Livaï Ackerman is an extremely popular character in “Attack of the Titans”. However, there’s still a lot you may not know about him.

When it comes to defeating the Titans, Livaï Ackerman truly shines in the world of “Attack of the Titans”. He possesses incredible battlefield skills and strategic intelligence that make him a formidable adversary, all without losing his sarcastic humor and deadpan wit, which brings dry humor to anime viewers.

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that Livai is a much-loved secondary character among fans of the manga. And even as a secondary character, he often takes center stage, whether during epic battle sequences or through flashbacks to his childhood. Despite all the attention he receives in the anime, there’s still a lot to discover about him.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Livaï Ackerman!


10.  Livaï was a thief

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Fans who have seen Livai lead the regiment of soldiers with total dedication will probably be surprised to learn that the captain was once a criminal. Being raised by Kenny the Ripper undoubtedly took its toll on Livaï, and although he never became the monster his uncle was, he was part of a gang of thieves before being captured by the Exploration Battalion, and forced to atone for his crimes.

Livaï and the two other thieves he worked with, Isabel and Furlan, joined the Exploration Battalion as punishment, but Livaï is the only one of the three to survive. Since enlisting, his priorities have changed radically. Of course, he remains as cunning and ruthless as ever, traits that contributed to his life of crime in the first place. However, he’s channeled those talents for the good of humanity, and playing the good guy role suits him much better.

9.  He already hated Commander Erwin

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

In the anime, Livaï and Erwin have a relationship based on loyalty and respect, but this wasn’t always the case between them. When Erwin caught Livaï and his friends stealing and forced them to join the Battalion, Livaï was not at all happy with the situation. He directed all his anger at Erwin, going so far as to swear to kill him when the opportunity arose.

Of course, over time, Livai changed his opinion of the Exploration Battalion commander. It’s interesting to note how much Livaï hated a man who eventually became one of her most respected comrades.

8.  Livaï s story is probably the reason for his obsession with cleanliness.

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Livai spent most of his childhood in the underground city, which is essentially the slum of the Attack of the Titans world. His mother, living in poverty as a prostitute, gave birth to him, and after her death Livaï was left with nothing. He was eventually taken in by Kenny, who taught him the criminal skills needed to survive.

Given Livai’s upbringing in an unsanitary home and neighborhood, we can assume this explains his obsession with cleanliness. In the anime, we often see him insisting that the soldiers’ quarters be spotless, and he’s even sometimes depicted wearing a cleaning mask and carrying a feather duster. This becomes a recurring gag throughout the series, but there seems to be a much darker story behind this peculiarity than people give him credit for.

7.  Watchmen’s Rorschach inspired the character of Livaï

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Fans of Watchmen and Attack of the Titans will be delighted to learn that the Livai character was partly inspired by Watchmen’s Rorschach. The manga’s creator, Hajime Isayama, has revealed that Rorschach is one of many characters who influenced Livaï, and he proves to be the most surprising and interesting inspiration.

Rorschach and Livaï are both small in stature, but possess impressive fighting skills and superior physical abilities despite their stature. Like Rorschach, Livaï is also willing to perform unpleasant – even immoral – acts to achieve a greater goal. The white garment Livaï wears around his neck is probably a nod to Rorschach and his white scarf, which is a really cool detail to pay homage to the character’s inspiration.

6.  Livaï is older than he looks

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Livai’s small stature and nonchalant attitude fool many viewers into thinking he’s a young adult, but in reality, Livai’s age is slightly higher than you might think. After much speculation from fans, Isayama confirmed that the character is in fact in his thirties.

Given Livai’s skill level, it makes sense that he’s accumulated more life experience than someone in their twenties alone. But what can we say? He looks young. Let’s wish everyone to age as well as Levi Ackerman has (and build as much muscle in the process).

5.  Livaï uses an unusual sword technique to fight the Titans

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

All members of the Exploration Battalion use blades to fight Titans, but Livai’s fighting style is actually unusual compared to the others. When wielding his blades, Livaï adopts a particular stance, holding his sword vertically behind his back, with the blade facing outwards. This enables him to perform circular, whirling cutting motions.

This technique proved very effective for Livai throughout the series, and combined with his speed, it even enabled him to defeat the Bestial Titan in a one-on-one fight (Sieg’s escape was really just a fluke, to be honest).

4.  Livaï s relationship with sleep is not ideal

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Livaï has been a member of the Exploration Battalion for some time now, and the horrors the surviving soldiers have faced beyond the walls are enough to give anyone nightmares. And Livaï himself suffers from sleep problems. Specifically, he struggles with insomnia and only manages to sleep a few hours a night on average.

Because of his insomnia, Livaï also regards sleep as a trivial event, to the point of not bothering with a bed or pyjamas. Apparently, he often sleeps in his armchair and doesn’t bother to change clothes for bed. This may seem uncomfortable, but it fits Livaï’s personality well.

3.  Livaï was born on December 25

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Birthdays are rarely mentioned in Attack of the Titans, and there’s understandably little room for parties or cakes when the characters are so busy fighting Titans. In this dystopian context, it’s not clear whether the characters use the same calendar system as we do. However, it has been confirmed that they do.

It’s been confirmed that Livaï’s birthday is December 25, which means that the Attack of the Titans characters follow the same monthly calendar as we do. And since Livai is a gift to the world of Attack of the Titans, it makes sense that he was born on Christmas Day.

2.  Livaï likes to drink tea

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

With all the action going on in Attack of the Titans, it’s easy to miss Livai’s drinking preferences. However, attentive viewers will notice that Livaï seems to really enjoy drinking tea, a fact confirmed by Isayama. In fact, Livaï is a great tea lover, and even goes to great lengths to ensure that tea supplies are included in shipments to the military.

Isayama also revealed that if the conflict between the Eldians and Marleyans ends, and the threat from the Titans disappears, Livai’s dream is to open his own tea shop. Let’s hope he can make that dream a reality. If anyone deserves a period of relaxation after all these battles, it’s Livaï.

1.  Livaï is one of the most popular characters in the entire series.

10 Revelations About Livaï Ackerman!

Despite the fact that Eren, Mikasa and Armin are undeniably the main trio of characters in Attack of the Titans, Livai seems to be the undisputed favorite, a fact consistently demonstrated by the results of official popularity polls. Time and again, Livaï has come out on top in these contests, even though he’s a secondary character.

Livai’s popularity is also confirmed by the fact that he was given his own manga and anime adaptation, No Regrets. Fans were eager to learn more about this character, and the series was very well received. Few secondary characters manage to keep fans so interested over such a long period of time, but Livai certainly does.


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