Since its debut in 2013, “Attack of the Titans” has conquered the anime world, rising to the top of the must-see list for fans, alongside other series such as “One Piece”, “Naruto” and “Bleach”. After the first season’s finale, it was obvious that a second season would soon follow. The question was no longer if, but when it would arrive.

Attack On Titan: Presentation For Beginners!

After a wait of three and a half long years (with several postponements), the series will finally make its triumphant return with the much-anticipated second season starting in April 2017. The trailer, released on Christmas Eve, was a real treat for fans, offering them a glimpse of what they could expect from the series.

“Attack of the Titans” had many defining moments. Its dark tone, high-quality animation and intriguing characters have made it one of the most captivating anime series, attracting a wide audience and gaining popularity outside Japan. However, for those unfamiliar with the series, images of smiling naked human giants running through the countryside, destroying huge walls and attacking people can certainly be confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to provide a general overview for those curious about the series and its contents.


Attack of the Titans is based on a manga.

Attack On Titan: Presentation For Beginners!

As is often the case with animated series, “Attack of the Titans” is an adaptation of a manga. Published as a series by Kodansha in 2009, Hajime Isayama’s manga had already been around for four years before being adapted into an anime. The success of the first season boosted the manga’s popularity, and contributed greatly to the large fan base it enjoys today. It is one of the best-selling series in terms of manga, regularly ranking among the top five bestsellers of the year.

In contrast to most mainstream manga series, “Attack of the Titans” is published monthly. So, although fans only get their fix once a month, the chapters are around twice as long as those in weekly series. On average, a typical monthly chapter of “Attack of the Titans” runs to 45 pages, while the weekly series are typically 18 to 20 pages long.

Where does the story take place?

Attack On Titan: Presentation For Beginners!

The universe of “Attack of the Titans” is set in a post-apocalyptic world reminiscent of primitive Europe. In this world, immense creatures called Titans roam the earth. Ranging in height from three to fifteen meters, these human-like beings are strangely attracted to one thing only: human flesh. As a result, humanity is on the brink of extinction. To protect themselves, the survivors have taken refuge inside large cities surrounded by three concentric walls. These walls are called Maria, Rose and Sina, Maria being the outer wall and Sina the one closest to the city. For 100 years, humans lived in this way, protected from the attacks of the Titans, searching at the same time for a way to defeat them.

During this period, an army was formed, comprising the Exploration Battalion, the Garrison and the Special Brigade, each with distinct roles. The Exploration Battalion is responsible for exploring the titanic territories beyond the walls, reclaiming lost lands and discovering the origins of the Titans. The Garrison is responsible for protecting ordinary civilians, while the Special Brigade is tasked with protecting upper-class citizens such as nobles and royalty.

Thanks to the use of special equipment called three-dimensional maneuvering gear, the army’s soldiers are able to move by hanging and swinging on nearby objects to fight the Titans by slicing their necks, the only way guaranteed to kill them. However, despite their best efforts, the Titans have proved too numerous to be eliminated by conventional methods, and all the Exploration Battalion’s attempts to discover their origins or secrets have so far been in vain.

Who are the protagonists?

Attack On Titan: Presentation For Beginners!

The series focuses on Eren Jaeger and his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. While they lead a peaceful life in the Shiganshina district near the Maria Wall, their world is brutally shaken when a mysterious new Titan, known as the Titan Colossal and measuring around 60 meters, suddenly appears. This mysterious Titan causes a breach in the wall, letting in a horde of Titans who ravage the neighborhood. In the chaos, Eren’s mother is killed and the neighborhood falls into the hands of the Titans.

Eren and his friends manage to narrowly escape Shiganshina, and Eren angrily and sadly vows to eliminate the Titans once and for all. To this end, he joins the army with Mikasa and Armin, with the aim of joining the Exploration Battalion. This battalion embarks on expeditions beyond the walls to fight the Titans directly and make direct contact with them. Eren prepares himself for a long, dark road as he trains to become a recruit to the Exploration Battalion. However, as his training progresses, Eren soon realizes that eradicating the Titans is an undertaking fraught with loss, destruction and bloodshed. Along the way, he and his friends become central to the fight for humanity’s survival, and they soon discover that there are other threats out there, far beyond the Titans roaming outside the walls.

What makes this series so popular?

Attack On Titan: Presentation For Beginners!

“Attack of the Titans” has gained enormous popularity thanks to its dark atmosphere and complex plot. The mystery surrounding the series itself creates a captivating plot that keeps viewers hooked, while theories about the Titans’ origins abound. Although some may be tempted to compare it to other post-apocalyptic series involving zombies (such as “The Walking Dead”), “Attack of the Titans” succeeds brilliantly in constantly instilling a sense of hope in the face of the seemingly hopeless situation in which humanity finds itself. Right from the start, it shows that no character is safe from the threat of the Titans, and that it only takes one mistake for them to meet a brutal end, but you have to keep fighting.

In addition to the high stakes that accompany every encounter with the Titans, the combat system used by the characters is unique. Thanks to the use of three-dimensional maneuvering equipment, each soldier swings through forests and cities like Spider-Man. This use of special equipment gives rise to spectacular action sequences, where the characters move at high speed, using their blades to slice through the flesh of Titans while avoiding being devoured. Thanks to studio Wit’s excellent animation, “Attack of the Titans” is a remarkable post-apocalyptic work that stands out from the usual zombie apocalypse series.


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