Attack of the Titans plunged anime fans into a dark and intense universe, where the frightening power of the Titans casts a long shadow over the world. For an entire period of a century, the Eldians of Paradise Island were besieged by the fearsome Titans, and only brave and deadly fighters such as Captain Livaï Ackerman managed to defend themselves and survive.

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Livai quickly became a cold, ruthless, results-driven anti-hero, a competent leader but also an emotionally distant person. However, he made friends with a few people, such as Hansi Zoe and Commander Erwin Smith. Livaï had a difficult childhood, which explains his strict, egocentric behavior. Many other anime characters are also similar to this.


10.  During the Golden Age Arc, Casca looked a lot like Livai (Berserk)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

The characters in Berserk underwent many changes throughout the story, and at one point Casca differed considerably from Livai. However, during the Golden Age arc, the two characters had remarkable similarities. Both were military commanders who had served under great leaders such as Griffith and Erwin Smith.

At the time, Casca was loyal and disciplined, but she lacked a sense of humor, and not without reason. Her mind was entirely focused on her duty, and she had little patience for disruptive elements such as Guts. It was a bit like the way Livaï perceived the problem that was Eren Yeager.

9.  Uryu Ishida is calm but fierce, like Livaï (Bleach)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

In addition to having more comic moments than Livai and a different fighting style, archer Uryu Ishida is a counterpart to Livai in the Bleach universe. Uryu is strict and serious, and even feels great pressure at times as he carries the honor of the Quincy tribe on his shoulders.

Uryu teases Ichigo Kurosaki in the same way as Livaï and Eren, mainly berating the shonen series protagonist for his recklessness and temerity. Like Livai, Uryu prefers to fight according to strict rules, and prefers to work out a solid plan rather than rush into action.

8.  Kento Nanami is professional and strict (Jujutsu Kaisen)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Kento Nanami is an experienced jujutsu exorcist, though he’s not very sentimental about it; he’s not looking to compare himself to a superhero, for example. He finds it slightly preferable to being a mere employee, and he appreciates neither excessive optimism nor unanswered questions.

Nanami adopts a pragmatic attitude, as does Livai, and is more powerful than the young shonen leader he looks after, in this case Yuji Itadori. If a truly formidable foe presents itself, such as Mahito, Nanami will insist on taking control of the fight.

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7.  Thorfinn is fast, deadly and no joke (Vinland Saga)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

The main difference between Thorfinn and Captain Livaï is that Thorfinn is not a military leader and follows Askeladd’s orders. Apart from that, the two characters are very similar, especially when it comes to their tragic story. Livaï’s mother died when he was young, while Thorfinn saw his father, Thors, killed before his eyes.

Thorfinn is self-centered, serious and insensitive, just like Livaï, and he favors speed and precision over brute force in battle, another trait he shares with Livaï. Thorfinn is able to take on the formidable Thorkell and survive, which is impressive.

6.  Touka Kirishima has suffered a loss and become a bitter semi-lionist (Tokyo Ghoul)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Touka Kirishima is the ghoul nicknamed “Rabbit” and she’s been through her share of suffering. She and her little brother Ayato lost their father to CCG investigators, then Touka and Ayato went their separate ways. After that, Touka mainly looked after herself.

Among ghouls, such a history is not uncommon, and Touka’s strict, ruthless personality is reminiscent of Livaï Ackerman. Like Livaï, Touka quickly becomes an ally of the protagonists, helping them for practical reasons. Unlike Livaï, however, Touka has finally found love. She and Ken developed a harmonious relationship and married.

5.  Giyu Tomioka is all business, all the time (Demon Slayer)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Giyu Tomioka is the current Hashira of water, the master of the same breathing technique used by Tanjiro Kamado himself. In fact, Giyu is the first Hashira to appear in history, and he attempted to kill Nezuko Kamado until Tanjiro’s challenge prompted him to withdraw.

Giyu is stern and professional, and tends not to make many friends, prompting mockery. However, Giyu is neither bitter nor angry, and is undoubtedly a hero, just like Livai, even if he doesn’t have a dazzling personality. His personality is sharp and solid, like a Nichirin blade.

4.  Goblin Slayer focuses entirely on the mission at hand (Goblin Slayer)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Goblin Slayer has a well-deserved reputation as a goblin-hater, and he only takes on missions that involve killing these terrible little creatures. To him, goblins are what Titans are to Livai, and the Goblin Slayer is always ready with the right equipment for a real massacre.

Goblin Slayer is emotionally detached from almost everything around him, and doesn’t let up when other adventurers are overwhelmed by goblins or other threats. However, he will avenge them swiftly, in the purest manner, and leave no goblin alive.

3.  Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a consummate professional (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a disciplined and loyal officer in the Amestris army, and for her, following the rules is as natural as breathing. Duty, etiquette and mission always come first, and she’s quick to reprimand anyone who makes a mistake or breaks protocol.

Hawkeye can be absolutely ruthless in combat, able to quickly fill his opponents with lead and keep firing until the job is done. This fits well with Livaï’s merciless fighting style, as when he defeated Sieg Jäger’s Titan Bestial.

2.  Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa is also a soldier of duty (Fire Force)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Lieutenant Hinawa also shares many similarities with Riza Hawkeye, not least in his gun-centric fighting style. Unlike Hawkeye, however, he possesses a supernatural ignition ability that allows him to control the heat and sparks of a fired bullet. This enables him to guide his projectiles through the air.

Like Livaï, Hinawa is a serious officer who puts duty first, and is not at all sentimental or eccentric, with the exception of an unfortunate unintentional choice of clothing. Like Livaï, he’s quick to reprimand anyone who slackens off or behaves inappropriately.

1.  Shota Aizawa has good intentions but is also very demanding (My Hero Academia)

10 Anime Heroes Just Like Livaï Ackerman!

Shota Aizawa is the head teacher of class 1-A. When acting as a hero, he favors intelligence, discretion and technique over brute force. Livaï is a formidable swordsman who also favors strategic planning and maneuverability over brute force, which hasn’t stopped him from putting a serious beating on the Female Titan and the Bestial Titan.

Aizawa is stern and demanding, and exactly the kind of teacher who can lead unruly Class 1-A students to become professional heroes. He’s not often cheerful or complimentary to others, but he takes his role as teacher seriously, and he’s eager to see all the bad guys fall. Livaï can appreciate that.


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