Attack of the Titans is one of the most famous ongoing animated series. However, here are 10 similar series to discover for those who are already up to date.

Since its first broadcast, Attack of the Titans has captivated anime fans the world over. It has not only gained enormous popularity in Japan, but has also become a cult phenomenon among international fans.

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

Such is its fame that even after years, it’s often mentioned as one of the best anime ever produced by Japan. So, for those who have just finished the series and are looking for similar anime, here are 10 anime series that are sure to please fans of Attack of the Titans.


10.  Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

In an alternative cyberpunk world, human beings are faced with an invasion of undead mysteriously emerging from their graves. Nicknamed “Kabane”, these infectious creatures spread their disease by biting humans, and their only weakness is their steely hearts, which must be targeted to eliminate them.

Ikoma is a young man who has designed a weapon he believes is effective against the Kabane. Looking for an opportunity to test his invention, his wish comes true unexpectedly when his island is suddenly attacked by the Kabane.

9.  Aldnoah.Zero

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

Human beings currently live on both Earth and Mars. However, following the destruction of their hyperport on the moon, their relationship is severed. The Martian princess Asseylum arrives on Earth with the aim of negotiating peace, but her mission is immediately interrupted by an assassination attempt. Young Inaho, who witnesses the attack, helps the princess escape and finds himself unwittingly involved in a war no one wanted in the first place.

8.  Black Bullet

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

In the distant future, a viral attack caused a monstrous transformation in the majority of the human population. Those who survived had to take refuge behind walls to ensure their safety. To defend themselves, girls endowed with superhuman abilities, inherited from the virus in their blood, are trained as warriors.

These female fighters are partnered with “Promoters”, soldiers charged with protecting these children. They always work in pairs. “Black Bullet” tells the story of Satomi and Enju, who embark on a mission to combat this mysterious virus.

7.  Seraph Of The End

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

While almost everyone over the age of 13 has perished under mysterious circumstances, the earth is being overrun by vampires who feed mainly on humans. In the midst of this situation, an orphan manages to escape the vampires’ grip and grows up to become a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Teen-year-old Yuuichirou takes part in his very first battle, but is stunned to see his presumed dead friend, Mikaela, fighting alongside the vampires! This vampire shonen is a story of loyalty in the face of the impossible.

6.  God Eater

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

The God Eater anime presents a futuristic vision similar to that of Attack of the Titans. Humanity is on the brink of extinction due to the threat of the Aragami, human-devouring creatures that can only be eliminated with a special weapon called God Arc.

The Fenrir organization recruits an impulsive but determined young man, Lenka Utsugi, whose sole aim is to kill these creatures because of the personal losses he has suffered. Called the God Eaters, the new members, like Utsugi, risk their lives every day to give humanity a little more time to rest.

5.  Knights of Sidonia

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

Planet Earth has been annihilated, forcing the human survivors to flee to a neighboring galaxy. After emerging from cryogenic sleep, Nagate Tanikaze immediately finds himself at the heart of a battle between humans and aliens known as Gauna.

If Nagate and his friends fail to defeat these creatures, humanity’s existence is in peril. This anime follows the adventures of the protagonist and his companions, and tells how Nagate becomes the hero humanity desperately needs.

4.  Tokyo Ghoul

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

Tokyo Ghoul bears similarities to Attack of the Titans, but with ghouls. In both series, the protagonist is a half-human being who constantly rejects his monstrous part, but is finally forced to accept it when the lives of his loved ones are in danger.

He is led to embrace a greater destiny and soon finds himself involved in a fierce battle between two species, each side fighting for survival.

3.  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

To get something, you have to sacrifice something equivalent in value. This is the fundamental premise of this shonen masterpiece, cherished by new fans and long-time anime enthusiasts alike.

This anime tells a story of love, loyalty and grief faced by the two young Elric brothers on their journey to bring their dead mother back to life. At 64 episodes, this series is quite long, but fully worth the wait.

2.  Claymore

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

This series is a must for fans who are tired of seeing women used as mere accessories in the shonen genre. In this alternate reality, fearsome female warriors called Claymores, who are half-human and half-demonic, sell their fighting services against supernatural creatures to the highest bidder.

A low-ranking Claymore named Clare finds her life turned upside down when she saves the life of a young boy named Raki from these creatures. Since he no longer has anything to keep him in his village, he decides to accompany Clare and become her faithful companion. Together, they embark on many adventures of self-discovery and develop an increasingly close relationship.

1.  Deadman Wonderland

10 Anime Must-sees If You Liked Attack On Titans!

Ganta’s life takes a disastrous turn when he realizes he’s been falsely accused of murdering all his classmates. He is sentenced to Deadman Wonderland prison, a facility that also serves as an entertainment venue for spectators from all over the world.

In this place, inmates are forced to fight to the death, but young Ganta quickly understands that this isn’t even his biggest problem in this hell.


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