It’s fascinating for anime fans to see their favorite characters use innovative methods to get out of difficult situations. While many characters are known for their basic abilities, such as super powers or intelligence, it’s always entertaining to see an unexpected trait pop up when the character needs it most.

Even the strongest anime characters have unfair weaknesses, but seeing how they overcome those weaknesses in unconventional ways can make a series even more captivating. Some characters find the tools best suited to their situation, while others strive to develop new creative skills. Finally, some discover new talents when faced with stressful situations.


10. Mineta from My Hero Academia – Her small size gives her a head start when it comes to movement.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Winking at another character off-camera and giving him a thumbs-up, Minoru Mineta, the smallest member of the 1-A class of My Hero Academia heroes, shows that his size doesn’t affect his hero quirkiness. In fact, it can even be an asset to him when he has to find clever ways to defend himself against his enemies.

Thanks to his small size, Mineta can move quickly and easily, using his bouncing balls to launch himself and hide efficiently if necessary. What’s more, her size gives her an advantage in launching her grape attacks over long distances and having more options for throwing them.

9. Hunter X Hunter’s Gon – His fishing rod helps compensate for his lack of physical strength.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Hunter X Hunter showed the evolution of Gon Freeccs as he discovered the powers of his Nen. But before he mastered this skill, he needed his fishing rod to survive.

The fishing rod was an essential tool for Gon from the very beginning of history. It was thanks to it that he’d managed to overcome the first challenges he’d encountered. He was accustomed to using it in inventive ways in all his adventures on Whale Island, where he had grown up. In the arcs of the hunter’s exam and the celestial arena, Gon had even had to rely on his fishing rod for support when he ran out of strength, struggling to pull it up.

8. Armin from Attack of the Titans – His observational skills help him create life-saving battle plans.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Armin Arlet, a character from Attack of the Titans, has survived several trials thanks to his ability to spot clues that others can’t. Unlike characters like Mikasa and Levi, who excel in physical abilities, Armin stands out for his observational skills and rational perspective. It’s thanks to these qualities that he helped develop rescue plans and escape routes for the 104th Cadet Corps.

At the end of the third season, Armin demonstrated his ability to command others by relying on his intuition and understanding of complex situations. In one scene, he stares intently at the wall, presumably looking for a clue that might help him solve a problem or devise a plan of action.

7. Takemichi from Tokyo Revenger – His blind courage allows him to make friends with people stronger than himself.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki is considered the weakest member of the Toman gang. However, the moments when he shows courage are all the more impressive. Although he finds it hard to physically beat opponents bigger or stronger than him, his small victories are the fruit of his determination and have enabled him to make friends who are more skilled in combat.

Without these victories, Takemichi would never have attracted the attention of Mikey and Draken, two key members of the Toman. Takemichi’s emotional ups and downs throughout the story allowed him to forge sincere and strong bonds with other characters, earning the respect of his fellow gang members.

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6. Megumi from Food War – Her hospitality makes up for a lack of confidence in her cooking.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Megumi Tadokoro, from Food War, holds a ladle firmly in both hands, showing just how determined she is to succeed in the culinary field. Once shy and nervous, Megumi worked hard to improve her cooking skills and eventually managed to secure a place at the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Institute.

Although Megumi isn’t as talented as some of her classmates, she makes up for this by being creative and using fresh, local ingredients to create tasty, unique dishes. She also has a great ability to care for others and ensure that people feel comfortable and at ease when eating her food. This combination of talents has enabled her to make a name for herself in the culinary world and earn the respect and admiration of her peers.

5. Zenitsu, the demon slayer – His incomparable strength only awakens when he sleeps.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Despite his weakness and lack of self-confidence, Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer is one of the most popular characters in the series. Although he’s often frightened and shuns conflict, he possesses incredible strength when he falls asleep.

When asleep, Zenitsu awakens as an aggressive warrior, ready to vanquish any foe who crosses his path. His skills as a demon-slayer are now at their peak, matching and even surpassing those of Tanjiro. Despite this, Zenitsu must learn to trust himself and recognize his own strength even when awake.

4. Nagisa from Assassination Classroom – Her bloodlust allows her to hide from her rivals in plain sight.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Nagisa, in Assassination Classroom, has an appearance that can be deceiving. Although he looks innocent and harmless, he’s actually highly skilled in the art of killing. His ability to immobilize his enemies comes from his bloodlust and his knowledge of human psychology.

Despite her lack of physical strength, Nagisa has developed unique skills by observing the behavior of others. This ability enables her to choose the perfect moment to attack her enemies and take them by surprise. So, although Nagisa may appear weak at first glance, he is actually a formidable adversary.

3. Fire Force Hinawa – Her ability to kinetically manipulate bullets allows her to fight at greater distances.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Hinawa brandishes a firearm at an opponent in Fire Force. Although his flame isn’t the most powerful in Fire Force, Hinawa is a second-generation pyrokinetic who often fights alongside third- and fourth-generation pyrokinetic users. He makes up for his low firepower with his impressive skills, such as manipulating bullets, which he can accelerate, slow down or deflect in different directions. This ability allows him to attack undetected or from a distance, proving that even the smallest flame can create a significant impact.

2. Sheele of Akame Ga Kill – Her pair of giant scissors helps her control her power and agility as she battles her enemies.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Sheele is an important member of the Night Raid, an organization of assassins in Akame Ga Kill, despite her clumsy and giddy personality. Although she struggles to complete everyday tasks, she’s highly focused and skilled when fighting her enemies.

Her weapon of choice, Extase, a pair of giant scissors, requires great agility and precision, but Sheele wields it with incredible mastery. Despite her flaws, she’s an essential member of the Night Raid thanks to her skills as an assassin and her ability to wield her weapon.

1. Aqua de Konosuba – She’s the only adventurer in her group who can purify the undead.

10 Anime Characters Who Know How To Compensate For Their Weaknesses

Aqua of Konosuba is a goddess who was forced to leave the divine world for the mortal world. She has struggled to adapt to changes in her magical abilities, which has often led to her being in trouble. However, she has recently discovered her inner strength.

Every Konosuba adventurer receives some form of power that can be useful in their adventures. In Aqua’s case, her abilities are those of a magical priest – including the ability to purify the undead. Her power is particularly useful when fighting enemies who cannot be defeated by a simple sword or explosion. In the scene described, Aqua can be seen standing in front of her statue, with clouds in the background.


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