Enmu occupies the position of Lower Rank 1 among the Twelve Kizuki.

Enmu’s appearance

Enmu takes the form of an impossibly pale young man, with blue rimmed eyes tilted sharply to the sides of his face. His left iris has the “lower rank” kanji engraved, with a horizontal line in place of the pupil. He has three square markings on each cheek, separated by a smaller square, which change from green to yellow. His chin-length hair is straight and dark black. He separates it on the right side, tucking the right side behind his ear. The ends of his hair turn orange-red, but the two long locks curl up and out under the base of his neck, appearing blue.
Enmu wears a long, buttoned black coat, the sides of which arch upwards over his legs, leaving only the two front and back tails over his knees. He wears a white shirt whose cuffs extend beyond those of the coat. He is also wearing pale gray striped pants and shoes of the same color.

Enmu’s personality

Enmu is extremely sadistic by nature, taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of humans. His preferred method of torment is to offer them a happy dream, only to turn it into a nightmare. He enjoys the agonized expressions of his victims as he tortures them. His sadism even extends to his fellow demons, delighting in seeing lower-ranking demons killed in front of him.
Like most demons, Enmu places little or no value on human life. He regards humans as mere pawns, and doesn’t bother to warn his human servants of the dangers they face when fighting Demon Slayers. He simply regards them as useless objects. Enmu delights in turning humans into desperate servants by offering them nice, pleasant dreams, only to betray them with false promises of more if they help him.

Enmu is also intelligent and cautious, skilfully exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of his powers to achieve his goals. However, after receiving more blood and thus being strengthened by Muzan, Enmu becomes overconfident, arrogant and greedy. He acts more recklessly to obtain more blood from Muzan in order to challenge higher-ranking demons to a bloody duel to take their place.


Rehabilitation training arc

After all the other lower-ranking members have gathered at Infinity Castle, Muzan appears before them in his female form. He asks them to bow their heads and crouch before him. Mukago regrets not recognizing Muzan in his current form and is reprimanded for speaking without permission. Muzan expresses his anger at the lower-ranking demons for their weakness and explains that their only purpose is to consume blood to be useful to him. He then kills Kamanue for trying to explain himself.
Enmu, Wakuraba and Rokuro are the last surviving low-ranking demons. Wakuraba chooses to flee, thinking that Muzan will kill him anyway. His head is quickly severed by Muzan. Rokuro tries to justify his worth by demanding more blood from Muzan, but he too is killed. Finally, Muzan turns to Enmu, who expresses his joy at being killed by Muzan personally.

Enmu is stabbed by Muzan with a needle in the neck and given a generous amount of Muzan’s blood. Muzan then orders him to kill the Hashira Tanjiro Kamado. Enmu is sent into a street, having an exciting vision of his target.

Infinity Train Arch

Later, Enmu stands on the steam engine of the infinity train. He uses his power to put the Demon Slayers to sleep and prevent them from interfering with his plan. He tries to manipulate the passengers’ dreams and turn them into nightmares. Enmu confronts Tanjiro, offering him a pleasant dream and threatening to turn it into a nightmare. However, Tanjiro manages to wake up quickly and engages Enmu in combat on board the train.
Through their combined efforts, Tanjiro and Inosuke manage to defeat Enmu by decapitating him and cutting off the train’s upper engine compartment. Enmu dies, cursing his defeat and expressing his desire to repeat the debacle.

Enmu’s abilities and powers

As a Lower Rank 1, Enmu is one of the most powerful of the lower-ranked demons. After receiving more Muzan blood, his power and abilities have been further enhanced. However, he remains inferior to high-ranking demons such as Daki, Gyutaro and Kaigaku.

  • Regeneration: Enmu has a powerful regeneration ability, typical of demons. As a low-ranking demon, his regeneration ability is probably superior to that of average low-ranking demons.
  • Train tickets: Enmu can use his blood to put those holding train tickets to sleep, making them vulnerable to his powers.
  • Connecting rope: Enmu can create a special rope using his own flesh. This rope allows a person tied to one end to enter the dreams of another person, trapped in one of their dreams. The stranger must tie himself to both ends of the rope and fall asleep counting down to enter the victim’s dream.
  • Fusion: Enmu has the ability to fuse with large inanimate objects, absorbing their essence. He fused with the Infinity Train and transformed it into his main body.
  • Flesh detachments: Enmu can create flesh detachments from his own flesh and blood. He can send these detachments independently of his main body. After receiving more Muzan blood, he is able to create a detachment the size of a human body to deceive others.

Blood Demon Art: Enmu’s main ability is to enter, manipulate and control the dreams of others. He can kill someone by destroying their “spiritual core” inside the dream, thus destroying their spirit and leaving their body empty. However, there is a risk of being mentally affected by the victim’s unconscious mind. This is why Enmu prefers to have someone else enter his target’s dream rather than enter it himself.


  • Whispering of forced unconscious hypnosis: Enmu conjures a mouth on his hand, forcing his target to fall asleep by whispering to sleep.
  • Forced unconscious sleep eyes: Enmu creates several eyes marked “Dream”. Looking into these eyes, the target falls asleep.

Enmu’s fight

The infinity train arc: Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira against Enmu.

Enmu’s quote

(To himself): “I have to say that I like to show a nightmare after I’ve given someone a beautiful dream. I like to see faces contort with pain and suffering. Watching someone struggle through their sadness and suffering is so much fun!”

Enmu | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

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