In Attack of the Titans, there’s a wide range of characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Many of them show unwavering determination and refuse to back down from a fight, even in the face of enormous obstacles.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

These characters acquired many of their skills during their early training with the Exploration Battalion, despite the losses suffered by that organization. Although some members have evolved over the years, they first became aware of the harsh realities and benefits they obtained as agents of the Exploration Battalion.


10.  Harsh reality: You have to endure tough training sessions belittling

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

Despite many inexplicable things within the Exploration Battalion, fans got to see their favorite characters endure tough training sessions. For example, in the anime’s third episode, fans witnessed Sasha Braus being reprimanded and punished for stealing and eating a potato in front of 104th Training Brigade commander Keith Shadis.

Although Sasha accepted her punishment bravely, it highlights just how serious their commander was about them during their early years. On the other hand, recruits like Eren, who experienced numerous failures in handling the three-dimensional equipment, eventually mastered it, demonstrating the importance of boot camp in their progression as resolute soldiers.

9.  Asset: There don’t seem to be any special requirements for the profession.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

Despite the strange rules established by the Exploration Battalion, there don’t seem to be any specific admission criteria. Given the high mortality rate within the Exploration Battalion, entry requirements may not be strictly defined, as most members are used as pawns to distract the Titans.

Although there are no requirements to join the Battalion, many individuals tend to drop out, as their survival is not guaranteed, knowing that their missions sometimes require them to fight one or two Titans at most.

8.  Harsh reality: they have to endure the hatred of many people, including soldiers from other regiments.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

Although the members of the Exploration Battalion risk their lives to protect the citizens of their country, many citizens and high officials in the Attack of the Titans universe downplay their achievements due to their many failures. In this regard, members of the Special Brigade as well as wealthy bureaucrats around the world consider their services a waste of money.

Despite the hatred they encounter, King Fritz supports their cause and protects the Exploration Battalion from snobbish bureaucrats and conservatives who wish their demise. Although Fritz was a stand-in for Rod Reiss (a character who should have died earlier in the series), he is replaced by Historia Reiss.

7.  Advantage : They can gain esteem and confidence depending on their victory or the number of Titans they kill.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

Although the members of the Exploration Battalion derive no material benefit from their victories, they do find a measure of glory internally. Within their group, surviving a mission and not suffering the same fate as other characters with tragic deaths in Attack of the Titans is the only satisfaction the members of the Exploration Battalion can achieve, in addition to saving humanity.

Considering that humans are so small in comparison to their Titan enemies, winning a victory against these monstrous creatures is a source of pride for anyone. What’s more, despite a high mortality rate, many members of the Exploration Battalion, such as Livai and Mikasa, have managed to kill more Titans than most of their superiors.

6.  The harsh reality: many leave their loved ones behind with no guarantee that they will return alive.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

Erwin Smith is recognized as one of the best leaders in Attack of the Titans. He was always sincere with his troops, even if his words could upset them. From his charge against the Bestial Titan to his subsequent death, he was not indifferent to death and knew that one day he would fall in battle.

Given that death was constantly on the minds of every member of the Exploration Battalion, it’s possible that many of them felt they’d never see their loved ones again. This was a difficult reality for many members to face, as their lives could be snatched away with a single punch from a Titan.

5.  Advantage: Their direct connection with the Titans sometimes enables them to discover crucial information about the Titans before anyone else.

Although Ilse Langar’s death was one of the most shocking in the history of Attack of the Titans, the scene between her and the Deviant Titan revealed an intriguing piece of information that some fans didn’t expect at the time. This OVA allowed some fans to discover that a Deviant Titan was capable of expressing himself properly towards a human being.

According to the fact that Ilse was a member of the Exploration Battalion, this demonstrates that these agents often obtain information about Titans more quickly than others, including members of the Special Brigade. Hansi Zoe’s character perfectly illustrates this concept, as she was always eager to learn more about the Titans, even if her methods could sometimes be frightening.

4.  The harsh reality: members of the Exploration Battalion can only rely on themselves, even if they’re part of a larger group.

Being A Member Of The Exploration Battalion: Advantages And Disadvantages!

In Attack of the Titans, there are many competent corps members capable of defending themselves, while others tend to depend on others to get out of a sticky situation. Calling in reinforcements is a strategy frequently used by many members of the Exploration Battalion, given that they’re fighting creatures twice their size.

An example of this is given in the first episode, when Hannes abandons Eren’s mother and flees after fighting the Smiling Titan. While many fans may see this as an act of cowardice on Hannes’ part, it highlights the burden army members must carry when faced with difficult situations.

3.  Advantage: They understand the job before they sign up.

Although the position is open to all, citizens of the Attack of the Titans universe have a general idea of what they’re signing up for if they wish to become members of the Exploration Battalion.

Whether through accounts of Exploration Battalion losses or victories passed on by other residents or through other sources, citizens are neither misled nor coerced into joining their ranks. In most cases, joining the Exploration Battalion boils down to whether individuals have what it takes to take on Titans with only a hundred percent probability of survival.

2.  The harsh reality: They must always put their lives on the line for the good of mankind.

Whether it’s to gain fame for their Titan-slaying skills or for other personal motivations, when someone joins the Exploration Battalion, their mission always remains the same: to protect mankind at all costs. Despite the criticism they may receive if they fail on a mission or return with tragic news, dying for their people is a principle to which many members of the Exploration Battalion adhere.

This meaning is beautifully brought out through the dialogue, motivations and stories of the characters in Attack of the Titans, where loved ones have perished because of the Titans. Although some notable characters meet their deaths towards the end of the series, some make sure to perform one last act of bravery before they go.

1.  Advantage : Trust between comrades, captains and leaders will always be guaranteed to them.

Although some characters in the Attack of the Titans universe didn’t see eye to eye at the start of the series, over time they’ve learned to work together to defeat formidable adversaries. Two characters worth mentioning are Eren Jäger and Livai Ackerman.

Although they’ve had conflicting relationships in the past and clashed violently at the start of the series, these two characters have learned to respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Livai has learned to listen to Eren’s plans, while Eren has learned to respect Livai and follow her orders, despite their previous arguments.


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