Hansi Zoe is an extremely popular character among Attack of the Titans fans. Here are 10 facts about him you probably don’t know!

The hit Attack of the Titans series has garnered attention over the years thanks to its complex narrative and captivating characters.

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

Despite the popularity of the series and its characters, we still have little information about the much-loved Hansi Zoe. The person behind the Titans’ quest deserves better representation. Without further ado, here are 10 facts you didn’t know about Hansi Zoe.


10.  Hansi’s origin is not specified.

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

Before joining the Exploration Battalion, we have little information on Hansi’s origin. Series creator Hajime Isayama has kept this part of his life a secret. Whereas fans seem to know the story of all the other main characters, even Livai.

Given Livai’s low-key nature, it’s rather fascinating that the author chose to give viewers/readers a glimpse of her story rather than Hansi’s. Given Hansi’s eccentric personality, fans would know more about the origin of this mad scientist.

9.  His name is spelled two different ways

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

In many anime, most characters have a different pronunciation or spelling of their name. Zoro from One Piece is a good example. Often, there are copyright issues regarding names, spelling and cultural pronunciation, or simply mistakes.

Apparently, Hansi’s name can also be written as Hanji (feminine) instead of Hange (masculine). It seems that Isayama has no objection to the way people spell the name Hanji, as evidenced by the next entry in our list.

8.  The sex of Hansi remains a mystery

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

In the anime, Hansi identifies himself as a woman; fans of the manga are also of the opinion that Hansi is a woman, but the author has not confirmed Hansi’s gender. He claims that gender does not define the character.

As a result, production company Kodansha has taken steps to eliminate the gender pronouns associated with Hansi, in order to respect the character. In this respect, the spelling of Hansi’s name is ultimately irrelevant, as we mentioned earlier, as the author has left it up to fans to interpret Hansi’s gender.

7.  His age is unknown

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

The mad scientist’s past and gender aren’t the only elements the creator has deliberately left in the dark. Like the backgrounds of the other characters, Hansi’s age remains unconfirmed.

Hansi’s age may be somewhere between 25 and 30. It’s possible that she’s the same age or even close to Livai’s, who’s around 30. It’s unlikely that they’re the same age as Eren and his friends, given that the latter are teenagers. It would seem that Isayama prefers to keep Hansi’s story a secret, which makes his character even more captivating.

6.  Character Doublings

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

Fans may not be aware that highly respected actors have lent their voices to Hansi Zoe. In the original Japanese version of the anime, Hansi is played by one of the most iconic voices, Romi Park. She is known for lending her voice to characters such as Ed Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Temari in the Naruto franchise, and Toshiro Hitsugaya in Bleach.

In the English dubbed version of Attack of the Titans, it’s Jessica Calvello who lends her voice to Hansi. She is an actress specializing in dubbing, working in both anime and video games. Finally, in the series’ live-action film, actress Satomi Ishihara plays the beloved character of Hanji Zoe.

5.  She is in the top 10 of most popularity polls

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

Hansi Zoe remains very popular with fans, generally placing her in the top 10 of Attack of the Titans popularity polls. Once again, this is interesting because we know so little about Hansi Zoe.

In 2017, she ranked third on a popularity list with 667 votes. On a 2019 list, she was tied with Mikasa for fourth place. This is not surprising given Mikasa’s popularity. Now that we’re in 2021, Hansi could regain places in the rankings.

4.  Livai could be Hansi’s only friend

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

Besides Erwin and Livai’s friends from the underground, Livai doesn’t really like many people (as far as we know), until Hansi appears. In one of the anime episodes, we actually see Livai and Hansi laughing hysterically. It was strange because no one had ever seen Livai smile, let alone laugh.

Even today, it’s a trait that fans have rarely observed in him. What’s more, he’s always willing to listen to what Hansi has to say, especially when it comes to Titan research. Livai is generally not inclined to pay attention to what others have to say, except Erwin, of course. Hansi seems to have that effect on people.

3.  Levi was almost tempted to kill Hansi.

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

The dynamic duo weren’t always so close; in fact, Hansi came very close to losing his life to Livai. In the series’ spin-off manga, Attack on Titan: No Regrets, Livai attempts to kill Hansi because she may have overheard a plan by mistake.

This event takes place when Livai and the rest of the Exploration Battalion are out one evening. They decide to take a break, and that’s when Hansi appears. Her team was curious to know if she knew anything about it, but Hansi didn’t know anything. They wanted to discuss a Titan that Livai had killed. After all, Hansi has a special interest in Titans.

2.  They organized the first expedition to capture a Titan

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

It’s no surprise that Hansi Zoe became fascinated by Titans. After completing a reconnaissance mission with Livai in the “Isle Notebook” OAV, Commander Erwin Smith entrusted Hansi with the first expedition to capture a Titan.

They had hopes of capturing this Titan who had been spotted running in the forest outside the walls. Although Hansi failed to capture the Titan, they discovered a notebook left by a deceased soldier, Ilse Lagnar, containing important information about the Titans.

1.  Hansi accidentally discovered the truth about their people long before Eren.

10 Revelations About Hansi Zoe!

In season 3 of Attack of the Titans, Eren Yeager reveals that all the characters in the series belong to a race of people capable of transforming into Titans. However, what fans may not know is that Hansi had already discovered this information in the OVA Ilse Notebook.

During the reconnaissance mission, they discovered a notebook left by the deceased soldier named Ilse. In this notebook, it was mentioned that the Titan was able to speak. The Titan uttered the words, “People of Ymir”. Shortly afterwards, the same Titan brutally removed their heads and placed the body in a tree. Hansi may not have known how to interpret this vague piece of information, but it was a striking omen.


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