Erwin Smith was a key character in the story of Attack of the Titans, but you may have missed some of the details. As the 13th Commander of the Exploration Battalion, Erwin guided the people of Paradise into the mysteries of the Titans and blazed the trail to freedom. Facing danger relentlessly, he is committed to uncovering the secret origin of the Titans and the walls.

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

He occupied a crucial role in the anime’s first three seasons, and even though he’s no longer around to lead the Exploration Battalion, his impact on the characters, especially Livai, remains undeniable. Here are ten little-known facts about Erwin Smith from Attack of the Titans.

10.  His Years as Commander

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

Erwin Smith held the post of Exploration Battalion Commander for a considerable period. From the beginning of the series until halfway through, we see him leading this division of the army.

Interestingly, it was later revealed that Erwin Smith had been the commander of the Exploration Battalion for five years, from 845 to 850. Needless to say, he did a remarkable job during this time, and it’s precisely for this reason that he’s still beloved by fans, even after his death.

9.  Who came before him?

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

As the Exploration Battalion was not an organization created by Erwin Smith himself, other people held the position of commander before him. As previously mentioned, Erwin Smith was the Battalion’s 13th commander.

Before him, the Exploration Battalion was led by Keith Shardiz, who was himself a capable man. However, he was not as successful as Erwin Smith, and the fact that Erwin achieved results when he took command confirms this.

8.  His love for his men

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

As commander of the Exploration Battalion, Erwin placed great value on the lives of his soldiers. However, anyone who has followed him knows that survival is never guaranteed when facing the Titans.

Aware of his men’s feelings, Erwin never hesitated to sacrifice them in the general interest and go against their own determinations. His leadership qualities were so remarkable that everyone willingly followed him into battle, including those who initially despised him, such as Livai Ackerman. Thanks to his charisma and unshakeable determination, Erwin managed to win the trust of every member of the Exploration Battalion.

7.  Long-range reconnaissance training

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

As the 13th commander of the Exploration Battalion, Erwin Smith introduced several changes that increased the chances of survival on expeditions beyond the walls. One of the most important changes that dramatically improved survival rates was the introduction of Erwin’s long-range reconnaissance formation.

Thanks to this training, the group’s perception of their surroundings has greatly improved, providing them with a better understanding of where the Titans are appearing. Using smoke signals, the unit of soldiers could then adjust their trajectory. Although Erwin has passed away, his legacy is still carried on by Hansi.

6.  His goal

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

Erwin Smith’s ultimate goal was to see humanity reborn in a world where there would be no room for fear behind walls. Like Eren, he aspired to end the dominance of the Titans.

His determination was such that he was willing to sacrifice limbs, even his own life, as long as he achieved his goal. Thanks to his exceptional leadership, the people of Paradise were able to move one step closer to true freedom.

5.  Smart even as a child

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

Since his discovery, Erwin realized, even as a child, that humanity was devoid of any memory or trace of life before the walls were built. He sensed that something was amiss. Eventually, his father shared with him his theory that their memories had been altered by the King, and this theory proved more or less correct.

Unfortunately, it was because Erwin shared this theory that his father was killed. As an adult, he became one of the most intelligent characters in the Attack of the Titans series, perhaps rivaling only the likes of Hansi and Armin Arlert.

4.  His statistics

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

According to Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack of the Titans, Erwin Smith is an extremely competent man, and his statistics are proof of this. According to the information we’ve been given, Erwin is exceptionally intelligent, scoring a 10/10 in terms of wit and initiative.

Interestingly, he also scores a perfect 10 in terms of ruthlessness, which is often explained by his commitment to the common good. When it comes to fighting, Erwin receives a 9/10, which, although slightly lower than the aforementioned statistics, is still quite remarkable. Finally, his teamwork score is 7/10, considered his weakness. Looking at his stats, it’s clear that Erwin is one of the greatest characters Isayama has created.

3.  The people he killed

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

Despite his noble intentions to work for the restoration of humanity, Erwin was responsible for the deaths of several individuals, most of them members of his own group who willingly followed him, knowing full well that they risked their lives at any moment.

Erwin is also indirectly responsible for his father’s death, as it was by sharing his theory about the King’s manipulation of memories that he caused his death. In addition, he bears responsibility for the tragic deaths that occurred during the Titans’ rampage, resulting in the deaths of around 100 people in the Stohess district, near the Sina Wall.

2.  Popularity among fans

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

Erwin Smith is one of those characters who, thanks to the way Isayama wrote him, manages to slowly capture the hearts of fans. In the first popularity poll, Erwin managed to climb to 12th place.

As he gained in importance in the SNK series plot, Erwin Smith managed to reach second place in the popularity polls. Finally, in the third popularity poll, he climbed to first place, proving that fans’ love for him is growing steadily.

1.  Her single life

10 Never-before-seen Details About The Life Of Erwin Smith!

According to Hajime Isayama, Erwin Smith preferred to remain single rather than commit to a relationship. The reason was that, due to the nature of his work, he was never certain when he might lose his life, which would have caused unnecessary grief to his loved ones.

This is one of the reasons why Erwin never concretized a relationship with Marie and chose to commit himself fully to the army. Once again, it shows how intelligent he was and how he made excellent decisions, no matter how you look at it.


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