In most anime, we often find characters who are scary by nature. They may not be the protagonists of the story, but their impact is so powerful that they often influence the course of the plot in unexpected ways. Attack of the Titans is no exception. Although the eponymous Titans are senseless creatures devoted to consuming living human beings, there are humans who are considerably scarier and far more menacing.

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

In this case, the notion of “danger” is not linked to physical skills or fighting talents, but is rooted in the deep personality of the character in question. Titans can be a deadly threat to the inhabitants of Paradise, but as Jean-Paul Sartre said: l’enfer, c’est les autres.


10.  Jelena’s calm belies her fanaticism

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Jelena eventually betrays the Exploration Battalion she’d worked so hard to manipulate, but she remains formidable until that point. Unlike most other characters in the series, who show their emotions, she doesn’t betray hers. Instead, she tackles serious subjects with her trademark style, tinged with dry humor, creating a slight aura of intimidation around her. What’s more, she’s known for eliminating people she considers obstacles to her plans without hesitation. Unfortunately, Jelena loses her cool towards the end of the manga and thus ceases to be a threat to anyone.

9.  Willy Tybur controls Mahr despite being an Eldian

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

The Tybur family lives proudly in Mahr and enjoys far more privileges than the rest of its population, due to its great wealth, political influence and possession of the Hammer Titan.

It’s interesting to note that, unlike all the other Mahr Eldians, the head of the family is completely immune to violence and hatred. As a result, Willy Tybur holds enough power to influence entire governments, making him a real threat.

8.  Gabi Braun is a bomb ready to explode

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Gabi is a troubled child, not because of her desire to protect her family, but because she constantly expresses her deep-rooted phobia of Eldians by inflicting violent acts on Paradise innocents. She murders Sasha without the slightest hesitation and openly defends her actions to all who learn of them.

Thankfully, the encounter with the Braus’ extended family brings about a series of changes in Gabi’s character, gradually but inevitably opening her eyes to the true reality of the world: it’s the Eldians who suffer oppression. This realization doesn’t fundamentally alter her explosive nature, but rather channels her energy towards more positive goals.

7.  Kenny Ackerman is almost as impressive as Livai

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

The notorious Kenny the Ripper lives up to his name when he crosses paths with the Exploration Battalion, sowing death left and right with little regard for human life. His fighting skills are so formidable that they strike fear even in Livai, a man who has no qualms about eliminating Titans and humans alike.

In reality, it’s fair to say that Kenny is far more powerful than his nephew, for he possesses no sense of morality, which makes him all the more dangerous. Yet it’s Livai who ends up victorious over his uncle.

6.  Erwin is ready to go all the way to support his causes

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Erwin’s talent for devising the most effective strategies means that those who oppose him take huge risks to challenge him. However, what makes the former Battalion commander so formidable is his unyielding stand in favor of his convictions.

Erwin is playing a dangerous game in implementing his idea of a royal coup, but his gamble is paying off. It’s hard to imagine crossing someone like him without taking dozens of precautions, even if it never comes to anything.

5.  Hansi’s technological ingenuity is incomparable.

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Hansi’s impact on the plot is invaluable, as she is the only true genius among the members of the Exploration Battalion. What’s more, no other character in Attack of the Titans possesses scientific expertise approaching Hansi’s.

Hansi is also capable of devising complex combat tactics without any preparation, which partly explains why Erwin Smith sees her as his future successor as head of the Exploration Battalion. There’s no doubt that Hansi is a formidable presence in the manga.

4.  Queen Historia controls all of Paradise

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Krista Lenz has long kept her secret, finally accepting her responsibility to the people of Paradise when Rod Reiss tried to get her to kill and devour Eren. She refused to absorb the Original Titan, forcing her father to intervene.

Despite his efforts, the soldiers of the Exploration Battalion manage to defeat Rod, but it’s Krista, now known as Historia Reiss in her ultimate form, who ends his life. She proclaims herself the new ruler of Paradise and is crowned Queen of the Walls. Interestingly, however, the final chapter of the manga reveals that the Jägerists may have supplanted her authority, although the details of the situation remain ambiguous.

3.  Armin’s mind is his best weapon

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Armin’s intelligence defies expectation – it’s almost as if he puts all his effort into planning to make up for his lack of success in the field. After being mentored by Dot Pixis, and then by Erwin Smith, Armin becomes a much more imposing character.

He makes far-reaching decisions in an instant, often accurately deducing the outcome before anyone else understands what’s going on. Bullies may have picked on Armin as a child, but these days, few can stand up to him.

2.  Mikasa slaughters Titans at incredible speed

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Keith Shardiz, chief instructor of the 104th Training Brigade, praises Mikasa Ackerman’s hard work, calling her a fighting virtuoso, an opinion shared by many others. She is unquestionably one of the best fighters in the world, a true champion who quickly eliminates most of the Titans she faces.

Mikasa is a formidable force of nature, which is why she’s considered as valuable as a hundred soldiers. It’s Mikasa who delivers the final blow in this story, even if it means killing the person she loves most in the world.

1.  Captain Livai isn’t humanity’s strongest soldier for nothing

10 Characters More Dangerous Than The Titans!

Captain Livai’s mastery of three-dimensional equipment is unmatched: he can easily defeat such formidable opponents as the Female Titan and the Bestial Titan with his patented spiral attack.

His incomparable speed may be due to his small size, but the results of his battles are no less extraordinary. Livai is probably the most dangerous entity in Attack of the Titans, with the possible exception of Eren’s incredibly oversized Original Titan.


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