Although it’s an imaginary world, the Attack of the Titans universe shares striking similarities with our reality on Earth.

The world presented in Attack of the Titans is utterly emblematic. Eren Jäger’s universe is both rooted in the past and futuristic, offering many fascinating discoveries, not least the presence of human-devouring monsters called Titans. There’s a colorful cast of characters, as well as a multitude of stories and secrets. In this world, humanity has lived behind walls for 100 years, and now some are ready to take back what’s rightfully theirs.

Although this is an imaginary world, it shares notable similarities with our reality here on Earth, even if we have no Titans or three-dimensional equipment.

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

10.  Social classes

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

At the top of the social hierarchy in Attack of the Titans are the king and the inhabitants of the Sina wall. Those living in the other walls, belonging to a lower class, are entrusted with thankless tasks on behalf of the rich and powerful. Some are even depicted foraging for food. Members of the army enjoy a certain social status, but only because they fight in the name of the king. King Fritz is admired, but sometimes he doesn’t even have to get very involved.

Does this sound familiar? Everywhere on Earth, there are millionaires and poor people. There’s someone at the head of it all, whether it’s a king, president or prime minister, and the closer you get to that person, the more influence you wield.

9.  Military issues

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

The army in Attack of the Titans bears many similarities to real-world armies. Like real armies, it consists of several branches: the Exploration Battalion, the Garrison and the Special Brigade. What moves must we make? What sacrifices must we make? The leaders of Attack of the Titans regularly ask themselves these kinds of questions, and can only hope to make the right choices.

Of course, in the real world, wars do exist and the military face many challenges.

8.  Friendship is powerful

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

The three main characters in Attack of the Titans are childhood friends. Armin and Eren were best friends, then Eren’s family took in Mikasa. These three characters were often together as children, and the bond they formed is of great importance.

Armin, Eren and Mikasa depend enormously on each other and on the people they meet. This group makes a great team, whether in combat or in everyday life. They’re generally well-oriented, which makes the tension that develops in their relationship towards the end of the story all the more heartbreaking. Just as in real life, having close friends you can rely on is a real asset.

7.  Fear and hysteria dominate

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

This fictional universe is undeniably terrifying. One of the main messages of the series is the fragility of life. In this dangerous world, many people live in fear. Only the bravest, the scouts, dare to cross the walls. The citizens are content to live behind these ramparts because they find a certain security.

During wars, pandemics, many people in the real world also live in fear. Although Titans don’t exist on Earth, it can undeniably be a dangerous place. Some take bold risks, while others live in constant paranoia. It’s probably best to strike a balance between the two extremes.

6.  It’s become political

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

Initially, Attack of the Titans was simply a story about fighting monsters. Halfway through, however, the story takes a more political turn. It’s no longer the Titans who are the enemy, but ordinary people. With this change, the story acquires a political dimension. Motivations are revealed, conflicts between characters multiply and the audience gets a glimpse of how this world works.

In reality, many things that aren’t necessarily political become politicized. People become overly attached to a political party or hurt others for political reasons. Politics is at the root of many of the world’s conflicts, and new people become interested in politics every day.

5.  The losses are coming

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

Attack of the Titans is notorious for eliminating even the most important characters. In a story centered on an army and man-eating monsters, this is hardly surprising. Characters in this universe face constant loss, whether to family, friends or comrades. Eren, Armin, Levi, Reiner and almost every other character is depicted mourning loss after loss, each in their own way.

In real life, many people have also experienced loss. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a relationship or the opportunity to achieve something, it causes pain. Grief is an experience that everyone can relate to, even fictional characters.

4.  Success isn’t easy

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

Eren has ambitious goals: to eliminate all the Titans. At the start of the series, he is confronted with a harsh reality when he joins the army and understands how difficult it will be. He often fails, as early as the aptitude test in the third episode, and is frequently defeated.

However, he refuses to be defeated. It’s realistic. Most people don’t get it right the first time, and that applies to almost any situation.

3.  Diversity and beauty

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

From an aesthetic point of view, the world in which SNK’s characters evolve doesn’t seem so far removed from our own. There are mountains, fields, rivers and many beautiful landscapes. Even during intense combat, the beautiful scenery often serves as a contrast to the action taking place in the foreground.

As far as the characters are concerned, there is great ideological diversity. They have various goals and schools of thought. As for their personalities, some are extroverts, others are greedy and others are highly emotional.

2.  Harassment exists

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

From the very first episode, it’s clear that not everyone in this universe will be benevolent. Armin Arlert is mistreated by some of his comrades, and Mikasa and Eren come to his rescue. It’s not the only time in the series that characters behave horribly for the sheer pleasure of it.

It’s undeniable that most people have been confronted with bullying at some point in their lives. Whether it’s at school or at work, there’s always someone trying to make others feel inferior. Although the subject is only touched on briefly, bullying is one of the most relevant themes in this series.

1.  People change, for better or worse

10 Similarities Between Attack On Titan And Our World

The characters in Attack of the Titans are undeniably dynamic, undergoing numerous changes from start to finish. The best example is Eren, the story’s protagonist. Once considered a hero, he finally becomes an antagonist. His mental state is shattered by his trauma and he is thirsty for revenge. Other characters who undergo striking developments are Armin, Reiner and Jean.

In the real world, individuals are constantly evolving. Almost everyone has known someone who was once a good friend, but changed one day. On the other hand, some people may seem unpleasant at first, but eventually become tolerable or even friendly over time. The characters in Attack of the Titans, just like people in real life, are dynamic, for better or for worse.


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