent and extremely action-packed anime.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

The constant evolution of Attack of the Titans is particularly evident through its protagonist, Eren Jäger. Since its inception, the overall nature of the series has continued to transform, but one of the most striking changes centers on Eren himself. The latter has never been afraid to fight to defend his convictions, but as these evolve and he gains in power, he becomes the manga’s most formidable character.


10.  The Titans kill his mother before his eyes

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

A powerful origin story has the power to send many heroes and villains down dark paths. The right circumstances and simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be enough to turn someone into a destructive weapon.

In the very first episode of Attack of the Titans, a ferocious attack by Titans takes place, where Eren’s mother is among the victims. Eren witnesses this traumatic act, and it’s shortly afterwards that he makes a solemn promise to eliminate all Titans. What he has experienced here contributes greatly to his dangerousness.

9.  He possesses the powers of the Titan Assailant and other Titans.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

In Attack of the Titans, a decisive moment occurs when the audience and Eren discover that he possesses the power to metamorphose into a Titan Assassin. This ability gives Eren even greater utility, as he is able to use the power of the Titans against his own species.

Suddenly, the Titans transform from a clear threat into something more complex. As the series progresses, Eren acquires even more Titan powers, often by ruthless means. Possessing one Titan power would already be considerable, but the situation becomes extremely problematic due to the number of powers Eren accumulates.

8.  He trains in the Eldia Exploration Battalion

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

Attack of the Titans opens with a grueling war pitting humans against monsters. The humans are clearly in a weak position, but through the use of three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and rigorous training within the various army divisions, they manage to balance the odds somewhat.

Eren becomes one of the most respected soldiers in the Exploration Battalion, acquiring essential combat skills and strategies. This means that Eren is just as formidable when he’s in his human form, and has a perfect command of how the Battalion works.

7.  He has earned Armin’s eternal trust.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

It’s essential to have individual skills to draw on and to be able to defend yourself, but it’s often just as crucial to have a support team. Eren is powerful, but he has also acquired many loyal allies who would be willing to sacrifice themselves to protect him.

Armin proves to be a formidable warrior, but he never lets Eren down. Despite appearances when everything seems to indicate that Eren has betrayed everyone and gone astray, Armin continues to give him the benefit of the doubt. Armin never loses hope.

6.  He’s being used as a pawn by Grisha.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

The family represents one of the most powerful bonds in existence, and the way parents use their children to pursue their own agendas or accomplish what they were unable to achieve can be both inspiring and terrifying. Grisha Jäger becomes a central figure during Mahr and Eldia’s formative years.

Faced with extreme loss, Grisha sees Eren’s existence as the only hope of relieving all the pain he’s experienced. Grisha makes Eren an unsuspecting instrument to carry out his great mission, even if Eren doesn’t entirely agree. This leaves Eren in an extremely precarious and unstable situation.

5.  He is blessed with knowledge of the future when he touches Historia.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

Attack of the Titans weaves a truly captivating story around the Titans and how a special class of them react to particular circumstances. The anime gradually explores the importance of Ymir and the Reiss family, as well as their connection to the Titans.

It turns out that people of royal blood can trigger predictive reactions in some Titans carriers. This is precisely what happens when Eren meets and greets Historia, at which point he witnesses her entire future and the dark path that awaits everyone.

4.  Jägerist revolutionaries fight blindly for him

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

One of the most captivating and disturbing aspects of Attack of the Titans lies in the way the final season explores the evolution of Eren and several other characters. Many become convinced that Eren’s destructive plan, bordering on genocide, is the only way to end the war between Eldia and Mahr.

The revolutionary Jägerists do not react favorably to Eren’s opposition, and many lives are lost in the process. This radical group cares little for the consequences to those injured, and they blindly follow Eren’s orders, while ensuring his safety.

3.  He is Sieg’s brother, an essential cog in acquiring the Original Titan.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

Another major twist in Attack of the Titans comes when we discover that the Bestial Titan is actually Eren’s brother, Sieg Jäger. The two are initially presented as enemies, but the final season of the anime brings them together in a very fragile alliance that raises many questions.

Eren and Sieg both possess special skills for unleashing the Original Titan, thanks to Eren’s powers and Sieg’s royal blood. This means that the mere combination of Eren and Sieg can have apocalyptic consequences, and this becomes an added bonus for Eren.

2.  Mikasa is his unwitting helper

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

One of the most tender bonds in Attack of the Titans is the brotherly relationship that has developed between Eren and Mikasa. They’ve known each other since childhood, and Mikasa’s deep admiration for Eren is a key element of the anime.

In the final season of Attack of the Titans, we discover that the Ackerman family possess special triggers that drive them to devote themselves to serving and protecting those who activate them. Eren says he did this to Mikasa when he saved her, gave her a scarf and told her to fight. This turns the gentle relationship into something manipulative that Eren can take advantage of.

1.  He knows Mahr customs well from spying.

Eren Jäger: The Most Dangerous Character In The Manga?

The final season of Attack of the Titans begins with a long period spent in Mahr, far from the main characters on whom the anime has focused until now. This shift in perspective is striking, and one of the standouts of it all is Kruger, a wounded soldier for whom Falco feels compassion.

We discover that Kruger is actually Eren, and that he has taken advantage of his time in enemy territory to implement the first stage of his elaborate plan and acquire a thorough knowledge of how Mahr works. This becomes another invaluable asset that Eren can later exploit to his advantage.


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