Diane From Seven Deadly Sins Vs. The Dreadnought Titan From Attack On Titan - Who Wins?

If Diane, the giantess of the Seven Deadly Sins, were to engage in combat with the Dreadnought Titan from Attack of the Titans, only one would emerge victorious. In the Attack of the Titans universe, gigantic humanoid Titans attack mankind. Although most of them are mindless creatures wreaking destruction, the nine primordial Titans are in a different league. Each possesses a unique ability or skill that makes them formidable in battle. Marleyan warrior Reiner Braun is holder of the Battleship Titan, whose endurance gives him a distinct advantage in battle.

In The Seven Deadly Sins, another race of Titans exists, the clan of giants who populate the isolated island of Megadozer. These individuals are intimately linked to the earth and are capable of manipulating it, as is the case with Diane in The Seven Deadly Sins. If Diane were to face Reiner’s Dreadnought Titan in battle, it’s certain that each of them would do their best to emerge victorious. However, there can only be one victor in this epic duel between two titanic powers.


What can Attack On Titan’s Reiner Braun do with his armored Titan?

Diane From Seven Deadly Sins Vs. The Dreadnought Titan From Attack On Titan - Who Wins?

The Dreadnought Titan takes its name from its main ability: its unshakeable defense. In the animated series Attack of the Titans, he is the personal Titan of Reiner Braun, whose fighting skills focus on using this ability. The Armored Titan also measures 15 meters, the same size as Eren Jeager’s Titan. His physical appearance is that of a muscular man with short hair and an imposing jaw. In terms of attack, he’s rather limited, except for his ability to form very hard crystals on his hands and feet to create claws useful for slicing and grabbing enemies or defensive walls.

However, the Armored Titan has a few extra tricks up its sleeve, such as the ability for its user to remove part of its armor to increase the Titan’s mobility, at the expense of its protection, to a certain extent. Reiner is able to shed parts of his armor at strategic points on his body to run faster, but he must be careful that his opponents do not exploit these weaknesses. Like other Titans, Reiner’s armored Titan can regenerate its wounded flesh, unless its neck is attacked and Reiner himself is wounded. Thunder spears are the most effective weapons against him, but not everyone has access to them.

In terms of attack, Reiner can use not only his crystal claws, but also brutal charge attacks that can bring down walls or crush the enemy. He’s also capable of punching and kicking, but the weight of his Titan makes grappling attacks particularly effective, allowing him to tackle the enemy to the ground. Reiner has already used this technique on Eren’s Titan, preventing it from moving.

What can Diane do with the Seven Deadly Sins as a giantess?

Diane, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, is a born giantess, which gives her a strong affinity with the earth. Although she’s not interested in dominance, some recognize her potential to become the strongest of the giants and rule Megadozer with enough training and determination. Gentle on the whole, she will nevertheless not shrink from battle to defend what she cherishes.

In terms of physical skills, Diane possesses average agility and speed for her size, but her stamina and physical strength are remarkable. She has withstood incredible punishment in battle and kept fighting. In battle, she uses her sacred treasure, the giant Gideon warhammer, to enhance her earth-manipulating abilities. She is capable of striking meteors and massive quantities of stone.

In addition to her close-combat abilities, Diane can shape earth, stone and sand for attack and defense. She uses techniques such as Sand Swirl, which traps enemies in a whirlpool of sand, and Earth Gladius, which creates huge spikes of earth to impale enemies. Using the Mother Catastrophe technique, she can destroy an entire city with her hammer. Finally, she has a variety of blunt earth blows at her disposal, including Crazy Rush, which takes the form of fast, powerful punches.

Reiner’s armored Titan versus Diane the giant – Who wins?

Diane From Seven Deadly Sins Vs. The Dreadnought Titan From Attack On Titan - Who Wins?

If Reiner were to face Diane in a crossover fight between Attack of the Titans and Seven Deadly Sins, he’d probably start by charging straight at her to inflict considerable damage early on in the fight. However, Diane’s terrestrial counter-attacks would have little effect against him. Even her most powerful moves, like Crazy Rush and Rush Rock, would be powerless against Reiner’s armor.

Diane would therefore have no choice but to move out of Reiner’s path to avoid being violently attacked. Swinging Gideon at him would also be useless, as the sacred weapon would simply bounce off Reiner’s armor.

In desperation, Diane could then resort to other tricks to try and defeat Reiner. By dodging his charge attacks and looking for his weaknesses, she might discover that Reiner’s movements are based on the resistance and momentum of his attacks. She could then use her Sand Whirlwind ability to trap Reiner in a huge whirlpool of sand, submerging him up to his neck. Reiner would then be unable to free himself from Diane’s grip, allowing her to claim victory without bloodshed. Reiner would then have to admit defeat.

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