The “Attack of the Titans” series highlights many memorable moments through the eyes of its key characters. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Livai are often seen as the four main heroes (although it’s increasingly questionable whether Eren can even be described as such).

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

However, there are several occasions when secondary characters come to the rescue, sometimes even saving their more famous counterparts. By identifying the moments when their contribution was invaluable, we can better appreciate how even minor characters play a crucial role in the anime’s story, with meticulous attention.


10.  Darius Zackly ruled in favor of Eren

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Darius Zackly held the position of chief of the three regiments of the Paradise army. His most important role was to preside over Eren’s trial after the revelation of his identity as a titan.

Moved by Erwin’s pleas and Livai’s “convincing arguments”, he decided to allow Eren to join the Exploration Battalion recruits, provided he remained under their supervision (and they took responsibility for his actions). Unfortunately, his leniency cost him his life many years later when he was killed during an attack on his building by the Jägerists.

9.  Dot Pixis saved Eren from Kitz Woermann

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Just after the identity of Eren’s titan was revealed, Kitz Woermann and a few other fearful Eldian soldiers tried to neutralize him by firing cannon shots. They weren’t willing to listen to Armin’s or Mikasa’s arguments, no matter how convincing they were.

The only person capable of stopping this reckless attack was Pixis, whose authority was superior to theirs. Thanks to her sound judgment, Paradise was able to seal one of the breaches in its walls, using Eren’s immense power to her advantage.

8.  Grisha has stolen the Originel from the Reiss family.

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

The Original Titan was originally held by Frieda Reiss for corrupt purposes. In thrall to the will of a previous king, she sought to keep the Eldians imprisoned behind the walls, while their people continued to suffer a cruel fate.

It was Grisha Jäger who devoured her and thus stole the power of the Original for himself. Later, he would pass this power on to his son, Eren Jäger, giving recruits a considerable advantage in battles to come (as in Reiner’s confrontation in Paradise).

7.  Falco stopped Gabi from murdering Kaya with a pitchfork.

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

When Gabi and Falco found themselves unwittingly “enlisted” on Artur Braus’s farm, Gabi found herself in possession of a pitchfork. Fanatically convinced that Eldians are demons, she tried to kill her hostess in broad daylight.

This would have been a disaster on every conceivable level. Not only would it probably have led to Gabi’s arrest and even more serious consequences, but it would also have caused another unspeakable tragedy for the Braus family. Fortunately, Falco gauged his comrade’s intentions and prevented her from committing an act they would both later regret. Ironically, Kaya then attempted to kill Gabi in turn, shortly after discovering her involvement in Sasha’s death.

6.  Hannes saved Eren from the Smiling Titan

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

When Shiganshina was attacked, the defenders of the wall were completely unprepared and disorganized. Dina Fritz, better known as the Smiling Titan, arrived on Eren’s property and devoured his mother.

Naturally, Eren was upset by this brutality and did everything in his power to save her. But realizing the futility of his resistance, Hannes intervened and forcibly took Eren away. Haunted by his own cowardice, Hannes finally confronts the Smiling Titan in a final confrontation, which ends in his death.

5.  Hansi created the lightning spears that brought down Reiner.

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Initially, soldiers faced a serious problem when confronting Reiner, as their blades couldn’t penetrate his skin or cause significant damage to his defenses. Fortunately, Hange Zoë ingeniously found a solution by inventing the lightning spear.

This weapon was an extremely powerful explosive capable of piercing Braun’s impenetrable skin, as demonstrated at the Second Battle of Shiganshina. Without Hange’s creation, the only person capable of defeating the formidable enemy would have been Eren – who was busy fighting Bertholdt at the time.

4.  Ymir saved everyone in Utgard

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Despite his insolence, confrontational attitude and frequent insults, Ymir showed some heroism during the Battle of Utgard. When the titans surrounded the keep from all sides on Sieg Jager’s orders, all seemed lost.

Thankfully for the heroes, Ymir transformed into the Titan Jaw and plunged into the fray, tearing through dozens of opponents before being overwhelmed herself. Although she suffered severe injuries, she survived the attack, but her fate took an even darker turn when she was taken to Mahr.

3.  Historia killed Rod Reiss

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Rod Reiss had hoped that Historia would consume Eren so that she could follow in the footsteps of her predecessors. However, after refusing and breaking the syringe he planned to inject her with, the man greedily licked up his own precious fluids, transforming himself into a monster of appalling size.

Nothing and no one could stop it in its destructive race towards civilization. However, once he arrived, the soldiers managed to blow up his body and scattered fragments of flesh in all directions. In the end, Historia was the only one to slice the back of her neck, confirming her new position as Queen of Paradise.

2.  Sasha saved Connie from Kenny’s men

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Sasha possessed a rare skill among soldiers: her talent for shooting. During the attack on Rod Reiss’ bunker, she ignited an arrow and saved Connie from a Kenny soldier about to kill him.

Her agility in battle was once again demonstrated at the Battle of Mahr, where she took out several enemy snipers from inside a bunker. Without her vigilance and precision, these snipers could have killed many scouts and further reduced their already small numbers.

1.  Erwin gave Livai the distraction he needed to eliminate the Bestial Titan.

10 Times A Secondary Character Saved The Day!

Defeating the Bestial Titan proved particularly difficult, as a vast expanse separated the scouts from their target. The absence of nearby buildings made access to its neck arduous.

Erwin Smith volunteered to lead a suicide mission against the Bestial Titan, using smoke rockets to distract him as Livai Ackerman approached. Although they managed to save Shiganshina from Mahr’s agents, only one titan could be used for Paradis. Erwin’s sacrifice remains a heartbreaking death that his comrades are not about to forget.


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